Top 7 Tips to Better your Prospecting Game

Modern contact center software solutions have opened up new avenues for the companies. The interaction process today is unperturbed, stress-free and cost-effective. On their part, the callers require is great interpersonal skills, an advanced application, and great knowledge. As a result, the organization is able to add more number of purchasers to the database in a short span of time.

However, basking in the happiness of closing more number of leads, the callers today are forgetting the basics of sales. In an attempt to keep the existing database satisfied, the representatives are not able to find enough time and patience to prospect new buyers.

Many executives assume that now that their brand is established in the market, the name of the company and the goodwill in the market is capable enough of getting new purchasers onboard. However, rarely are there situations when the customer will walk to you. Regardless of how many leads you are closing at the moment, if you are not on a lookout for new consumers, your business is in a potential danger.

Hence, it is important that the managers in the corporation lay enough emphasis on prospecting. This refers to the process of reaching out to a potential number of purchasers in order to get more business and revenue for the company. This is often the first process in the sales activity. This is usually followed by follow-up, lead qualification, and closing. The tone in the first interaction often sets up the mood for the entire cycle. Therefore, it is important that you start the relationship on the right note.

Many people tend to confuse prospecting with cold-calling. While this can be one way of searching the new consumers, prospecting is often more than that. It is about trying to find the common point between the company and the purchaser. The main objective is developing and maintaining a bond with the consumer rather than selling.

In 10 calls that you make daily, chances are that 80 percent of the prospects will reject you out right. This frustration caused by constant rejection is one of the main reasons why the agents dislike and look out for ways to avoid prospecting. However, below are few tips that can come to your rescue in such situations.

1. Focus on the Target Audience

• The consumer market today is very big and diverse. There are different kind of people and companies out there. Not everyone would be interested in buying your products. Therefore, it is essential that you craft an ideal buyer persona that can help you filter the right choice among the masses. Unless you develop clarity on who exactly will fit in your target audience group, you are more likely to waste your time on suspects who are never going to close.

• Buyer personas are semi-fictional, generalized characters that can help you in building a picture of what your consumer looks like and where his interests are centered. Usually, it comprises of demographic information like age, location and also includes previous purchases and interests if any. The information is generated based on real-time analytics as well as market research. It is important that you focus on their pain-points and look if you can be their problem solver.

• Once you have the image of what your potential purchaser looks like, it is not going to be difficult to contact them and persuade them to invest in your company. A good quality contact center CRM software can be helpful for the callers to analyze their top clients, build up appropriate profiles accordingly and then look out for individuals that fit the bill.

2. Find Time Daily

• Gathering leads is not an easy one day offer. The biggest problem in searching the new consumers is that it is a tedious and long task. However, more than often, the callers tend to take this job lightly assuming that the contacts will be easily found. On the contrary, with the industry so competitive, it is essential that you put your best foot forward at all the times.

• Prospecting new clients can be frustrating as not everybody is going to agree in the first call that you make. Sometimes, the buyers can be aggressive as they are not interested in your services. As a result, you can also end up receiving a few brickbats for disturbing them. However, this should not let you down.

• Instead, it is essential that you take some time every day to prospect. Otherwise, in the long run, your sales activity might come to a grinding halt. Your customer in not going to stay loyal to you always. There will be situations where he might be tempted to try the other brands and, as a result, your buyer’s database will eventually decrease. Unless you keep looking for new purchasers, your company will not be able to withstand the test of time.

• Dedicate some amount of time in your day to look out for new clients. Set a goal daily and make attempts to achieve the same. There can be slow business days. Instead of whiling away the time, utilize the opportunity to strike a chord with few more individuals, thus exceeding your set target. This will help you when your hands are full on a busy day, leaving no time for prospecting.

• The managers must also ensure that the agents make enough attempts to search new clients. Many businesses increasingly use modern contact center management software in order to keep a tab on the desktop activity of the callers so that no time is wasted.

3. Utilize Multiple Channels

• The communication industry is on a revolution spree. Today, the sales persons cannot reach out to a large number of audiences if they continue to use only one mode of communication. In order to maximize the reach, it is essential that the company is present on all the popular channels of interaction. After you have created your buyer persona, look out for the mediums that they mostly use to converse. This will give you an idea of what works with the buyers and which mode are they most comfortable with.

• You have to make more than one contact in order to convince the buyer about your company. You can always experiment with the channels at this time in order to know which medium brings the maximum engagement. While a telephone call can help you to know the client in a more personalized way and can help you develop insights based on the answers that they give to you questions, social media can help you in getting immediate responses.

Emails, on the other hand, are another popular medium as this gives the caller the option to explain the matter through visuals and texts and in a deeper way, like sending white papers, PDFs. The buyer will make a choice only when he has all the necessary information and is fully convinced. With multiple channels in hand, you are also giving the purchaser the option to communicate through the platform that he is most comfortable with. Remember to integrate your contact center software solutions with all the popular channels so that you never miss out on a ping from any of the customers.

4. Actively Work on the Lead List

• Very rarely does the lead close in the very first call. The majority of the times, the callers have to guide the prospect through the sales cycle before eventually sealing the deal. In the case of prospecting also a lot of effort is required from the agent’s end. The market vendors will provide you with lists that include multiple contact numbers. You have to filter them according to the ideal buyer persona and then interact with them at multiple times.

• However, it is essential that you maintain a sense of continuity in all your conversations. Both your calls should not sound the same. Not only does this give a negative impression of your brand but also result in client dissatisfaction as they have nothing new to know. Hence, it is essential that you take the after-calls note seriously.

• The recording feature of a software for contact center allows the representatives to listen to the interaction and make notes accordingly. As a result, even if some other caller is going to continue the relationship building process, he is not going to be lost.
• Also, it is essential that you give them the right disposition tags. This call-center terminology usually refers to the end-conclusion of the call. Few of the common codes include ‘Call Unanswered’, ‘Call me Later’, ‘DND number’, ‘Busy Number’ etc.

• With the multiple numbers of calls that you make, both to the existing purchasers as well as to the prospects, it can become difficult for you to manage them all. However, with these tags put into place, you can easily find out what was the result of the call and can hence take the necessary action without any delay. It can also help you to scrub and organize the call list of the company. The best contact center software has this feature inbuilt already and the agents can use it from the drop-down menu in the application.

5. Referrals

• Recommendations from the already existing customers can reduce your workload considerably. Not only did you gather the contact information easily but also developed an edge over the others in the market as a level of trust and rapport is already built in case of referrals. Hence, it is essential that you have a good reference strategy set up in your company.

• Do not shy away from asking recommendations from your buyers after providing them with excellent service. The customers can always have people in their close circles who might need your services. This also introduces you to the individuals who might not have been included on your radar but are the right fit for your company.

• Invest in an advanced outbound contact center software solutions that will help you keep a track of who referred whom as this will help you to instantly connect with your potential consumers. The prospects are more likely to give you a positive reaction when you have approached them through someone close to them.

6. Strong Digital Strategy

• The online world is like a big vendor list with umpteen numbers of leads. They can beneficial to your company only if you utilize the digital platform to its full potential. Multiple options like Google Alert, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hashtags, Facebook, Youtube, Quora are available for you to look out for clients. It is important that you understand how they work and utilize in order to get more prospects.

• The Google alert allows you to monitor the site for interesting stuff. You can enter the name of your product or company and signup for alerts. As a result, whenever someone searches your term on Google, a mail is sent to you informing the same. Twitter and Facebook can be utilized to keep a check on how your competitors are performing. Hashtags can make you a part of the popular conversation. You can create as many hashtags as you wish to depending on the nature of your business.

• It is also imperative that you actively participate in the communities, forums, and groups which are rampant among your potential purchasers. This will put you in touch with a greater number of people. Add the link to your webpage when you post anything on such pages. In case the customers liked your response they will follow you to the site and will display their interest.

• The technologically updated customer contact center software will generate alerts whenever a prospect is trying to navigate his way through your site. It will also keep you informed in case you are mentioned in any of the platforms. You can then make the first move and give them a call informing them about your services.

• Apart from this, it is also essential that you have a strong social profile. Keep it updated and regularly converse. These days the profile is the first thing that the consumers check out in case they are serious about your brand. The contact center reporting software needs to be integrated with all these platforms so that you never lose touch with your purchasers.

7. Cultivate Continuously

• Moving a lead from lukewarm to hot requires multiple interaction and loads of hard work. It is not a quick fix. The result of your labor will be shown only if you are determined enough to maintain contact with your prospects despite no immediate response. Hence, it is essential that you are not lackadaisical about following up with your prospects.

• Even though they may not say an immediate yes, it is important that you keep pursuing them if you feel they are similar to your ideal persona. Sometimes, even though the prospect fits the bill, he might not require your services. This does not imply that you force him as this will make you look desperate. Instead, end the call on a good note by thanking them for the time.

• Keep them in the loop about the new products and services by sending them email newsletters, shout outs on social media or occasional calls. You never know when they might be interested in taking the sales plunge.

Prospecting does not mean you keep looking for new buyers. Sometimes, it is also important to lay focus on the former or existing customer database. They may be ready to make the purchase again or are on a lookout for the products that you have at the offer. In a bid to get new purchasers, do not lose interest in the already established relationships.

Connecting with the right kind of people with services that act like solutions to their problem is difficult. Sales is a competitive and aggressive territory. However, with the above-mentioned tips, new experiments and by having the technologically advanced contact center software at your disposal, you are bound to overcome this challenge successfully.