How to Personalize the Customer Experience using modern Cloud-Technology

With the advent of cloud contact center software, the communication industry has seen a tremendous change. Today, the companies are able to connect with the consumers in a simple and more effective manner. The application has also developed space where the clients can voice out their concerns and the same can be easily managed by the company.

However, since the callers are on a spree of growth when it comes to closing leads, sometimes personalization becomes compromised. In the zeal to seal more deals, the executives can be insensitive towards the requirements of the buyers. In order to contact more number of customers in a day, the sales rep has stopped taking a personal interest in the conversation.

Automation has kicked in because it is hassle-free and time-saving. However, nothing beats a warm smile or a friendly tone when the consumer is in distress. Only when they are dealt with personal attention, will they stick with you in the long run.

Below are a few tips that can help you to personalize your interactions with the purchasers.

1. Have a Communication Strategy

• Customers will not act in the same away. Each one of them has their own set of needs, requirements, and opinions. Few of them are irked because of a tele-calling call and few may be introverts who need time and space to think. It is essential that the managers understand this and coach their callers accordingly. The executives must be trained in such a way that they can easily mould their consumer service skills depending on the preferences of the buyer.

• Also, it is important that the supervisors ensure that personalization is maintained across all the channels. The mails must be addressed directly to the consumer instead of a generic sir/madam. Social media shout-outs should be informal in tone and should have a quirky element in them that makes the purchaser at ease. It is essential to understand that customizing will eventually help you in the long run and the executives need to be explained the importance. Individualizing the interaction is difficult unless the representatives are trained for the same.

2. Make References to the Purchase History

• Few of the consumers might be regular with your company. They love your products and are your frequent buyers. Sometimes, they are in constant touch with you in order to know about their financial transactions or account information. In case they are your frequent callers, do not make them repeat their details. In the case of banking institutions, do not wait for them to ring you up. Instead, send them their balance sheet via mail by taking prior permission.

• The call center cloud solutions allow you to access to the purchasing history of the consumers. Utilize this feature to know what products might interest the purchasers. Often looking at the previous interactions, the callers can develop an insight into the needs and preferences of the consumers. You can get back to them with the merchandise that you assume holds significance in their life.

• Sometimes, there are also situations when the agent is not able to satisfy the requirement of the purchaser. Under such circumstances, it is better that you note down their need and contact them again when the product is in stock. There might be a chance that they already bought the merchandise from some other brand, but the mere fact that you considered their request important and made an effort to reach out again, makes them feel valuable.

• The promotional offers should also be segmented keeping in mind the interest of the buyer. They do not want to be informed about all the products that you have. Send them newsletters or offers that you think will click with the client. Use the purchasing history and behavioral patterns of the customer and send them special deals accordingly.

3. Make them feel Special

• Goodwill gestures go a long way in making them feel special. Often the purchasers are impressed when you treat them as part of your organization rather than a mere financial transaction. Thus, it is essential that you stay in touch with them even after the deal is closed. Something, as trivial as wishing them on their birthday or sending them a special gift because they are one of your oldest clients can make a whole lot of difference. All this information can be mined from the database of a good-quality cloud calling software.

• These simple gestures are not a part of your regular sales conversation. These can be treated as touch-points that can help the buyer to know that you value them as individuals and are constantly working to make them feel special. Even though it might not help you crack a deal, these little wishes can make them feel recognized and respected.

• Often, your care is what will set you apart from your competitors. Even while communicating with them, keep a lookout on their comfort. If they are not doing well or acting unresponsive, it is important that you acknowledge their feelings and do not continue with the conversation. Also, the next time that you call them up, remember to ask if the buyer is doing well since the last time. This will show that you are concerned about him.

4. Keep the Interaction human

• Automation is an important part of the call-center world. However, an overdose of this can kill the zeal of the consumer to continue the interaction. More than often, the purchasers are irked because of dealing with the automated voices on the other side of the call. Hence, it is important that you treat your buyers as human beings.

• Try to avoid automation when calling up the consumers. This takes away your chance of knowing the buyer better as well as rips the personal element off. Giving the clients the chance to have a ‘human-to-human’ conversation will better their experience with the company. They develop a sense of belonging and know that someone on the other end is paying close attention to their problems.

• The first step in personalizing and humanizing the interaction is to address the clients with their first name. This gives the buyer a feeling that the call has been made specifically keeping him and his interests in mind. Also, it is important that you introduce yourself and the position that you hold in the company. This paves the way for a professional yet friendly relationship between both the parties. This also makes the buyers valued as people and lifts the mood of the call.

• Personalization also needs to be maintained while dealing with the purchasers online. It is simple to customize the conversation while having a phone call rather than live chats as information can be easily gathered. In the case of an email or a live chat invite them to login through their social networking platforms like Google+ or Facebook. This social login ensures that all public information is stored in the database of the cloud calling solutions, and, as a result, the agents can add a personal touch whenever interacting with the buyer.

5. Respond Immediately

• Having a proactive attitude is a must in order to deliver a great consumer experience. In case you are lethargic to the needs of the buyer, he is going to feel that you are not bothered about him and this can have a direct impact on the satisfaction levels. In case they are facing a problem and have pinged you for the same, it is essential that you ensure that a speedy resolution is found.

• Even after the ticket is closed, it would be great if you contact the buyer again in order to know if he is satisfied with the resolution or does he want your team to look up for some other avenues. In the case of customers who face recurrent problems or who are always complaining, you try and make the first move. Do not wait for them to call and describe the problem. Learn from your previous interactions and try to provide the consumers with a satisfying experience.

• If you do not address the concerns of the buyers on an immediate scale, chances are that they will feel unimportant and can decide to distance themselves from the company. In case your brand provides long-term services like yearly internet connection or banking facilities, it is important that you make calls to them in every three months to check their feedback.

• Soliciting reviews from the consumer is important to understand where you are going wrong or what is unsatisfying for the buyer. It is essential to keep them in the loop when looking for ways to improve yourself. They are the immediate beneficiaries of your services and, are hence, in a better position to judge what can be done to better the brand.

• The feedback can be collected through different sources like a call, surveys or online polls. When you contact them for asking what can be changed in the product, you are literally giving them the decision-making authority. This makes them feel that you value their opinion and they will readily do more business with you. Your call center cloud software should be able to help in generating alerts for the callers reminding them about the impending feedback.

• In case you really like the advice given by any of your customers, remember to acknowledge it. Give a social media shout-out so that the other buyers can also know about it. You can also send him a personalized gift as a token of appreciation. This will not only make him realize that his opinions are valued and action is taken upon them but also will make him feel special.

• Example: A telemarketing agency that uses the call center on cloud in order to contact potential customers ensures that regular calls are made to the buyer in order to know whether the services provided are liked by the client. One of their clients informed that the long hold times are an irritant for the purchaser.

• Acting on the feedback, the managers advised the agents to address the issues of the client immediately without putting them on hold for a long time. At the same time, a message was posted on the social media profile of the company thanking the consumer for his response. “Hi, Jack! We at AHJ Communications hold the opinion of our customers in high esteem. In our recent interaction, you had mentioned how long hold time was irritating you on the other end. Keeping ourselves in your shoes, we realized that indeed it can be frustrating. As a result, we have decided to keep our hold-time to a minimum in order to ensure that you have a seamless experience with us. We thank you for helping us in improving our services.”

6. Thank them

• As trivial as it may sound, it is important to thank the buyers for investing their time, resources and energy in your company. Your customers could have chosen any other brand in order to satisfy their need, but the fact that they chose you over the others makes you thankful to them. Even though we appreciate the gesture of the client, we seldom put it to words.

• It is important to thank them after closing the deal, after gathering the feedback, after putting them on hold or any other activity where the client has adhered to your request. You can also send them reward points or gift cards in order to express your gratitude. Even though the call may not be successful, thank the purchaser for taking time from his busy schedule. This helps in developing a human connect and also ensures the buyers that they are more than a regular lead for you.

7. Give the Choice to the Purchaser

• Giving the consumer an option is a step towards customizing the interaction. People are happier when they are given the chance to make their own decisions. Allowing the clients the authority to choose shows that you care about their comfort and are ready to go out of your way in order to provide them with a fulfilling customer experience.

• The choice can be provided in multiple arenas like mode of payment, delivery style, unsubscribing option, staying on the line when requesting for information or a call-back and Omni-channel experience. These little bits ensure that the buyer has the final say and this responsibility makes him feel valued.

8. Utilize Multiple Channels

• It is essential that you make your presence felt on all the popular channels. This ensures that the clients are given the choice to contact you in whichever way they feel is easy for them. Being present on the preferred channels of the customer also increases the likelihood of having meaningful engagement and a positive reaction.

• Ensure that the cloud based call center solutions are well integrated with all the popular platforms so that any segment of the buyer does not feel left out. This also ensures that the callers are proactive to the needs of the client.

Below is a case-study that can help you to better understand the process of personalizing the interaction with the customer.


The Problem

• Amargi, an online boutique store uses the cloud call center software in order to get in touch with prospective fashion lovers who might be interested in buying the products. The application is integrated with the major vendors in the market as well as the website of the company. As a result, if any potential buyer was visiting any section of the site, it was notified to the caller. The agent then would call them up in order to further the communication.

• As a result, there was no dearth of leads. With great products and a good amount of prospects, the company fared well initially. However, as time passed it realized that the buyers are not very happy. Despite their best efforts, the callers were not able to impress the customers to stay loyal to the brand. The organization observed the strategies of others in the market and realized that the element of personal touch was missing in their conversations.

The Solution

• The company then decided to develop a communication strategy. As a result, it was decided that a little bit humor and personal touch should be added to all the interactions irrespective of the channel. Hence, the callers were advised to use the first name of the buyer in mail, calls, social media interactions as well as live chats. The communication should also include the name of the agents so that a human connection is established and the buyers know who is calling them.

• The call center on the cloud allowed the callers to access the purchasing history of the buyers via its stored dtabase. As a result, the agents were advised to contact the buyer keeping in mind his previous interactions. Hence, when one of the consumers has recently purchased beach wear from the company, the executive called him up with water-resistant, light and simple footwear that can help him in his travelling.

• Apart from this, the clients were also wished on their birthdays. An e-card was sent on their mail and a personal call was sent to greet him. Promotional offers were also sent keeping in mind the purchase history. Hence, if one of their buyers loved to buy Indian attire, he was sent a gift coupon for the same.

• Feedback was collected right after the delivery was done as the purchase and interaction are fresh in the mind of the customer. In case his advice is worked upon by the company, same was informed to him. He was also thanked for taking this extra initiative.

• The purchaser was given the option to access the products either through the webpage or the app. All choices with regards to mode of payment, kind of shipment were left upon him to decide and arrangements were made in accordance. The company was also active on all social platforms so that the buyer can contact them in the medium of his comfort. The packaging of goods was personalized and a thank-you message was written on each pack.

The Result

• With constant efforts from the caller, the clients started to feel special in the long run. With customization brought into the picture, the company observed that it was able to retain its buyers and consumer loyalty was on a constant rise.


• With automation and digitization taking the communication industry by storm, change in technology should not change your outlook towards the buyers. In the competitive world of today, it is how you treat your clients that will take you places. Hence, it is essential that you utilize cloud call center solutions that not only makes connecting with the consumers a simple process but also the one that makes room for giving the customers a personalized experience.