Top 6 Tips to Modernize the Outbound Call Center Software


Outbound call center application software has revolutionized the way interactions take place. With growing technology, the expectations of clients have increased. In order to provide the buyers with the utmost level of satisfaction, it is necessary that the call centers also keep abreast with the latest technology.

Contact centers today are under constant pressure to deliver maximum results at a minimum cost. Emerging trends are changing the way traditional centers were put up. In order to stay profitable, it is necessary that the center aligns itself with the changing technological landscape as well as increasing expectations.

Here are the top trends that the call centers are using today to increase their efficiency and to maintain profitable and efficient operations:

1. Cloud is the Buzzword

• The cloud center software model has grown tremendously in the past few years. Unlike the premise-based solution, a cloud-hosted call center application reduces down time and also helps it to be more productive.

• Cloud solutions come with the ability to make changes easily and integrate seamlessly. It provides flexibility and management for remote office locations and agents.

• With the previous systems, the company had to manage the entire infrastructure and faced difficulties of upgrading, managing and integrating the technology. However, a hosted program provides the option of bundling all necessities together, and subscription is also based on the monthly fee of single user.

2. Work from Home option

• Mobility is a huge advantage. The Work-From-Home option allows the workers to work outside the physical boundaries of the office. This gives the organizations a mobile and disperse workforce that works from around the globe and supports expansion.

• This also makes them readily available for the purchasers at any time and any place. Due to the comfort of home, virtual agents are said to handle the calls more effectively when compared to the in-house callers.

3. Multi-channel communication

• Today, we live in a world with multiple mediums of communication. Hence, many solutions have the option of interacting through different channels.

• Alternative methods include e-mail, chat, messages, etc. Purchasers can initiate the conversation with a call, and an automated e-mail can be used to converse further. This is more effective as well as resourceful, for the buyer as well as the tele-caller.

4. Human Resources Optimization

• The call centers work on providing speedy solutions to the clients. Call metrics is a great way to measure the efficiency of the workers and constantly improving performances against those benchmarks.

• The company provides the option of call monitoring so that the employees can be helped in situations of need. The senior executives regulate the call and step in whenever necessary. This creates a learning opportunity for them which, in the long run, can influence the performance of the callers.

• Consistent learning and coaching modules help in making the workforce much productive. These days, the modules are made interactive and include quizzes and riddles so that the agents do not lose interest.

5. Omni-channel Capabilities

• With two-way communication channels expanding, collection of data becomes a difficult task. However, with cross-channel capabilities, the consumer data can be easily fed into one system and accessed whenever required.

• Example: Data can be accessed by a tele-caller while on a call or by management for review. Thus, a high-quality client experience is possible regardless of which medium the consumer selects to interact. This reduces agent workload and enhances consumer satisfaction.

• Example: With omni-channel capability, the field executive can directly feed the outcome of the meeting, which shall be communicated to the admin through data connection.

6. Integration and Use of Social Media

• Social media has become one of the most effective ways of communication . While earlier inbound call centers used it to resolve client issues, social networks are today using it to generate prospects who are on the lookout for certain products.

• Hence, many call centers have integrated social networking options in their client service delivery. The agents are now being trained to bring in the buyer not only through calls but also through integration with growing social networking sites.

Technology and Industry today evolves at an alarming rate and the rate of obsolescence is high. The answer to this challenge of change lies in having a nimble – but robust – solution that is constantly updated. It is only through using the best telemarketing software that you can provide customers a highly satisfactory experience in the most technologically advanced way.