How to Transform Customer Experience with Mobile Phones

There are several things that will help you increase the revenue of your company, and that you must be aware of, before you start working on a company plan, and, in addition to using efficient systems and tools such as the best call center software for small business.

To make sure that the company is up to date with the customers, you must ensure that your agents are taking care of the customers and being available to them at their convenience through a variety of means including emails, phone support, text messaging, live chat support, via any mode of electronic communications.

Customer Experience has become very important in recent years, so much so that it is given top priority where sales are concerned.

Customer experience or “CX” as it is called has become very important for the company in helping them determine customer purchase decisions, which in turn helps them to understand what content to advertise and what to simply leave out or how to better revenue returns using the best call center software.

Customer experience is determined largely by the quality of experience that they endure when looking for a particular product they desire and seek information or support about them in general, and these are tasks that the use their trusted mobile phones for.

Every day, we know that people around us use their mobile phones for more and more tasks that needs completing, including performing more and more business processes and various buying and selling of units, including shopping, buying tickets, reservations to restaurants, banking and bill payments and even setting up reminders.

Several companies, such as Amazon, Google and Apple has set the bars high for the future companies, making sure that the rest of the businesses take notice of their easy to use policies and a better customer satisfaction.

Customers today demand smooth and easy experience that will be highly efficient in catering to their needs, from the moment they decide to look for a product or a service to the moment they decide to purchase, upgrade or replace it without a hitch in their experience.

Therefore, it is clear that in order to stay in touch with your loyal customers, and to make sure that new ones are interested in the products you claim to be the figurehead of your company; adapting to their ever changing patterns using call center software is the best way to stay on top of your game.

This will help you engage with your customers in a better fashion, suited to their needs. Today’s customers are radically different from the customers in the past, as they want customer friendly experiences set directly in their mobile phones.

This little electronic device that is a part of them in this era, has the ability to quickly find store operating hours from a simple google search and are enabled with the option of a live chatting option whenever needed.

Those wishing to gain success with their business have to be willing to dedicate their time and patience in this business, using the best call center management software to determine the choices that they make and deliver their demands successfully.

Bill Loller, Vice President of Mobile at IBM, claims that there has been a mobile mind shift in the customer’s mindset nowadays where the customers expect to get what they want with immediate results and fulfill their moments of need, with the mobile phone becoming the problem solver of sorts, answering all their needs.

Eighty-four percent of CIOs at customer oriented companies focus on the mobile customer experience with the help of call center software solutions for better servicing and customer engagement. This is simply because more than fifty percent of the world owns a smartphone device that they use on a daily basis to solve their conundrums.

More and more brands are using mobile commerce nowadays by offering mobile applications and mobile optimized websites to their customers.

With this attitude that mobile phones are increasingly being chosen by customers as a mean to communicate and purchase products, here are 17 tips to be followed up with the additional usage of cloud call center software solutions:

1. While it is important to keep your official desktop-PC website constantly renewed and updated, do not forget the mobile devices and the visibility of the mobile desktop site, as even a casual browser will be more interested in a product if a steady site is accessible to them.

2. Investing a decent mobile app that will allow your customer to browse through the selections that you have to offer to them will gain more returns for your company in the longer haul, as they are more willing to purchase form an app than from a desktop website.

3. Customers have started to realize their high standards and are not afraid to take their business deals somewhere else, if their demands are not met. Therefore, it is important to have a good mobile experience support.

4. Going local might be a good idea, since nowadays more and more customers are looking for local businesses that offer cheaper prices and better support than turning to fancier ones with minimal support.

5. Local businesses conduct their businesses via mobile phones allowing many opportunities for success, so consider investing in offering local products.

6. Use proper programs to ensure that your company had provisions for personalized customer service via mobile. If you are unsure about the pricing of such a product, compare offerings by using a call center software pricing list.

7. Use proper tools to keep in touch with the changing customer patterns, therefore ensuring that your company is always up to date with the latest trends. If you are unsure about what software to use to determine this, a call center solutions comparison chart can be used.

8. Research the needs of your customers thoroughly on a regular basis, especially their mobile phone browsing patterns and social media changes.

9. Making the mobile experience of the user smooth and effortless will make the customer remember the experience in a better way.

10. Take information gathered from the programs that solely concentrate on mobile usage will help you make sure that your agents are delivering just what your customers expect from them.

11. Listening to your customers through their reviews and complaints in your application or web pages will help you determine what you need to focus on and what you need to discards, and this is a great opportunity to connect with your customers and engage them.

12. No matter what engine you are using for your mobile site or applications, make sure that the user interface is user friendly and smooth without them feeling confused and dropping the website.

13. Streamlining the purchasing process for your customers will help them purchase your product without any hassles.

Try to keep the process simple and completely short, with no more than three steps at a time to complete the transactions. Offering discounts, coupons and upgrades can also be a great way to engage your customer via mobile phones.

14. Keep in mind that your mobile applications or mobile website is kept upgraded and updated with your desktop site, otherwise your customer will be put off from the lack of inconsistency.

15. Practice with your employees on mobile support, customer service and purchasing qualities before launching any website that is supported on mobile phones.

16. Give the option to your customers for self-service instead of teaching them what to do next. It will make them want to explore and experiment and this in turn will engage them further.

17. Always stay centered on what made your business shine in the first place, and keep it at the center of the things, even as you expand into newer territories. This should be reflected in your mobile apps to help your customer develop a bond with your company.

The Case Study

We have highlighted some importance of understanding the way the day to day mobile habits of the customer affects the way they perceive your company and how this can be harnessed to help your company understand and work in an efficient fashion.

However, it is not only important to understand how to improve the complete understanding of the ever-growing habit of mobile browsing of the customers but also important to understand how it actually works.

Therefore, we have taken the liberty to provide you with an example that will help you to understand the finer details of the process of streamlining your company programs to engage in customer experience via the mobile phone.

The case study we will be looking at closely is India’s premier table reservation platform, Dineout. In this case study we will be talking about the challenges that they encountered, how they managed to create an impact using the solutions provided to them, as well as the background of the company itself.


Dineout, India’s premier table reservation platform operates out of eight major cities across the continent, with a listing of over 20,000 restaurants in the current database, with the aim to provide a rather real-time reservation enabled for their customers for over two thousand outlets across the country.

Dineout was a small startup company that was started in 2012 and has provided the revolutionary introduction of the concept of table reservation to restaurants in India, and has since started to emerge as one of the most preferred online table reservation application for enthusiastic diners all across India, seating more than a hundred thousand diners per month across its network every month.

As of the latest update provided by the company, more than 3 million people have used the Dineout app to successfully reserve a table for themselves at the locations that they preferred without the hassles of visiting the place itself to make proper reservation for themselves.

As the company Dineout entered a growth phase in 2015, also known by companies as the hyper growth phase, they started growing over six times than usual in just over a year.

From a dedicated network of around twenty five thousand users per selected month to more than over a hundred and sixty users the same selected month, they started facing an immense challenge that was not uncommon for companies in their hyper growth years in the market which now welcomes booming business for startups such as Dineout.

The Challenge

According to Anzal, the user base started growing at an exponential pace, which was rather unprecedented and unexpected by the company workers, as it started affecting the happiness levels of the employees and reduced the retention rates of the company customers, which started to force them into thinking about ways to scale the business of the company without scaling the team’s patience and happiness level and increase the costs of maintaining the staff properly proportionally.

The CEO of Dineout, Sahil, knew that if they managed to create a great customer support system they were going to win half the battle, for greater customer support meant higher customer happiness, better customer engagement and a greater rate of retention overall.

This turned out to be an extremely correct information and prediction for the future of the company keeping in mind with the real time nature of the business.

Initially, their customer support was run by a single agent, and with the hyper growth, the inevitable has to happen, with the result that the agent was completely overrun with the overload of user tickers, reducing the quality of customer service.

They decided to be on a lookout for a decent customer support tool that would help them increase the scale of production faster and more efficiently, and keeping the expenses and other costs to a bare minimum, thus being in a faster and efficient system of better customer service provisions.

They had a huge checklist when they went out to hunt for such a system that will help them overlook the checklist and develop a customizable support tool for their mobile app. According to the CEO, they wanted a tool that will help them achieve the following list:

• They needed a support tool that would help the company to scale to millions of users without the extra incremental costs for the company.

• They wanted a program that will work on the customer support and provide support to the users using the mode of real-time as much as possible.

They realized that this idea of a faster resolution had a greater and a more direct impact on the customer happiness and customer retention, which meant more revenue for the company.

• They wanted a smart and efficient way to decipher how to decrease the number of tickets they received per day so that the agent interaction was minimum, enabling him to work better and faster.

• They wanted a support tool that will monitor the works of the agents individually and look into the detail that each agent was being used optimally for the future of the company.

• Make a system that the applications were optimized for mobile; because of course a majority of their users were using mobile phones to use the application and book tables at restaurant.

It was the way to keep the company afloat, so they decided they needed a tool to keep this source of customer engagement up to satisfactory levels.

Anzal was skeptical about the fact they could actually managed to find a support tool that will take care of all the points in the checklist given above, as they have, according to them, check all the tools without finding a perfect solution to their problems.

Then, after careful researching, Anzal discovered Hotline, which had a super easy system integration and hands-on help from the Hotline team itself in order to set it up. Once they decided that this was a great tool to use and solve their problems, hotline was set to go.

With its inclusion, Hotline was able to achieve most of the goals of the company to keep up with the customer demands of the group efficiently.

The Results


• Hotline managed to increase the average first response time first and foremost. From a huge time limit of 30 minutes, the average time response was reduced to a mere 2.5 minutes.

• Hotline managed to reduce the real time queries as well, improving speed and performance of the company overall. It handles more than 90 percent of all the queries in real time, therefore keeping the tipping point of the customer agent quite within limits.

• Hotline had promised better customer support, and it has not disappointed Dine out at all. The all-time customer happiness level now stands at 40 percent more than what it started out with.

• Hotline even made provisions for customer support emails, so much so that the customer support emails dropped by a large percentage of 67 percent.

• Hotline managed to reduce the average ticket resolution time by 5 times than what it used to come by, therefore it helped in weeding out the unnecessary tickets and selecting only the very best of them.

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Keeping up with the trends of today has just become the norm rather than exception for running a successful business overall. It is important to be in touch with the customers’ need to help them help you in return.