How to Reshape Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence?

Often, the benefits of your systems fail to be unlocked at their maximum potential due to the inability of the team to wield it properly. In order to fully unleash the powers of your software, such as the best call center software for small business, you need to employ all muscle powers available to you, whether it’s manual or artificial.

The case in point here is not the manual manpower you can use but the artificial one which is an important aspect often overlooked by several companies, but in usage it has shown to be massively affecting the overall revenue growth of the companies.

To understand how to use artificial intelligence, it is important to understand what exactly is artificial intelligence, and how does it work in real time situations. Artificial intelligence, for some time now, it has played an important and definitive role in the course of customer service, but now with the progress in modern technology, companies are only realizing their full potential.

Using the best call center software that you have, you can easily integrate artificial intelligence to it for better and faster results overall, which will mean a faster revenue growth for your company in general.

Since its invention, Artificial Intelligence or AI has grown in massive amounts and is being used not only to merely collect data and predict outcomes based on that data, but also to be used as a primary technology to for creating the very best of call center software solutions for various types or services.

There are a number of Artificial intelligence that are being grown to mimic cognitive functions of the human brain, like the technologically driven business landscape, and modern companies are looking to utilize them into various roles designed specifically for productivity goals, but mostly to handle customer queries that form the base of the company.

Artificial Intelligence or AI machines are used to perform and handle fluently customer service roles such as assistance or a concierge in call centers and such.

However, the major challenge that is being faced by business, including ones who use the best of the available call center management software is to make them as customer friendly as possible in order to hold the customer’s interest for a longer time.

Conversational commerce is immensely helpful in the complete redefinition of the role the messaging apps have in customer engagement, which the service tools that are present continue building and simplifying the customer service process.

While the huge amount of data that you company uses is important in figuring out the statistics of the company, in other to sort through all of those things, an adept artificial intelligence is required to be used.

So what does having an intelligent and capable Artificial Intelligence do for your company? Well, it turns out, a lot of things that manual workers won’t be able to perform within time. In order to make sure that you are using call center software correctly, here are the benefits of using an AI for better results:

1. Artificial Intelligence is useful in helping the experts handling it tweak the data system as much as they want to and much quicker than doing things manually. The data collected is no longer in a read only format, but is actually quite interactive.

2. Artificial Intelligence is present to streamlines the process, no matter what that process might be, including but not limited to making information available to the customers, learning new trends, keeping in track with new trends that arises through the customers. It makes information available to your agents at the press of a button.

3. The most common problem that is being faced by companies is data overflow, due to gathering data from everywhere, including devices and public data sets. Often, these data cannot be looked over thoroughly and is often ignored completely. Artificial Intelligence can actually go through these data collected and utilize the more important ones.

4. Your Artificial Intelligence is advanced enough to predict future trends amongst the customers using the data fed to them that you collect through cloud call center software solutions that can be used to collect important information. It can help you look at how your customers use your products and plan further.

5. Using various programs, you can actually develop your Artificial Intelligence one step further to adapt to your various situations or when you have too many choices to explore at once.

6. Your Artificial Intelligence or AI gather data for you so that the products you are aiming to sell can be smarter and better, which makes it better for your company overall.

7. The great thing about Artificial Intelligence is that the more information you supply to it the better your AI will eventually get. You can do this using a decent call center software. If you are worried about the pricing of such applications, then a call center software pricing comparison can be done for more information.

8. Another great feature is that Artificial Intelligence will focus on the user, so depending on the user you can decide who’s capable of doing what. This can be done with the help of software feeding information to the Artificial Intelligence. A proper call center solutions comparison can be done to decide which software can be used.

9. Artificial Intelligence can actually make all forms of systems used with the company easier to use and understand in this way, you don’t need to know or get hold of any user guide because the process itself becomes quite self-explanatory.

10. Artificial intelligence will help do the heavy lifting for you, so that you don’t have to know the how-to to understand the ways of applying the process for fast results. Artificial Intelligence can make things simpler and rather intuitive.

11. Artificial Intelligence can make systems run smarter and faster and a personalized customer service better, with the ability to multitask several applications at the same time. What seems like a chat bot in front of the computer is in actuality a very sophisticated Artificial Intelligence that is not only processing what you are doing but also helping you in return.

12. Artificial Intelligence will help you target marketing practices, which is further based on customer behavior that is collected by the Artificial Intelligence in return. Artificial Intelligence with interpret big data to identify customer patterns and then target them according to their browsing choices.

13. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, call centers can actually run very seamlessly and smoothly. Paired with a proper call center software it can help the agents manage several calls and demands effortlessly, so even if it looks like an expensive installment at the moment, it will be productive at the longer run.

14. With the Artificial Intelligence running in the background agents can perform better and serve as backbones for the entire team. Packed with both artificial and manual input it actually a great way to make use of the best of the features that both has to offer.

15. It is very often usual to get lost in the emotions that a customer may have, and agents can become confused when it comes to dealing with a customer who has a range of touch points in them. This is where the AI will come handy, essentially in predicting the moods of the customer and helping agents figure out how to approach any situation that might arise.

16. Your information framework can be built by your Artificial Intelligence that will be much more structured than before, using the help of various platforms such as social media and other advertising platforms.

17. If your Artificial Intelligence can be customized to include and integrate customer experience using both online and offline channels, then it will definitely add value to the overall experiences of the customers your company has been serving for a long time.

The Case Study

It is not just important to know about the various benefits that a proper and modern Artificial Intelligence has on your company, but to actually utilize the many benefits it has to offer, you must understand how it actually works.

With this idea in mind, we present you with a case study, which will not only tell you the challenges that can be faced by the company but also have solutions that can come out of it. In addition, we will also talk about the benefits that using a proper Artificial Intelligence can provide.

Epson Case Studies are examples based on the real world to show how Epson Robots have been used for the solving of manufacturing problems in the company.

This is just one of the few case studies, that has given potential to the new Epson Robot users a look at how their robots have helped change the manufacturing problems for not just their company but for companies all around the world.

They can be used in various forms, which can range from hearing aid assembly to hard drive to cake decorating, making processes easier in industries and in applications.

The Problem:

As we know, inhalers are extensively used to deliver what we know as airborne pharmaceutical drugs, but because they are made up of both valuable and sometimes highly toxic ingredients, the delivery of accurate doses is very important for the patient receiving it so that it does not turn in to lethal and fatal doses.

To prevent this scenario, the pharmaceutical companies who provide these inhalers must do several extensive and thorough testing on the products to make sure that the doses which are administered are totally accurate, leaving no room for a mistake, when the inhaler is activated. In order to perform this function, total attention of the workers in charge must be responsible.

However, it in in human nature to make mistakes, which can be a determining factor in matters of life and death. When such testing is done by the operators, it is not only time consuming and exhausting to get everything right down to the exact measurement; it is also possible that the concentration of the workers might slip away as the work hour progresses.

This is downright unacceptable and very dangerous and therefore not to be handled by inexperienced people.

The Solution

Novi Systems Ltd., which is an English Automation company, realized the situation and looked for ways to avoid such a situation that will make customers lose faith in them and cause the downfall of the company’s hard earned name.

They employed an Epson Robot as the material handling device that developed a work cell that will automatically learn how to test the inhalers being created without any strict supervision.

This system is named ICTUS – the Automated Andersen, the cell which performs all the material handling of the inhalers, and also performs functions such as testing, result recording and equipment cleanup, which is something that was done previously by manual workers, thus compromising the quality of the inhalers produced in the factory overall.

The working of the Artificial Intelligence is simple enough. There is an operator which proceeds to load a tray of inhalers into the cell, and then proceeds to press the button which is labelled “Start” on the machine, and his job is done. The Epson robot then picks up the inhaler and weighs it first and foremost.

Then the Epson robot prepares the dose, either by shaking the dose provided to be used or by other methods which are required by the inhaler, programmed into it. It is then introduced to the dose of the impactor for firing so that the product remains completely untampered and untouched, reducing the risk of contamination in the process.

The final robotic handing step is to take the inhaler back to the weigh station so that the operator handling them can weigh the before and after the process is complete for determining the size of the dose which has been delivered by the machine, thereby determining the correct dose in the inhaler itself for safe consummation.

With the help of this technique, the pharmaceutical company can safely determine how much medicine each inhaler contains to make sure that the dosage is correct. This is a dangerous process as mentioned before because for many patients the slightest mistake can mean the end of their lives.

This is why only the very best of the Artificial Intelligence is required by the company to handle these delicate operations.

The Benefits

There are several benefits that the company has observed over the past few years of using such Artificial Intelligence for the production of exact inhalers to help their customers and patients worldwide. Some of these are:

1. During the time the machine was used, the company, Novi Systems Ltd., saw a massive leap in the testing of the products throughout. According to reports release by the company there has been a 500 per cent increase in the testing of the products.

2. According to company reports, there have been massive changes in the overall reports as well. One place where it really shines out is the cost per test category, which reported a reduction of 97 percent, which meant that the cost of production per unit of inhaler was reduced by 97 per cent due to the use of Artificial intelligence.

3. More importantly, the company was able to reduce the labor costs as well as increase the income of the employees using this Artificial Epson robot. This was possible because the stations run with either one or no mam manning it, so that the cost of labor overall could be reduced, and balanced with the remaining valuable labor in the company.

4. Another great successful field according to the company was that on the installation of Epson robot the reporting of the test results was processed much quicker, allowing them to create more inhalers within the same time period. This was an interesting feature that was benefited from this company effort.

5. On the installation of the products, the company noticed an immediate change in the way things were being handled. One of the things that was noticed right away was that the rejection rates of production batches were quite low and not a regular issue.

This was most probably made possible because there was improved reliability of the results that was being displayed due to the installation of the Epson robots, which reduced the chances of mistake to nearly zero.

6. It also reduced the cost of materials that was being bought to produce a particular batch of inhalers, because the Epson robot model made sure that there was less material wastage from overspray. This greatly resulted in a more manageable fund that is needed to buy the materials for inhalers.

7. There have also been reports with improved safety because operators are completely separated from the hazardous environments they were earlier subjected to out of necessity. This removed them from being in contact with volatile substances which can be harmful for them to come in contact with every day.

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Artificial Intelligence is a very useful and mostly unchartered territory that can be utilized for improving the working structure of companies. It provides a scope to re-evaluate the entire system from within and keep in touch with the modern side of business.