Top 7 Tips to Persuade the Customers

With the introduction of the cloud contact center software in the customer outreach communication industry, the companies today are able to improve their customer satisfaction score, and, as a result, are able to see a considerable rise in the revenue. However, this is not the case with every organization.

With increasing competition in the market, sometimes the most advanced call center cloud solutions cannot yield the desired results. Under such circumstances, the agents’ skills and the quality of your services become important sources for client engagement. The callers must be able to give the customer a reason to get associated with the business. With multiple brands out there, it is only your USP that is going to help you flourish in the competitive industry of today.

No deal is usually closed in one stroke. Unless and until you give him a specific reason no consumer will readily join your organization. They will not even listen to what you have to say unless you provide them something beneficial and interesting. Hence, it is vital that as good sales agents you have great convincing power.

Below are a few tips that can help you to persuade the purchasers to try your merchandise, thereby giving you an edge over your competitors.

1. Utilize the Social Proof

• With the growth of social networking profiles and digital platform, the consumers have become empowered. Today, you can no longer trick them into buying anything from you. With easy access to Google, customer forums, testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals, they are wiser than yesterday. They are bound to refer to all these platforms before taking the final sales plunge.

• Hence, it is vital that you have a strong social proof that can help you win over the hearts of your buyers. The purchaser is more likely to buy from you when he sees upbeat stories about your brand. Hence, ensure that good testimonials are put up on your website. Also, ensure that your social image is in a positive light and that you are proactive on all the multiple channels.

• Example: A gym and fitness center uses a call center cloud software in order to interact and engage with the purchasers. The company knew that the customer will be convinced about the merchandise only when he sees someone else benefiting from it. As a result, they had various consumer stories put up on their webpage so that the purchasers know what exactly the end product is.

• The certifications and required trust seals were added on the page in order to give the organization a credible edge. Numbers are another way to convince the customers that the company and its offers are famous among the target audiences. As a result, the gym center used CTA banners with texts like, ‘Join the 1000 fitness enthusiasts.’ This showed the prospect that there are more buyers like him who are happy with the services of the company, and, as a result, are more inclined to try them out.

2. Target at the Pain Points

• The clients will be persuaded to buy only when they feel and understand the necessity of the purchase. More than often, the problem is right in front of the buyers, but they are unable to realize it. Hence, in order to trigger a deal from them, it is essential that you bring their requirement to the forefront and make them feel the need.

• In order to understand the issue faced by the consumer, it is essential that the representatives make attempts to try and know the client better. The majority of the times a purchase is made not because the buyer is fascinated by your product but because he believes that the end product will satiate his need.

• Hence, it is essential that you pay close attention to what the buyer is saying. Probe deeper to understand him better. Once you find the nerve of the problem, make it prominent so that the consumer takes notice of it and is convinced that your offering can be a resolution.

3. Explain the Benefits

• More than often, the agents spend a lot of time explaining the features of the product. They assume that this is what will help them to develop a connection with the purchaser. However, to the contrary, the customers make the purchase not because of the technicalities of your merchandise but because of the benefit that they will derive from those elements.

• Hence, it is essential that you spend a good amount of time in explaining the advantages of having the product rather than explaining about the merchandise. Your offerings may have umpteen features that make them stand apart from the counterparts. However, the client will be satisfied only when you make them understand how these traits will help them find a resolution to their problem.

• However, it is essential that you do not overdo this. Most of the people can only hold on two to three thoughts during the primary interaction. Hence, keep the benefits list small as a long one can cause unnecessary confusion in the minds of the purchasers.

Example: An automobile agency used the call center on the cloud in order to get more customers in the database. The leads are generally generated through multiple vendors in the market as well as through the official webpage of the company. When interacting with the purchasers, the callers are advised to tweak the conversation such that the customer realizes that he is going to benefit from the final purchase.

• As a result, instead of selling the features of the car, the inside sales representatives ensured that they spelled out the advantage of each trait of the product. Hence, instead of saying, “The airbags in the front will provide you protection in case of a mishap,” the tele-caller said, “With airbags placed right in the front, you are sure to be unharmed in case of an accident.” This not only sparked the interest of the purchaser in the merchandise but also gave a specific reason to the buyers as to why the company’s car stands out in the market among the others.

4. Referral Strategy

• A simple and yet effective way to convince the clients to buy your product is to approach them through a known source. When the caller informs them about how a certain purchaser from their own social circle has availed the company offers and has benefited, they are more convinced to give your organization as the trust factor is always established.

• Hence, ensure that the recommendation strategy is a part of your company. Employ a good-quality cloud calling software so that you can easily keep a track on your referrals. With a common angle at your disposal, you do not have to worry much about convincing.

• Example: A banking agency uses the call center on cloud in order to engage with more clients who might be interested in availing the financial services. The institution also had strong referral policy as this could be a strong advantage while convincing the purchasers.

• One of their callers called up the client saying, “Hi Raunak! I am from ZDM Banks. Your friend Ashley has recently purchased a new home with the help of our consumer friendly house loan services. He also told us that you also would like to move to your dream house but are being held back because of financial constraints. However, with our help, the wait will be soon over. How about we schedule an appointment to discuss the same?”

• In this pitch, the agent not only brought the name of the common angle between both the parties but also showed the prospect how the organization had helped his friend better his life. Not only this, the caller also made a subtle reference to the pain point of the client. As a result, his interest was captivated and with his need coming in the forefront, he was convinced about the service.

5. Face-to-Face Meetings

• As the saying goes, “Seeing is believing!”. This is even truer when it comes to making a purchase. More than often, a buyer hesitates to take the plunge because he is not sure about the product quality as he has never seen it. The majority of the times, the clients believe that the agents are overselling the features of their merchandises. However, with product demonstrations all these worries can be easily washed away.

• A face-to-face appointment can be scheduled when you wish to demo the products to the customer. It is essential that you use simple language and make an impactful presentation. With a live demonstration, the purchasers can see the merchandise with their own eyes and, as a result, the benefit and the features can be easily tested.

• The callers must realize that doubts and reservation is a big selling objection and a perfect pitch can clear it with ease. Do not just stop with one meet. More than often, you require multiple interactions with the consumers. The cloud calling solutions can be used to keep a track of the appointments.

• Another idea to persuade the clients is to offer free trials. This strategy always works for the purchasers who are genuinely interested in the application but are dubious about the after purchase conditions. With free trials, the buyers are given the chance to explore the service as well as an inkling of how the technicalities function. When they are satisfied, they will ultimately be convinced to go ahead with the purchase.

6. Personalize the Conversation

• While interacting with the clients, your tone and voice-modulation plays a big role. Unless you are genuinely passionate about your offering, there is no way that the buyer will show any curiosity. Hence, it is essential that you sound cheerful and excited about the product that you have in hand. It is also important that you master the art of persuasive selling.

• More than often, the callers tend to confuse persuasion with aggression. While it is true that you are trying to influence the point of view of the buyers, it cannot be done without being subtle and calm. Do not mix it with being desperate. If you observe that the buyer is not going to budge, it is essential that you draw the line and stop. Do not keep pushing him relentlessly. Make efforts to genuinely know him as this will help you to shape your interaction in the long run.

• It is also important that you are confident about what you are saying. When the client is doubtful about the purchase they usually tend to look at the caller’s behavior. As a result, if you want to sound convincing while on the phone, it is vital that you have all the required information about the company and its products.

• The cloud based call center solutions can be integrated with the social networking platforms. This can provide the callers an insight into the preferences of the consumers. As a result, the conversation can be tweaked according to the client and hence, they will be more inclined to make the purchase. It also provides access to the previous purchase history of the buyers, thereby, arming the agent with the required information.

7. Loyalty Programs

• The best way to entice the purchasers to buy the product is to provide them with offers that they cannot refuse. The buyers can be easily persuaded through discount, coupon cards, gifts and reward points. Nothing excites the consumers like rebated price. As a result, even though they might not be in pure need of the merchandise immediately, they will think about investing assuming that the reduced cost will not be available in the future.

• Have special bonuses and reward points for customers who make repeated purchases from you. Not only will they be encouraged to reinvest in the company but it will also give a slight nudge to the new consumers. This will also show that you hold client loyalty in high esteem.

It is also important that you create an urgency in the minds of the purchasers so that they cannot ignore the offer that you make. After purchase services also form an integral part of persuasion. Unless the company is always on its toes for its clients, the buyers are never going to think about investing in the business. Hence, ensure that the consumer satisfaction strategy is at its top notch. It is essential that you are always available for the buyers in the times of distress.

Price reservations are also one of the most common reasons why the consumers do not make the purchase. In case you have no discounts available, ensure that you are able to justify the cost. Emphasize on the value of your merchandise and make the consumers understand why the investment is worth their resources and effort.

Persuasion is always difficult. However, with a solid action plan, good inter-personal skills, enough practice and technologically advanced tools like a robust cloud call center software you will be able to master the art. Wait for the magic to unfold!