Top 30 Tips on How Cloud Call Center Software Solutions can Help Business

Call center

In today’s tech driven world, call center software solutions has brought in new methods of communication and as a result, it has become easier for the companies to reach out to the potential as well as the existing clients in a fast and swift way. However, managing this interaction is not an easy task. It is essential that the companies have a cutting edge technology that not only makes the entire process smooth but also provides them an advantage over the other companies.

One such innovation are web-based applications that allow the company to store all its details on the cloud rather than the servers. This power of technology coupled with in-built features like call recording, real-time monitoring, and customized reports helps the organizations to improve their efficiency at a low cost of production. This also helps in achieving the goal of the corporation and at the same time ensures that the customer experience remains pleasant.

The delivery model helps you to cut down your costs and at the same time ensures that consistent buyer services are provided across multiple channels without any compromise. However, while there are multiple benefits of browser-based solution for your business, it is essential that you make the purchase only after a deep scrutiny of all your needs.

Here are a few tips on how the web-based application can not only change the way your business proceedings are held but also make it a more advantageous and economical situation for you.

1. Flexibility


• With the help of the best telemarketing software, the organizations have the ‘ability to quickly meet the business demands.’ It gives the employees the chance to be available for the job at all the times, from all the places. The browser-based solution breaks the technological barriers and the company functions as it wants, from the location of their choice allowing them to reach out to a number of customers in the smartest way possible.

• The company is thus independent of hardware, solution, servers, place of work and agent location and as a result, they can quickly scale-to-need in an efficient manner in order to meet the changing needs of production. This also helps in retaining the workers if they shift from the place where the office is located.

2. No Hardware Requirement

no hardware required

• Unlike the premise-based applications which require a huge infrastructural set-up, the cloud solutions do not require any additional hardware. All it needs is a software that is uploaded on the cloud. All the information and the data are stored over there and as a result, the business house does not require any additional multiple pieces of equipment.

3. Virtual Workforce

virtual workforce

• The hosted call software allows the company to hire employees who can work outside the office and contribute in achieving the goals of the corporation in an equally effective manner just like the on-site workers. They can access the files through the device of their choice and, as a result, are available ‘on the go’ for all sort of business activities.

• Therefore, it allows the organizations to escalate their profitby scaling their workforce beyond the four walls of their operations. With no infrastructural requirements apart from the device with the installed program, there is no added financial burden on the employers.

• This is especially beneficial for collection setups as well as recovery agencies. These organizations usually require a large number of field executives who are directly in touch with the customers. Hence, such institutions have their operational load in direct proportion to the number of contracts that are being fulfilled. Therefore, as the number of deals increases, the staff strength also fluctuates. With a cloud solution, part-time agents can be utilized. This serves both ends.

4. Choice to Work on Own Devices

• The call center software for sale does not require any grand equipment. As the solution is stored on the cloud, it can be used on any device, even outside the office premises. As a result, the application can be used on any gadget like smartphones, desktop, tablets or laptops.

• Keeping this is mind, many companies allow the executives to bring in their own devices while at work. This is not only a cost-effective strategy but in many cases the electronic tools used by the employees are more advanced than the equipment deployed by the IT department of the company.

5. Disaster Recovery

• Data and contact information of the customers are the most prized possession for any call center. However, maintaining and retaining all the details is a tedious task. In the traditional software, most of the data is stored on the hardware devices like laptop or mobile. While this can be helpful for some time, there is a greater risk in the long run.

• The chances of data theft increases and the information can be easily duplicated. Also, all the contacts can be easily lost in case the equipment is lost, stolen or broken. Retrieving the records can be difficult in such instances.

• However, with hosted telemarketing CRM software, everything is stored on the browser and thus the companies no longer need complex disaster recovery plans. The providers handle most of the issues and they tend to do it faster than the regular IT staff of the organization. In fact, the speed of the revival is four times quicker in the hosted software than the regular ones.

6. Reduced Capital Expenditure

• The program is more cost-effective than the on-premise software. The application does not require any additional hardware purchase and is more suitable and preferred by small scale industries and start-ups where the budget is not very high. It can also help reduce the costs related to management, IT staff, data storage as well as bandwidth connectivity.

• As the technology becomes obsolete and the old machinery is discarded, the on-site software requires great capital expenditure. In this case, most of the upgrade costs are pre-decided or are offered as part of the service by the vendor.

7. Scalability

• It is essential that the contact center adapts to the changes in the business cycle. It must be adjustable to the changing dynamics of the organization. The traditional contact center can prove to be a costly affair when it comes to being scalable. Huge investment is required both in terms of technology as well as infrastructure.

• On the other hand, the outbound calling solution enables the businesses to ramp up the cloud computing capacity when the company is at its peak and indulges in a lot of calling. This could include the promotion offer times, a new product launch etc. It also allows the company to scale down to appropriate levels when required.

• Thus, it gives the organization an opportunity to shrink or stretch according to the varying needs and times, without much financial pressure.

8. Security


• The contact information and the details of the client are perhaps what sets the company apart from its counterparts. Therefore, it is natural that most of them fear sacrificing data security by allowing the information outside the internal firewall. However, the suppliers ensure that their applications ensure that the content is kept safe.

• Most of the programs require a username and a password to login and access. Therefore, you can be sure that the data is accessed only by a selected few and no third party can have their hands on the confidential information of the company.The purveyor employs ISO standard security audits and helps in keeping the data secure.

9. Bundled Services

• Most of the suppliers provide a package that includes a multitude of services ranging from upgrades to maintenance. As a result, everything related to the operating system is centered on one vendor. This makes the communication process simpler and also reduces the workload of the organization.

• Phone services, outbound calling, bandwidth problems, agent desktops all can be rolled into one package. The majority of the issues are handled by the providers and the company need not fret about ways to manage them. Thus, the employees can better concentrate on calling instead of solving the technical glitches.

10. Accessibility


• It is essential that the consumer data and the files are available to the agents at all the times. A traditional call center has a restrictive approach and allows access as well as modification only through office equipment and personal computers. On the other hand, the cloud application allows the worker to retrieve the data wherever and whenever required. This opens up work from home models.

• All that is needed is an internet connection and the application stored on the device. All the files are stored in one central location and can be easily checked by the employees.

11. Automated Updates

• It is very difficult to keep tabs of the changing trends in the market. It is only through advanced technology that the businesses can thrive in todays competitive times. However, it becomes very tedious for the employees to keep a constant check on the new emerging trends while maintaining their efficiency and productivity.

• This is where cloud outbound calling software can be of great help. It eliminates the hassles of manual updates. The provider looks after the upgrades and the maintenance problems. They also keep a look out on the new features that can help the organization and keep them updated.

• This is usually included in the contract that is signed between the providers and the business and the purveyors ensure that cutting technology is introduced to the company. Therefore, the new releases are made available for the company as soon as they are released in the market.

• Instant updates in the software allow the employees to function with new features and functionalities, helping them to become more effective. Unlike an onsite solution, the cloud contact center telemarketing software has new releases frequently and there is no need for extra infrastructural setup.

12. Roll over time

• Every second counts in a business. Hence, it is essential that the business activities start in the shortest time possible. A hosted application takes less time to start over when compared to the on-site programs. The system does not require hardware installations, is uncomplicated and is easily navigable, making it simpler for the workers.

13. Deployment Time

• Different from the traditional model, the cloud solution has less deployment time and can easily be configured in a matter of few hours. They are not only faster but are also simpler to organize. Unlike the premise software that can take months to set up, this operating system can sometimes be set up within a few hours. The time for installation also depends on the level of complexity of the application. Not only is the set-up time reduced, but the resources required to install are also limited.

14. Compliance

• It is essential that the call center follows the laws of the land and is in tune with the rules and the regulations that are prevalent in the country. Telephony law is an ever-growing phenomenon and it is difficult to keep a tab on all of them. Call recording and ability to track DND numbers are some of the features of cloud computing that can help in adhering to the regulations.

15. Easily Integrates

easy integrations

• The cloud solution is a mature technology and amalgamates swiftly with different platforms. With much of its workforce being virtually present, it is essential that the application allows them the option of accessing, editing and managing the information from anywhere.

• Changing the data can be tedious in the premise networks as data from multiple sources need to be collected and then sorted. However, the operating system also allows for easy integration of the new and old systems in case of any mergers as everything is on the cloud. Apart from this, it also incorporates with third party vendors for effective lead management.

16. Robust Data

• Agents need to know about the customer and the interactions that they had, in order to maintain continuity in the communication. The cloud solution allows them to have all the data at their disposal without much delay. They can have access to customer reports, their preferences and with the historical reporting feature even have a gist of the earlier interactions.

17. Environmentally Friendly

• The long-established contact centers use huge machinery in large amounts. As soon as the technology becomes obsolete, it becomes e-junk. The amount of e-waste that is produced can be harmful to the environment. On the other hand, the hosted call solution uses limited equipment and only uses the server space that is required by them.

• This also helps in decreasing the amount of carbon footprint and 30 percent of the reduction in energy consumption when compared to the usual applications. The energy consumption and the carbon emissions of the browser-based programs are also less than 90 percent. Thus, the companies can do their bit for the surroundings by opting for more eco-friendly methods of calling as well as collecting data and can also help to improve their ‘green’ credentials.

18. Document control

• The telemarketing software deals allows the workers of the company the ability to sync their documents between the devices that are connected through the application. This ensures that all the employees are on the same page and know about all that is happening with their customers.

• This also reduces the need for the data to be physically transferred from one location to another and, as a result, can be a time saver. The program also allows them to edit and process the files from anywhere making them location agnostic. This makes haring an easy task and therefore everyone can work off of one central copy.

19. Mergers and Acquisitions

• A major task in merging or acquiring new companies is the time taken to bring the records from one system to another. Unless, the information is collected and collaborated, the amalgamation is incomplete. However, the cloud makes it simpler and the transition is much faster.

20. Easy User Interface

• The network system should be easy to understand and operate allowing the agents a seamless experience. Most of the application providers allow the company to have a free trial of the program so that they can better understand the functioning and get used to the software as well.

• Apart from this the users can also test the functionality of the solution whenever a new version is launched. The provider also helps in smooth migration from the old to the latest edition.

21. Allows Innovation

• One of the biggest advantages of using a browser-based outbound call center sales software is that most of the maintenance and application related issues are handled by the providers. Thus, the workers and the company have nothing much to worry about with respect to the program.

• Therefore, the business houses especially the small firms which have limited resources are able to use their employees and their time in activities that can help in achieving the goals of the company. As they do not have to look after the technical aspects, the agents can engage themselves in improving their performance and look out for innovative options.

22. Business Continuity

• Accidents do not happen with a prior warning. In case of an on-site network system, a disaster can damage the entire setup and can cause a huge loss to the company. The deficit is not only in terms of data and information but also in terms of infrastructure and, as a result, the work can be hampered and stopped completely for few days.

• The web-based applications give the company a chance to have both the platform as well as capacity redundancy. Therefore, the remote accessibility allows the agents to log-in for their work from their location and continue with their work like any other day. The data is also kept safe and can be retrieved easily in case of unforeseen crisis.

23. Professional Support

• The upgrades, the technical help and maintenance services are looked after by the providers. They hire professionals to look into the issues that are hindering the company’s progress in any manner. The suppliers are the subject matter expertise and can handle problems in a more effective manner than the IT staff of the organization.

24. Never Offline

• The business can fall flat if the network or the technology fails. Any kind of downtime issues, loss of connectivity or no availability of browser can have a potential negative impact on the customers. Thus, it is important that the company is always connected to the internet.

• The providers ensure that the maintenance activities are scheduled during the time when the company’s activities are low or when there is a holiday. This ensures that the organizational proceedings are left undisturbed. Apart from this, the suppliers also provide provisions to ensure that no data is lost in case of a connection failure.

25. “Pay Per User” model

• This helps in reducing the costs of the company by allowing it to pay according to the number of workers. Therefore, they only pay for the features and the functions that they utilize on the monthly basis.

26. Economical

• The infrastructural and space costs are also reduced and most of the operational expenses are included in the package provided by the supplier. An additional expenditure of hiring and making room for the employees is also reduced because of the virtual workforce feature.

• The maintenance which is usually handled by the suppliers is also reasonably priced since similar maintenance work is spread across many clients. The purveyor owns the software environment and the costs of repairs are split among the buyers that use the program.

27. Competitiveness

• With the benefits of the hosted call software, the small firms can hold their business activities in a more economical and cost-efficient manner. Therefore, even they can utilize the features of the program for their own advantage. This gives them a competitive edge and allows them to function at a level on par with the large-scale industries.

28. Call Monitoring

• With off-site workers coupled with the usual one, the need for supervising and regulating their activities is even more necessary for effective business functioning. The web-based program allows intelligent monitoring facilities and includes features like call recording, live results and help managers avoid falling into the robotic and restrictive routine. This also helps in building the morale of the workers.

29. Campaign Management

• It allows you to keep a track on the multiple projects that the company takes up. At the same time, it also gives you the chance to keep a look out on your expenses and your workers in real-time, helping you to know what is going on and how are the employees taking the conversation ahead. The data is accessible anywhere and anytime. This helps you in knowing whether the campaign is going on well and if the clients are appreciating the promotional offers.

30. Flexible Contracts

• The cloud provider gives the company a chance to sign a small term contract. This enables them to change and make modifications in their system without much investment. Flexibility also keeps the suppliers on their toes because they know that the organization can change the purveyor anytime they feel so. Thus, the services are up-to the mark. Unlike, the premise-based application which requires huge capital even for a small change, this ease of management is what makes cloud special for its users.

• Call centers and organizations wish for a service option that can look after their innovation needs, provide them with good customer service and is reliable as well.

Case Study

The Customer

cloud call center software solutions case study

• Mr. Panth is the owner of Avacada Recovery and Collection Agency (ARCA). Set up in Mumbai, this was started in 2011. The agency basically dealt with the debt collection process in Mumbai. He recently merged with another recovery company from Delhi aspart of his business expansion.

The Problem

• With the merger, ARCA was finding it difficult to compile the data and make it a single entity. With more expansions and acquisitions in mind, Mr. Panth was worried on how taxing it can become for the staff of his company.

• Apart from this, it was also becoming difficult for them to keep a tab on multiple branches from Mumbai and Delhi. Also, the managers had no clue on how to ensure real-time monitoring for its agents spread in both the cities and also while they are in the field.

• While earlier, the number of workers was small and it was feasible to keep a track on them using physical reportage, post the merger, issues of scrutiny and accountability have come up. Also, the company wished to limit its capital expenses and infrastructural costs keeping in mind the long-term investments.

The Solution

• The agency decided to bring a change in the networking system and scouted for the best telemarketing software in India. Finally, they decided to settle for a browser based application rather than the on-site program keeping in mind the expansions ahead as well as the supervision issues that they had been facing off-late.

• Having a cloud solution implied that they had a universal calling program that united multiple working centers along with the virtual workforce. As a result, they could ensure that all their employees are on work and are doing it right.

• It also helped them in reducing the infrastructural costs because the company decided to opt for off-site agents allowing them to work from their own devices. This not only reduced the space costs but also helped in giving the workers a chance to operate the gadget that they are more comfortable in.

• It also gave them a chance to manage all their documents effectively. With the options of geo-tagging and location capture that are available with the web application, the managers could easily know where the representative was and whether he had really been working for the benefit of the company.

• The documents could also be well managed and could be sent across systems using a data connection. Thus, Mr. Panth, while in Delhi, could easily track what the customer thinks and how many clients have cleared off their debt in Mumbai. As a result, the communication process was streamlined and this paved the way for unified interactions.

• It also helped in improving the business agility. As a result of on-service demand facility and the elasticity of the application, resources could be deployed at a quick pace. It also gave them the option to add or reduce agent seats depending on the needs of the organization.

The Result

• The staff strength of the company increased and they could have their representatives in different parts of the city without much expenditure. The upgrades were made on a timely basis and therefore it gave them an edge over the other companies in terms of technology.

• It not only helped them in improving their security but also ensured that all the information about their customers from the debt amount to the dates of repayment, everything is kept safe. Brief contract period with the providers made sure that the services are of the highest quality. It allowed them brief tie-in periods giving them a chance to migrate to other vendors, which was not possible earlier.

• The company is now looking into venturing into other fields and increase their business reach.

The cloud contact center software can not only help an already established business to get a greater number of customers for their database but can also ramp up the profits of a newly found company by revolutionizing the mode of communication between the management and the target audiences.

Below is a case study that shows how the usage of the application helped a start-up improve its closing ratio effectively.

The Customer

• Trip Backpackers, a travel company start-up, was recently launched by Miss. Karuna. The organization has its headquarters in Mumbai. However, it has a workforce that is spread across the globe in order to cater to the needs of the consumers from all the corners.

• The business brings together the world-class services specially crafted for the corporate as well as leisure travelers. The main objective of the company is to bring together holidays that will be etched in the memories of the travelers for a lifetime. They collaborate with both, internationally and nationally, reputed hotels and resorts in order to provide their consumers the comfort that is worth their money.

• Their special services include tours across major travel destinations in India as well as famous international exotic locations. The clients can either opt for a personalized travel package for their honeymoon or can look out for group discount offers to have a fun-filled family time. The company also specializes in arranging conferences, award nights, exhibitions or corporate tours depending on the needs of the buyer.

• While preparing the itinerary for the customer, the organization also makes attempts to bring the local tour experts in order to enhance the traveling experience. With the expertise of the well-trained inside sales representative, the buyers are sure to get the best deal with cost-effective accommodation, assorted choices of location, competitive airfares, no visa problems and best itinerary programs.

The Problem

• The company had a nice take-off in the initial months and, as a result, the sales were quite high in the first few days. However, looking at the competition in the market and the potential in the travel industry, the organization wanted to further increase the number of customers for the corporation.

• Often, the buyers would try to know more about the company and its offers by commenting on the social profiles as well as the webpage of the corporation. The blogs were created highlighting the sightseeing places in the exotic locations where the company operated. However, the agents were not able to moderate the comments by the purchaser and were late in getting back to the consumers. As a result, when the corporation tried to reach out to the potential leads, either they had lost the interest or they had approached some other organization.

• While earlier, the clients were attracted to the corporation through word-of-mouth and advertisements, the organization realized that it was spending a lot of resources on its marketing. The business was in dire need of a tool that could help them to connect with the prospect consumers in a cost-effective and time-saving manner.

The Solution

• Trip Backpackers then decided to invest in a good-quality outbound telemarketing software so that it could easily contact its existing as well as future consumers. The company decided to use a cloud application keeping in mind the global workforce that it utilizes. The flexible nature of the software ensured that the virtual employees were kept in regular touch with the management.

• The web-based applications providers helped the executives to better understand the program. They conducted training sessions in the initial days for all the callers so that they could better understand the interface of the application. This ensured that the agents do not get confused in the technicalities of the program while on call and hence, there is no compromise whatsoever with the quality.

• The usage of cloud based call center solutions implied that there was no need of any hardware setup or IT support. The software upgrades ensured that there was no waste because of advancement in technology. Therefore, there was a reduction in capital expenditure and the resources could be utilized in some other department of the company.

• The program was integrated with leading market vendors like Just Dial, Visa offices that could provide them the contact information of the potential leads. This helped them to narrow down their target audiences and also increased their chance of getting the access to the right prospects.

• The application was also amalgamated with the leading travel forums, social networking sites as well as the web blog of the company. As a result, an alert was generated automatically whenever a new comment was posted on either of the platforms and the callers could call them up at the earliest. When there was no time gap between the query and the response, the chance of closing the deal improve dramatically.

• A travel deal is not sealed without multiple interactions. In order to have optimum consumer satisfaction, it was important that continuity between the conversations is maintained. The cloud customer service software allowed the company to record and store all the communication that took place between both the parties. This gave the callers an insight into the previous conversations and they can direct the further interaction accordingly.

• The application also allowed them to share their data with all the employees irrespective of the geographical location. As a result, all the operators had complete knowledge about the interactions and could edit the information from any part of the world, provided they had access.

• This enabled them to swiftly pass on the conversation from one agent to the other. As a result, if the customer wants some other location, the interaction can be easily passed onto the local representative of the company residing in the preferred destination of the buyer.

• With the features like call recording and monitoring, the managers can tab the conversations from any part of the globe. This ensured that qualitative interactions took place between the clients and the organization. The archived files also helped the supervisors to form the apt coaching material so that they can train the callers in the areas that can further help them better the interactional process.

• The providers were responsible for all the profession support that included coaching modules for using the application, maintenance of the software, technical help in case of any kind of glitches as well as upgrades with the changes in the technology. As a result, the management did not have to bother about the software issues and could better concentrate on how they could provide a satisfying experience to the purchasers.

• The official webpage of the company was also linked to the software. This helped the executives to tab who is visiting the website and which sections are being accessed. As a result, this gives them an insight into the preferences of the customer and the callers can start a personalized interaction, thereby, improving the chances of grabbing the deal. This also gave them an opportunity to come in contact with those buyers who probably were not a part of their prospect database.

The Result

• By investing in the technologically advanced contact center software solutions, the company was able to improve its connection rates with the purchasers. Unlike the traditional methods of advertisement where there was no personal connection, tele-calling allowed the callers an opportunity to know more about the consumers in a friendly conversation and thereby could tweak around the interaction accordingly.

• By linking to the major platforms, the company was able to respond faster to the buyers and their queries. The faster response time not only helped them to reach out to a larger number of audiences but also helped them to develop their brand image in the eyes of the customer as an organization that values customer satisfaction.

• The pay per user model allowed them to add or remove the travel agents depending on the demand of the location in the market. If a particular destination was highly favorable in a specific season, a representative could easily be recruited for the company. All that he needed was the application, access to the software and internet connection. As a result, maximum consumer satisfaction was obtained as no customer was left disappointed because of the absence of an expert in the location of their choice.

• The traffic to the website improved and conversations were made on the social profiles as well. New prospects were discovered and the company could see a steep rise in the number of sales after operating the telemarketing services in a short span of time.


• In today’s competitive world, the market advantage goes to the businesses that walk hand-in-hand with the changing technology. With hosted-call solutions, the company can leverage the best tech resources and this can pave the way for them to escalate their revenue.

• Strategic agility, short roll-over time, and cost effective method make cloud outbound calling solution a compelling choice allowing the businesses an opportunity to grow tremendously.