Top 10 Tips on Finding Clients for Outbound Call Centers

Now if you were to ponder about what forms the very core of a business, there could be no doubts about the answer- it would have to be the customer who can make or break a business potentially. That really isn’t an exaggeration, it is the truth. That’s because the customer is the one who purchases the product and uses it. Naturally, it is extremely important to maintain good and healthy relations with the customer. Keeping the customer happy and satisfied should be the first thing on your mind as a business owner – that should be your number one priority. However easy that may seem, it requires a lot of effort and dedication to retain customers even when it is made easier though the use of modern tools such as a cloud contact center software.

The same goes for any kind of business really. Even though cloud calling solutions make interactions much easier these days, unless you’re working on actually building healthy relationships with your clients, what are you even doing? The thing is, when you start out, you might be thinking that acquiring new clients is the most important thing on your agenda. You need to grab as many clients as you possibly can, isn’t it? Well, you’re then grossly mistaken. It’s not just about getting new clients- it’s about taking the time to nurturing old relationships with clients and retaining them. If you manage to satisfy your older customers, you actually wouldn’t even have to worry about your new clients- since they would be flocking to you instead of you chasing after them.

Maintaining your relationships with your clients is no easy task. If your customers are sticking to you, they would be expecting something more in return. Simply checking on them every once in a while isn’t what customer care is all about- there is certainly more to it than meets the eye. You will have to take special measures in order to retain your customers. It would require you to go the extra mile, but here’s the best part – it does pay in the end. Here’s where a good quality cloud calling software helps you to meet the sky high expectations of your customers, by maintain customer history and what and when the next interaction needs to be. After all, happy customers act as the public relations agents of your company.

So you see how important clients are for a cloud call center? They are technically the hands and feet of your company; if you actually think about it, a call center exists for the sole purpose of serving the customers and more so, if you’re an outbound call center. That makes it imperative to work on your client satisfaction and your client acquisition skills. Using the best available call center cloud software will certainly help if you have been lagging behind in this aspect. If you think there is scope for improvement, which is always a positive point for a call center, you need to read on more to find out about the tips that can help you out.

Not only have we provided you with tips which are sure to come in handy, but we also have a case study which would help you understand exactly how to find customers for your business and how to retain the customers you’ve found. So here you go-

1) Maintaining relationships

Here’s one thing you need to know about running a successful call center on cloud – you will be needing lots of contacts. You need to know people to actually get them to invest in you, don’t you? The mantra is pretty simple- no contacts, no business. This is how it works- you do business with a certain client, that client then refers you to people they know and the cycle continues. In fact, they might even send an overflow of business your way which could help you in increasing your revenue. That is really how you increase your circuit and this ever increasing circuit would help you acquire more and more clients in the long run.

2) What if you don’t have contacts?

If you’re a very enterprising person that has and can generates tons of contacts, you’re good to go. However, not all of you might be like that. More importantly, when you start out, you might not even have so many contacts to begin with.  Therefore, when you start out, you need to chalk out a plan that can help you get add more contacts. Your goal should be to add as many people as you possibly can. In this generation, where the internet us at your fingertips, it really shouldn’t be all that hard. As a matter of fact, there are several networking profiles that can be used to connect with people who are working in the same field as you are. Your cloud call center solution must be mature and capable enough to manage a vast pipeline of leads, contacts, their management and follow-ups through to closure.

3) Reaching out to more people

You need to put your inhibitions and hesitations aside and reach out to as many people as you possibly can. Importantly, you must maintain a detailed history of all the people in your ever-increasing database and efficient cloud call center solutions help you to do this effectively. For example, you can even reach out to your competitors. Before you laugh this off, think about it. Your competitors could recommend or refer you to customers and clients and even other businesses that they are too busy to deal with. That’s good for your business, isn’t it? You should always make it a point to contact other businesses as well, who might be able to make use of your services. It would also work out to your advantage if you were to contact service providers, brokers and agents.

4) Using emails

An important tool when it comes to reaching out to more clients while dealing with them would be through emails and you must make sure that this feature is inbuilt within your call center cloud solutions. In the present generation, almost every single person you meet has constant access to their emails. If you’re mailing people you already know or people who have already done business with you, you can expect to get favourable replies. You should even make it a point to get maximum number of mails out to potential customers who haven’t been associated with you dp far. Now there is a very good chance that they might completely ignore your mails and move on. However, what if they don’t? And if you’re new in this field, this is a risk you’re going to have to take.

5) Cold calling

As has been already mentioned, you will have to reach out to as many companies as possible so that you can convince them to do business with you. Calling these companies can be a real task- you would have to waste precious time of your day calling each of these companies, spend a lot of time being put on hold, wait till you’re allowed to speak to the people concerned and even face rejection. The whole process is a tiresome and a tedious one, and the key is not losing patience. That is the only thing that’ll keep you going. Who knows, one of these numerous calls may get you the client you always wished for!

6) Meeting clients’ needs

Now that you’ve actually made a number of contacts and have been able to get hold of precious clients, you need to keep in mind this cardinal fact- you will need to go all out! Modern and technologically advanced call centers in the cloud with detailed workflows and analytics help you maintain your clients’ information precisely. This helps you to tailor your pitch and service to them accordingly in a timely manner. You shouldn’t seem too eager to please since that might leave a negative impression. You need to be polite and courteous at all times and not come off as those telemarketing pests who literally force customers to try out their services. That way, you would be losing out on clients even before you start and that is something you need to avoid.

7) Establishing trust

When it comes to clients using companies that provide call center firms, trust is a major factor. All companies put a lot of thought into hiring the BPO companies. They wouldn’t just hire anyone! They would hire only the companies they know and trust. If they’re hiring a new company, they would judge all factors, including their infrastructure and tools such as the cloud based call center solutions that is deployed, as well as cross referencing to make sure they’re making an informed decision. Once they do, that establishes a certain level of trust. If you manage to uphold this trust, you would be benefiting from it since that would lead to more business and more sales. The rule is pretty simple- you manage to sell your company to them, you establish a solid foundation for a healthy relationship.

8) Free samples

When you’re starting out, you really cannot afford to be stingy or even picky. At this stage, you’re trying your best to establish a name for yourself. You’re going to have to provide “free samples”. In your case that would mean giving them a free trial of using your call center for a few days or even weeks. That would give them an insight into what you’re capable of and what they’re going to get if they appoint you. As a matter of fact, you might end up investing hours of your time and get back nothing in return. However, if you’re just starting out, this is one of the many things you’ll have to sacrifice.

9) Having a professionally designed website

Nowadays, people trust what they can see for themselves more than what people tell them. Put yourself in their shoes- when you’re looking for something, what is the first thing you do? You look them up online and visit their official website to make an informed decision. That’s why your first step as a call center should be to get a professionally designed website. For example, if you have been referred to a particular company. They would be checking your website out even before they approach you. Naturally, it would be safe to say that the website creates the first impression and there is no doubt about the fact that it is a lasting one. Your website needs to be informative, neat in organization and most importantly, responsive.

10) Pay per click services

If you’re planning to start a call center, then you really need to check out the concept of pay per click. Any web marketer should be familiar with the concept. If you don’t know about it already, you should make it a point to read up more about it. Pay per click services basically take into account keywords and adwords, all of which would be leading directly to your site. That way, you would be experiencing a boost in the traffic to your site. And we all know what that means, it means an increase in the sales and your revenue.

The Case Study

If you’re talking about finding clients and making it big, you’ll seldom come across a company that exemplifies this concept more than The matrimonial site which was launched back in 1996, at a time when the whole concept of the World Wide Web was still in the early phase. Anupam Mittal came up with this revolutionary idea which allows people to find their life partners online. Can you imagine the uproar it created? The site had one simple objective in mind – to help people find their happiness- and it is probably this simplicity that brought success to the company.

When it initially started out, people were pretty apprehensive about the whole concept, as was expected. No one was really sure of what an online matrimonial site was all about or how it would help them. It certainly took a while for to establish a momentum. Although it was initially quite hard to get hesitating customers to give the site a try, there is no denying the fact that is today one of the largest matrimonial sites in the world. As a matter of fact, it claims to have created more than at least 3.2 million matches all around the world. Thus, what could be a better way to learn about acquiring meaningful business and customers than studying the growth of

The final outcome has a very reliable and simple model that they follow. The fact that the company charges nothing for registration is what attracts a large number of customers. Also, you must have come across their advertisements on social media, television and the other media. If you observe carefully, you will see how their ads directly target the emotions and sentiments of their customers. Also, it creates a lot of awareness about social issues which have gained a lot of spotlight in the recent times. makes it a point to design their marketing strategies in such a way which strike a chord with their clients. Plus, the opening of a number of offline centers in major Indian cities and the regular contests and games keep the clients engaged. Thus, has taken all steps necessary to get more and more customers to sign up with them.

It doesn’t matter if you are in a different line of business; how you gather customers still remains the same. And that is precisely why you need to follow the Anupam Mittal’s model to understand the very core of customer care.


CASE STUDY: How started as an experiment became leader in the online matrimonial industry?