Tops 14 Tips to Benefit from Voicemail Transcription in a Call Center

Talking about call centers and customer care, you cannot help but talk about how science and technology has revolutionized this field for the better. There used to be a time when companies used to have physical offices, secretaries who were at your beck and call and phone books to keep a tab on all your contacts. In the last few decades, the contact center business (actually, any business you see around you) and their tools like the cloud contact center software have undergone numerous changes. Today, you have software which can help you track your agents’ activities, their moods and productivity, the tone of your customers and so on. All of these new technologies have been developed by the pros to make your jobs in a call centre easier.

The Voicemail Transcription Software

If we’re talking about the best cloud calling software in the market today, let’s look at it with the help of an example. For example, you’re at work and you receive an urgent call from home. Of course, since you’re dedicated to your work, you cannot pick up the call and it goes straight to voicemail. All that’s fine – but how can you listen to the voicemail in the middle of your office? This is where this software comes in. It would basically convert your voicemail into a piece of text and you would be able to read it. From now on, you would be able to read your voice mails like your emails. How cool is that?!

How Does It Work?

Voice mail transcription is a call center cloud software that has been devised specially to convert any kind of speech in the voicemail into a text file. Voicemail messages are quite popular when it comes to call centres. However, it may be difficult to listen to these voicemails amidst the din that is commonly associated with a cloud call center. The software we’re talking about here would be of great use to both the call center agents and to the supervisors. They would easily be able to go through the voicemails in details without actually having to listen to them. They would be able to read them like any other piece of text.

Benefits of using voicemail transcription

Most, if not all, call centers on cloud will be able to make use of this software. There are countless benefits of using this software. Here are 14 of them –

1) No need for listening to the call

What do you usually do when you miss a call? You wait for the voicemail. Sometimes, your machine might get loaded with voicemails and you might not even listen to half of them. Granted, when it comes to corporate calls, you’re bound to listen to all the messages you get. But there is no denying the fact that this is an inconvenience. It doesn’t help anyone and simply adds to the hassle. However, with voicemail transcription, you don’t have to listen to your calls anymore and this just makes providing cloud call center solutions much easier.

2) It’s particularly useful if you’re busy

Say, you’re in an important business meeting. How are you supposed to receive your calls then? Well, of course, you can’t! You can’t be disrespectful to the superiors present there. Or may be you’re outside and cannot receive a phone call. In such cases, you might miss out on some important piece of information. However, the voicemail transcription software would convert this voicemail into text that would be available to you on your phones. You can access your phone and just read your messages even if you’re in a meeting or outside.

3) Priorities do matter

If you’re working in the field of call center cloud solutions you’re bound to receive countless calls each day. That also means you would be receiving more voicemails than others. How do you know which voicemail is more important? Or which customer to call back first? It would be pointless if you had to sift through all your voicemails to get to the one that actually matters. Instead, this software would allow you to prioritize your voicemails. That way, you would be getting your voicemails in order of their importance.

4) It is unlimited

Some software applications usually come with a limit to which they may be used. But not the voicemail transcription software. With this, you can have any number of voice mails transcripted. It doesn’t matter if you’re receiving more than a hundred voicemails per day; you can use this software as much as you want. So if you think about it, it really is a one time investment- and a good one at that! All you have to do is come across a reliable software and you’re good to go.

5) You get your massages in a glance

When it comes to listening to voicemails, you’ll have to access your voicemails, listen to them one by one and then decide on a course of action. With the software, the process is much faster. With numerous messages pouring in, the call center agent can just glance through the transcripts and decide which caller seems to be urgent and tend to them. That allows you to offer cloud based call center solutions in an efficient and organized fashion and prevents you from wasting valuable time as well.

6) Getting your messages anytime, anywhere

Listening to voicemails can be quite the hassle if you’re on the go. For people whose jobs require them to travel a lot, listening to voicemails as soon as they arrive can be nearly impossible. That’s why this voicemail transcription software is preferred. It would allow you to read your messages on the go. You text your friends while you’re travelling, don’t you? This would be just like that. It would also be simple, appropriate and convenient to use in public. We say appropriate, because it might not always be so to listen to your voicemails in your place of work or when you’re out.

7) Better accessibility

When you’re talking of a call centre in the cloud, you see that it is versatile and diverse in all its aspects. This software would allow you to bring about diversity with respect to the agents too. Voicemails, which are generally out of reach for a specific segment of agents, have now become accessible. For example, some call centers can now hire agents that have challenges in their hearing, since they would be able to tend to customers through voicemail transcriptions.

8) Allows agents to follow up

You must have heard the saying that it is always beneficial if you were to write down or note down whatever is going on. The voicemail transcription works like that. When it comes to voicemails, you would actually have to keep going back to the message and play it over and over again if you wanted to follow up on something. However, with the transcriptions, you would have the voicemail in front of you like a mail to refer to. That would reduce hassle and would also allow you to follow up without having to keep going back.

9) Get rid of spam

If you think of voicemails, you immediately think of those pending spam messages, don’t you? But that’s a thing of the past. That’s because the voicemail transcription software would be segregating your spam from your top priority messages. That means, you wouldn’t even have to deal with your spam messages. The software will deal with it for you. Spam can stand in the way of offering impeccable cloud calling solutions and this software can help with that. That’s precisely why agents and supervisors alike are using this software.

10) Available all the time

With this software, you wouldn’t really have to worry about your messages being available or unavailable. That is one thing this software guarantees – anytime availability. Most business owners or even call center managers are constantly moving from place to place. For them, this is no less than a boon. They can access their voicemail anytime they wanted to and read the messages that they have received. They can just glance through the messages to get an idea of the context. Since they would be getting the most important messages first, that makes it easier for them.

11) Streamlined messages

With voicemails, you usually have to scour through hundreds of names and contacts to get to the one message that you really want to listen to. Also, there’s always the impending doom of deleting a message by mistake. You might press the wrong button in a hurry, and it would be gone. These are risks that you avoid with voicemail transcriptions. The messages are all in front of you and that eliminates the need to search through all of them. Also, it is entirely up to you which messages you want to keep and which ones you want to delete.

12) Make use of multiple devices

Do you ever stick to one device when it comes to your emails? No you don’t. You use your phones, your laptops, tabs and so on. The same goes for voicemail transcriptions. You don’t have to stick to any one device. You would be able to access your messages across multiple platforms. It might so happen that you’re unable to access your phones. No issues; you still have other devices to resort to. You could simply log in via your laptops and desktops and read your messages as they come in.

13) Completely confidential

You might be a tad bit worried that others might gain access to your private messages. But don’t worry, voicemail transcriptions have been designed in such a way that no one else would be able to read your messages. It comes with voice recognition technology which makes it all the more secure. The software is fully automated so there’s no one prying in your private conversations. That way, you’re guaranteed complete confidentiality if you’re planning to use this software.

14) Simple, easy and convenient

We all know how convenient and simple an email is. But we also know that voicemails bring that personal touch to your conversations. The best part is, voicemail transcriptions combine the ease of emails with the comfort and personal touch associated with voicemails. That means, you would be able to make the most of both experiences all combined into one. Also, it would allow you to keep a tab on how your business works and how you’re managing it all. What could be better than that?!

The Case Study

Here’s what you need to remember about voicemail transcriptions- the concept is relatively new and that means most companies haven’t even dared to try it out yet. Some of the major companies have tried to test the waters, and have come up with brilliant results. That’s why we are providing you with a well researched case study that will tell you why your business needs voicemail transcription. You must be familiar with the name, Apple. Well, this year, Apple saw a new landmark as they incorporated voicemail transcription into their business transactions.

The Final Outcome

As it turns out, Apple saw a lot of benefits of using voicemail transcription. Here’s what the guys at Apple realised – there can be two possible outcomes when it comes to voicemail transcription. One, it could end up being incredible and two, it could end up being hilariously bad. However, no matter what happened, people still liked this better. They still preferred this to scouring through hundreds of messages at the end of the day and finding that one needle in a haystack. Naturally, having incorporated this into their business, Apple saw a tremendous boost in the efficiency with which their operations were carried out.

Rumours that Apple would now be using voicemail transcription in their magnificent devices started doing the rounds sometime in the middle of last year. This year, Apple executives declared that iOS 10 would be coming with this amazing new software. Earlier, it was mentioned that Siri would be doing the job of this software. But as it turns out, Apple made the smarter decision.

Apple isn’t the only one; thousands of companies and business owners around the world are turning to this new software. This is the next big thing- so what are you waiting for?