Why Telecom Companies Should Consider Business Process Outsourcing?

The most important thing about running any kind of business is that you need to keep in mind the customers. Customer satisfaction is among the most important determinants when it comes to the success of your business. So what’s the answer?

Efficient customer service, of course! But in industries like telecommunication, the growth rate has been massive. As a matter of fact, “massive” would be an understatement of sorts. In that case, you need to make sure that you use the best available systems and tools such as the best call center software for small business.

However, there is one thing you need to keep in mind. Your business isn’t going to remain stagnant over the years to come. You have a certain picture in mind, don’t you? You want your business to grow and expand the way it should. Now here’s the bad news.

A constricted customer care system could be stifling and could get in the way of your reaching new heights. So, what do you do? Do you give up on customer care altogether? Of course not! That is the foundation on which your business rests, at the end of the day.

Actually, there is something you could do. You must have come across the concept of outsourcing:. By outsourcing, we mean that you would be handing over a major share of your customer care solutions to another company.

As a matter of fact, there are several companies that handle only customer care solutions and are experts when it comes to the same. Importantly, they deploy the most modern tools and technologies available including critical systems like the best available cloud call center software solutions.

Think about it, wouldn’t it be better if experts could handle this side of the business for you? It would not only take the burden off your shoulders but would also ensure that the work is done properly and in the manner it should.

Also, keep in mind, handing over your customer care solutions to another company would allow you to expand and grow in the way that you deserve. If you are still not convinced, below we have provided you with some reasons which tell you exactly why you should outsource your BPO or call center solutions.

1. Operational efficiency is bound to increase to a great extent if you outsource your call center software solutions. If you hand over the solutions to someone else, you wouldn’t have to worry about building your operations from within.

The kind of call center management software that you use will not be your headache any longer. Most importantly, the company you hand over your solutions to would be having the necessary operations and tools that are important to deal with such functions. Isn’t that a win win situation for all those involved?

2. In the telecom industry, the truth is, you never know what might happen. One day, you may be soaring above all your competitors and within six months, your growth rate might slow down. In other words, the industry is pretty volatile and industry.

In that case, you will need customer care solutions which are both flexible and versatile. It should be able to adapt to the changes and grow or slow down with you. Handing over your IT solutions to another company would help you do that. It would make your company all the more flexible and build your agility as a whole.

3. The whole point of having customer care is to ensure that your customers are satisfied and happy. Well, if you want to improve your customer satisfaction rate, you should outsource your solutions. By handing over your call center solutions to a different company, you are trusting experts to take care of it for you.

Experts would be using tools, analytics and metrics that are far more advanced and guaranteed to impress your customers. Also, it is bound to improve the image of your brand and also strengthen existing relationships with your old customers.

4. Most of these third party vendors or the experts who handle your customer care services for you know exactly what your industry needs. They have the resources necessary to understand the needs and demands of your sector.

They come with telecom management which basically allows you to keep a close tab on the assets also current expenses that you have. If you allow the experts to take over, you would certainly be having a better and a clearer vision of the resources in hand.

With this information handy, you are bound to have a better and more thorough understanding of your company as a whole.

5. Modern customers have their own set of demands and expectations. They expect you to use the best call center software and hire the best possible talent to help them out. Also, they expect a range of services which include the usage of some extensive metrics and analytics.

Using or incorporating these into your services would only increase your operational costs. Also, chances of making mistakes are increased. Instead, you can hand it over to people who know best.

6. Running a telecom business is pretty expensive. There are so many things to take care of! If customer care is another aspect you need to invest in, it just ads to you entire operational costs. While you are starting out, it is better to go for solutions that are cost effective and wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

We have already mentioned about the volatile nature of the industry. If you manage to save money when it comes to customer care, you could use it for something more productive. Of course, you have to pay a sum to the third party vendor; but in the long run, this is a cheaper option.

7. Earlier, when you had to handle your customer care solutions, a majority of your resources and some of your best talents were invested in it. However now, you get to focus on your business, on its growth and expansion and nurturing.

The resources and talent invested into your customer care is no longer something you need to be concerned about. You can just invest these into something more productive. With that happening, your efficiency rates are sure to increase and we all know what that basically means.

8. Think about it this way. The third party vendor you have chosen to handle your call center software solutions for you would be making your problem their top priority. That is their job, after all! It is their duty to ensure that you get the best possible services because at the end of the day you are paying them.

Naturally, they would be putting in their best resources and investing their best agents and technologies to satisfy you. That automatically increases the efficiency of your customer care and your turnaround rate as well.

9. Since the third party vendor’s business revolves around your customer care solutions, you can expect to find the best and the latest versions of the cloud call center software with them. Also, you get to make a call center software comparison to make sure that the vendor you select uses the best and nothing but the best.

These vendors would be in possession of the latest software technologies – ones you haven’t even heard of. How does that benefit you? Well, isn’t it quite obvious? You are thus guaranteed the best possible service.

10. Now when you think of outsourcing your business solutions, it is usually done across global service centers. For instance, a company having its roots in the United States may very well be outsourcing their customer care solutions to a country in the East.

So you see how it works? Now this is advantageous because you allow your company to expand globally this way. By outsourcing your solutions across different companies, you increase your exposure and also allow your company to grow globally. What more could you ask for?

11. Since we are thinking of a kind of global expansion, there is one more advantage to think of. This way, your company and its customer care remains operational throughout the course of the day. Your customer care is thus online 24 x 7, which makes it rather easy for customers to reach out to you.

Also, you provide a multi linguistic service to your customers. Your customers are now able to speak to the customer care executives in whatever language they are comfortable in. Through outsourcing, languages and geographical distance no longer remains a barrier.

12. As we all know, there are occasions when you might have to downsize. It might so happen that in the telecom industry, your value decreases overnight and you are required to downsize immediately to meet the demands. Now this would be next to impossible if you didn’t have business process outsourcing solutions.

BPO makes your company both versatile and flexible. Be it downsizing or be it ramping up, both become extremely easy when you outsource your customer care solutions.


13. Risk management is of the utmost importance when it comes to telecom industries. We have mentioned repeatedly that the telecom industry is pretty volatile. You never know what may happen. In that case, you need to make provisions for risk management also.

By outsourcing your customer care solutions, you would be handing over the risk management aspect to the third party vendor too. And thus, that entirely becomes their responsibility – not yours.

14. When you hand over your customer care solutions to a third party vendor, there has to be a contract of some kind. Both parties are bound by certain contracts and terms and conditions which must be adhered to. Now, the contract in question is supposed to cover all points from accountability to payment to terms or hiring.

This contract being legally binding would give you peace of mind since your customer care would be in safe hands.

15. It is pretty comforting knowing that you have a dedicated team of professionals working for you. Whichever company you hire to take care of stuff for you would be appointing a team of well trained and serious professionals who know your needs and demands inside out.

They know what you want and wouldn’t rest till all your demands have been. You wouldn’t find this level of dedication and motivation anywhere else. With a dedicated team backing you up, there is absolutely nothing that can stop you.

16. Monitoring the third party vendors working for you is now a real thing. You can now monitor them real time. Even though you are handing off your call center solutions to a different company (a team of experts), it is still an important aspect of your organization.

To let it out of your sight would be a massive mistake on your part. Instead, you should make sure that the company you are outsourcing to, has provisions for real time monitoring.

17. In simple terms, getting another company to handle your call center operations for you will be reducing your overhead costs by half, would be saving on manpower, time and a whole lot of other resources which may be used for something more important.

18. There is a common misunderstanding about handing over your customer care solutions to third party vendors. What could these vendors know about your operations? How would they know what your business needs? How would they meet demands that you yourself failed to meet?

Well, with increase in technology and science, you need to understand one thing. Taking everything upon your shoulders isn’t enough. You’ve heard the saying about juggling too many things at once, haven’t you? With experts offering to help you out, why shouldn’t you make the most of it? Also, remember that experts always know best.

The case study

By now, you must have understood the nitty gritty of the telecom industry and have gathered sufficient information about its needs and requirements. You now know that simply offering traditional customer care solutions to the consumers wouldn’t suffice.

The only way to optimize your customer care is to outsource it. There has been a lot said about how third party vendors wouldn’t understand the needs of your company and wouldn’t be able to fulfil the expectations of your customers. But given the changing times and the increasing demand, you really are left with no other choice.

Below, we are providing you with a detailed case study which shows you exactly how outsourcing your business solutions can help your company. If you are still wondering why you should use third party vendors for your customer care, then you could go through the example provided by us to get a thorough understanding.

You must be pretty familiar with the Virgin group of companies. Out of all the various branches, Virgin Media happens to be the largest and most successful. At present, Virgin Media has over 10 million customers.

The guys at Virgin Media were aware from the very beginning that in order to achieve success, they would have to expand their operations across the whole of United Kingdom. Also, Virgin Media wanted to develop their services in such a way that they could be all the more responsive to the myriad needs of their customer.

They wanted customers to perceive them as easy to work with and have a good lasting impression. All this was supposed to be done while reducing overall operational costs and while providing top notch services.

Clearly, bars were set very high. Eventually, Virgin Media paired up with another leading consulting service which allowed them to outsource their customer care and other aspects as well. Several new strategic initiatives with operational excellence and brilliant industry skills were introduced.

Consequently, Virgin Media not only experienced a surge in their growth rate, but also noticed an increase in their customer retention rate. More importantly, the cost of running operations went down to a great extent. Management became a whole lot simpler with cutting edge technology at their disposal and customers were beyond satisfied.

It isn’t just Virgin Media. Several other companies who have managed to overcome their fears of third party vendors and embrace the concept have benefitted in countless ways. So what are you waiting for?

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