Why We Love Best Call Center Software (And You Should, Too!)

If you have a call center business that revolves extensively around clients and therefore has to manage a large amount of inbound and outbound calls, then getting the best call center software is extremely important.

Even the simplest of the software available online can offer great solutions that will cater to your call center business needs.

These software functions include programs like outbound call center software and inbound call center software that is able to manage tons of procedures such sales, handling of transactions, the various customer complaints, information related FAQs, everything that involves support calls and so on.

Apart from that they also have variety of other benefits for your business as well as employee performance.

While searching for a call center software you can find many solutions that can fit your needs.

They can have an impressive range of all call management systems that include not only call center recording solutions, but also a variety of services like call center management software and software for call center management.

Virtual call center software is increasingly being adopted by call center businesses across different platforms because of its many important benefits.

Given below is a list of all the positives about the call center software and why you should start using them for the improvement of your company. The top 20 tips include:

1. Improved customer relations by using call center solutions, especially ones connected to recording, can make the workload of your colleagues much easier and therefore in turn significantly reduce the stress associated with it.

This is important, more so when dealing with different types of customers on daily basis. There are call center software for management that can help you develop a better personalized style and in turn develop a rewarding experience for the customers.

When customers notice that they receive a fast response to their call and that their problems are treated with professional care they see more profit and trust in your business and are more likely to interact with you in the future.

2. A software that is designed for call center management can create customer relationship using the management applications.

It gives your agents an easy access for information which will enable them to respond faster to customer calls. The call center software solutions will grant access to the customer database with their account information, products they bought, transactions, enabling them to answer all the customer questions smoothly.

3. The cloud call center software solutions also enable your company to manage outbound calls effectively. These type of outbound call center software can help with the monitoring of all the outbound calls and keep in check that no sort of unnecessary expenditure has occurred in the field wasting precious revenue.

It will also enable you in creating a rather large, internal database that will contain all information that is considered of any use for your company.

This may include recordings of incidents and learning from them during the training of new agents so that they learn from fieldwork and stop themselves from making the same mistake, thus enabling the proper development of good practices within the company.

4. It is important to keep track that your employees are performing to a high standard that is required by the company at all times, just as it is extremely important to impress upon them that you want to deliver quality customer service and nothing else.

A software that is designed for call center management and that has the capability to provide call center recording solutions should be used for significant improvement of the performance of your agents.

With the recording of all inbound and outbound calls, they can be replayed and analyzed so you can easily spot ineffective call management and correct it immediately.

Therefore, it is clear that these customer relationship management applications are indispensable and very fruitful when used to the maximum potential.

If you are confused about what software to choose, a call center software solutions comparison can be done.

5. The information that is collected through the call center recordings using the call center software can be used for revealing certain patterns and certain trends in the development of the call center business market.

It can help you understand what kind of products and services the customers of your company are interested in buying and help you advertise it.

It can also work magic in revealing potential problems of the company that the company leaders can then resolve, for example, it can show you if there is a problem with the website or an online forum that could easily be taken care of once you are fully aware of the extent of the problem that lies in them.

6. To operate efficiently, all call centers require sophisticated and efficient equipment to manage, network, process and backup data.

Therefore, understandably, your company must be willing to have to spend a considerably large sum of money to acquire, operate and maintain such software for the maximum benefit of these software.

Unfortunately, the rise of current tech trends in the various industries only make the monetary situation worse, since you will need to keep up with the upgradation of the entire system periodically, as technology solutions of today become completely outdated about every five years or so.

For this reason, you need a solid idea of call center software pricing for reference.

7. With a proper call center software, you can run and manage the entire call center without even purchasing most of the expensive equipment and instead control it all from pre-installed software.

When it is combined with a virtual call center software, rest assured that the software will deliver a reliable and complete data center with a large, expansive and informative backup management.

Since it’s the software provider’s responsibility to maintain the systems of the company they work with, your company will not add to any additional upgrade or even repair costs in case of an unexpected hiccup in the program system.

8. A proper virtual call center software will eliminate several problems by allowing your company to hire remote agents who will manage your call center business composed of several personnel at different and out of the way geographical areas.

In addition, you will have the added benefit of choosing from a wide range of talented agents interested in applying to work with your company from a variety of nation increasing diversity of your company.

9. There are several call center software that are not exclusively limited for a particular type of call center only.

Almost call centers, regardless of the size of the company or the type of operations they carry out, can easily adapt and use the software if thought how to do so properly.

The process should be repeated and then occasionally tuned for the software to respond to your call center’s size as it grows and smoothen the processes up as the business grows.

10. Data security is undoubtedly one of the most critical concerns that are present not only in the field of all call center businesses, but there are also other businesses that significantly stress on databases and security.

Without a problem and a reliable security system, your company stands at the risk of losing important customer and company information.

A proper security software can work wonders for your security system.

11. Additionally, there are call center software and programs that come with plenty of impenetrable and strong security features that will keep your data safe within the cloud data backup system that has been gaining popularity for quite a while now.

Although, you should be aware that the responsibility of reviewing the security protocols, adding and upgrading to the new ones and even enforcing them when the need to do so arises falls solely on the providers and is under their control most of the time.

12. In comparison to the traditional call center solutions, virtual call center software comes with features that highly boost the productivity and efficiency of the agents working in the customer care department.

In addition to a simple but effective interface, this software system usually comes with the added ability of prioritizing, of real-time monitoring, of time-based routing and even a call route matrix.

13. For tracking agents’ productivity, the system is supposed further assess and monitor what is known as the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real time timeframe.

This usually allows you for the generation of accurate data and help you by providing you with critical management feedback on the most important areas of the company.

14. Customer Relationship Management, popularly called CRM is very important in the determination of the profitability of a business.

Because of the consistent interactions with customers round the clock, call centers play a major role in significantly dictating customer experience, and therefore is subsequently playing a big role the profit statement of a business.

15. Call center software often comes with features such as an auto-dialer and caller tracking methods that is dedicated in largely assisting the agents as they attend to customer queries round the clock, and therefore they consequently improve customer experience for both parties.

This in turn means that more customers will get attracted and it will in exchange turn in better profits for a company, making a good virtual call center software a worthwhile investment for the company.

16. In order to keep your agents free from having to answer mundane customer questions, you can try to leverage into auto technology such as auto attendants, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems and even prerecorded messages, so that certain issues can be preemptively and easily resolved by an automatic system instead of being handled by your agents.

17. A simple way for prioritizing your calls is by utilizing the voicemail option, which can help you by enabling your customers in leaving a voicemail if they prefer not waiting in the call queue for your agent’s assistance.

With the right type of the call center software, these are voicemails that can be transcribed and even passed along to agents easily, so that agent teams can take minimal time in prioritizing who they interact with based on the content of the voicemail alone.

They can choose to immediately return to the call of a customers who wants to cancel his order and then can call back the individual who is looking for an update on his or her billing address when it is most convenient for the agent to do so.

18. If you want to reduce the amount of time your agents spend on the phone with your customer, thus increasing the spending of unnecessary revenue, then this tip is definitely for you.

With call center software that come with several skills-based routing, you can make sure that the calls are only routed to your most veteran agents, who will take lesser time, when it makes sense for your call center business.

Those agents will always remain free to interact with VIP callers or with caller who have serious issues. With such an advanced skills-based routing, your most talented will never get stuck just troubleshooting everyday customer queries that can be handled by regular agents.

19. To make absolutely sure your most valuable customers and the customers who have the potential to be VIPs, don’t get lost in the queue vortex of customer call lines, employ a good software that will set predefined business rules that will essentially determine whether they have to wait in a queue in the first place.

This will help them determine when to call so that the business with them do not suffer.

20. The final, and arguably most important tool that should be present in your call center software toolkit is a comprehensive, real-time metric oriented dashboard that will display all the waiting queue information.

Agents that you hire should be able to know exactly which callers are waiting to interact with them in their queue, how long they have been waiting for their solutions and what information they have to help them decide which call to answer from the queue.

The Case Study

We have provided you with a list of tips that can be used to help your company achieve a great customer experience with the help of good call center software while meeting the customer demands, but knowing about the tips alone will not be enough to help your company in case you are thing about implementing these methods for a better customer experience and demand completion in your call center business.

The company we will study today is an anonymous company GBM, a cellphone company established in 2011 that was determined to provide their customers with sleek, efficient mobile phones and a superior call center service for all phone related queries.

In this case study we will learn about the problem scenario, the different challenges the company faced, the solutions they determined and the results these solutions provided.

The Problem Scenario

As far as their aspiration to produce sleeker phones, they were successful. The problem came while hitting a chord with the after sales and post sales services with the customers.

They came in at an age where there were several companies already present in the cell phone business, hence competing with them, who had years of practice, was a really big challenge.

As a result, their growth was slow, and the input to output ratio were not very high.

The Challenges

The challenges they faced were several. A few of the most worrisome for the company was:

1. Lack of trained agents that would handle the customer queries like a professional. The customer would often fail to make the agent understand the problem.

2. All the people working in the customer care department lack basic skills when using high maintenance technology that was provided to them.

This resulted in them doing most of the things manually and wasting valuable company resources.

3. There were only three veteran agents in the company who would be clogged with work.

The Solution

The solutions they settled on were:

1. They hired a virtual call center software company, anonymously known as TRD. It was not only easy to use, but it was also meshing well with the current system of the company, therefore making the agents use them in a better way.

2. They took steps in using a recording software and training the existing and the new agents properly through weekly sessions.

They held classes and programs for the company agents in handling the customers. They also let go of inefficient employees for overall efficient and responsive agent groups.

3. They added more people in the veteran agent category via training in an effort to reduce back log calls.

The Result

The results didn’t come immediately, but overtime with the help of the agents, the customer care services began to improve.

They were successfully holding on to the company customers and even managing to attract new ones with better etiquette and value practices.

Running any business will fail without proper tools, and call center businesses are no different.

Implementing a fantastic and working call center software will make the various aspects of this business easier to handle.

[Case Study] How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Best Call Center Software 

We have done our best in providing you with ideas about what a proper call center software should do. However, it will amount to nothing if the complete research is not being undertaken.

By research, we mean studying the practices of the best call center software as it is used in the real world, in the practical life, to understand how exactly it benefits any business, be it small or big.

If your aim is to provide your customers the best customer experience you can but not be overridden by costs and management that call center software solutions can be prone to, you need to dig a little deeper and find out how exactly this call center software works.

It is also pretty impossible for a company for having the needs of the benefits of a call center software so preparing for what most of them does is a valuable investment of time that you can definitely afford if customer satisfaction is your end goal.

The company that we will talk about today is GBM, a cellphone company which is anonymously named here for the sake of identity protection.

It was established in 2011 with the aim to provide their customers consisting of a younger age group with the aim to provide beautifully designed, efficient and basic, easy to use mobile phones, and in turn, set up a call center that will handle all the phone related queries that their customer might have.

In this case study, we will be studying the various aspect for highlighting the usage of call center software. We will be taking a look at the problem scenario, move on to the challenges that the company faced in lieu of the problem scenario.

We will also be looking at the solutions that the company leaders managed to derive and the results from the company after the implementations of the solutions.

Without further ado, let us look into the case study.

The Problem Scenario

The company GBM came in at a time when most of the other companies were already way ahead in the game of cell phone budgeting. The Competition was tough because the competitors were way ahead of the company, but the leaders were determined as they believed that cell phones should not be exclusive to the middle and upper -class sections of the society.

Besides, they also wanted to market to the youth, such as the high school students and college students so that they did not bend over backward in trying to buy the higher end models.

Their aspirations for cheaper phones were highly successful, and sales, along with stocks, rose steadily with proper marketing and advertisements. However, the main difficulty propped up not with the products, but with the pre- sales and after sales service with the customers.

To put it in shortly, the customer experience was not as amazing as they had hoped it would be, the leaders put their heads together to find out the problem areas and the challenges that they were encountering in hopes of fixing it to satisfy the customers.

The Challenges

They observed the company for a period of two months, carefully noticing even the tiniest details to find out the root cause of their problems.

They encountered several challenges, but here, we will discuss only the most problematic and stressful ones.

The challenges that the company faced were:

1. There was a severe lack of professionals who were properly trained to handle their customers, in spite of hiring the best of the candidates who had applied. Since they were dealing with a younger base, they made a mistake in hiring agents who were severely out of touch with the age group.

2. Most of the agents working in the customer care service department were lacking basic skills which caused them to thoroughly underuse the potential call center software that the leaders had specifically introduced for their benefit.

3. There was no proper customer journey mapping or call recording software installed which meant that the leaders and the agents could not get proper feedback from the customers at a time when it was required.

4. There were very few veteran agents who knew their tasks properly in the company, and due to lack of experience from the newer ones, they undertook a lot of customer calls, which meant that they were choked till the neck with work. This was highly undesirable.

The Solutions

As you can probably infer from the above-given statements, it was clear that they had not made good decisions when it came to their call center business. However, they learned the challenges quickly and prepared a game plan to set the business going.

The solutions that the company managed to salvage from the above challenges were:

1. They hired a company known for providing virtual call center software, which we shall anonymously call TRD. It was easy to use and execute and the agents were trained to use them as much as needed.

2. They installed new software in place to effectively track customer journey maps and record calls so that they could be used for proper feedback.

3. All agents were trained in not only handling the customer base that had a younger section, but they were also encouraged to use the software instead of manual labor which is not professional at all.

4. They promoted worthy members of the agent team to the veteran or experienced agents’ class via training and conditioning with an effort to reduce the number of backlog calls. Therefore, it reduced a lot of stress and introduced a lot of fresh ideas in the agent team.

The Result

It takes time to see proper results, and this was no different. It took time, of course, but the overall results at the end of 2012 were promising. Customer service had improved drastically, and the company managed to produce agents who had etiquettes and were immensely knowledgeable in their field.

Without the proper tools, any business, regardless of size, will crash and burn, and implementing a software that works fantastically can definitely prevent that nightmare from happening.

[Case Study] Why You Should Invest in Best Call Center Software

I have done my best in providing a list of the benefits that a software can bring about when installed in the workplace scenario.

However, it is important to note that knowing about the benefits alone is not going to help you decide which are the best call center software that you can use to benefit your particular company.

In order to understand what exactly you need for your company, you need to look at the details that are already present in your company database as well as understand certain aspects of the real world.

I believe that no research is complete without a real world example, and therefore I will now present to you a case study of a company that saw the need to use call center software in their workplace and implemented it.

The company I will talk about is JHK, which is anonymously named in this section. JHK is a small company that produces medicines and drugs to be sold to customers.

They are famously known for being a charitable company, helping the less fortunate with medicines they could not afford on their own. I shall be helping you research the company’s case study.

By research, I mean studying the practices of the call center software solutions as it is used in the real world, in the practical life, to understand how exactly it benefits any business, be it small or big.

In this case study, I will be talking about the problem scenario, the challenges that arose due to this problem scenario, the challenges that JHK faced in terms of the problem scenario, the solutions that the leaders managed to derive at the end of it, and the results that were gathered from the company.

Let us now take a look at the case study without further ado.

The Problem Scenario

The problem did not appear immediately for the company. One of their anti-allergy medicines ended up causing quite a few cases of side effects such as fever and weakness in patients, and before the company could handle a few of these customers, the entire situation was posted on the social media websites.

Things did not go well for the company, of course. They did not know when the situation blew up in their faces, for they did not know about the complaints being lodged online.

It was then that the company decided to knock heads together and find a solution to this problem.

However, before they could handle the insides of the company, they had to make a public apology and recall the cases of medicines back for further testing.

The entire situation was a PR nightmare, with their call center flooding with customers who were concerned, panicking, or angry.

The environment in the company was really tense and JHK did not have the proper mechanics to run the company smoothly.

The Challenges

While the PR team was off trying to gain control of the situation as best as they could, the leaders of the company observed the work ethics of the company members for a period of two months, carefully noticing even the tiniest details to find out the root of their problems.

They encountered several challenges, but here, I will discuss only the most problematic and the ones which are related to the above- given topic.

The challenges that the company faced when dealing with the above problem scenario were:

• Their software was really outdated and hence it was unable to handle all the features that they needed in this modern times. The older software was missing several important features such as better social media connectivity, faster journey mapping, customer call records and so on.

• There was no proper software that would provide the agents instantly with updated customer information, or a proper call recording software installed. This, in short, meant that the leaders of the company and the agents could not get proper feedback from the customers, especially during their agent training procedures.

• Because they were outdated, they were slower and tougher to understand, and it often took a long time to respond to deliver actual information to the agents. It caused the customer to be on the call for a long time, and therefore, additional costs for the company was incurred, which was a waste of resources.

The Solutions

As you can probably concur from the above list of challenges, it was clear to the company that they had not made good decisions when it came to choosing the proper call center software.

However, they were made aware of the challenges shortly and they prepared for a game plan in order to set the business going once again.

The solutions that the company managed to come up with from the above challenges were:

• They hired a company known for providing virtual call center software. It was the latest and the best within their budget available in the market, and came with a host of new features, including social media tools for better connectivity and tracking.

• They selected a software system that was easy to execute even by the low-level agents, ensuring everything was automatic and kept on track without manual adjustments.

• They selected a budget software that would not only record the customer calls but offer valuable tips to agents while handling customers. It kept track of journey maps as well so that the supervisors could see exactly what’s going on when a customer is calling.

The Results

It takes time to get appropriate results, and these circumstances were no different. It took the PR team a while to settle the customers down and reaffirm them.

It took time for the software to show results too, but the overall experience was promising. Customer service had improved drastically with the help of the new software.

Without the proper tools that a call center company needs, any business, regardless of the size, will fail, and implementing a software that works well can definitely prevent that failure from happening.

Connect with Customers on A Call Center Solution

The Case Study

While it is easy to look up the tricks and tips to connect with your company’s valued customers, making changes and seeing those changes coming about in the workplace is not that simple.

There are many things that matter while changing the company protocols. It is simply not enough to only change the tools and systems such as the type of call center solutions that you use to change the problem areas of the company.

Not all companies will have the similar types of problems, and some of those problems may not be even related to the software.

In order to fully understand what it is that you need for the best interests of your company, a thorough research must be done.

Before you change the call center software that is currently being used, you must understand how the change will benefit your company.

To learn about this, you need to take a look at real life examples, from companies who faced similar problems that you are facing.

Therefore, to help you understand better as to the benefits of using call center software, we have presented a case study that will show you how you can connect to your customers in a better fashion with the help of call center software solutions.

The company I will talk about today is TTS, an anonymously named company. TTS is a call center company that has over 30,000 employees worldwide, with 15,000 based in Europe alone.

I will talk about the problem scenario along with the challenges that they faced.

Of course, since the challenges cropped up, the leaders put together their heads in order to find out better solutions for the company. We shall, therefore, also include the solutions and the results of this particular case study.

The Problem Scenario

In the beginning, when the company was still being established, TTS company was specifically designed to service only the calls that were originating in their home region only.

However, their customers were increasingly demanding for more sophisticated and better, efficient capabilities.

In response to this demand, TTS moved to upgrade its environment and working area to prepare itself with the abilities that would solve more complex problems.

This turned out to be a bit of a problem, as newer facilities demanded better software solutions, which they could not find out immediately.

It took them many trials and errors, but they were desperate for some solution. They were losing their customers who demanded better facilities but failed to receive them, and they were losing a lot of revenue for this trial and error process.

This gave the company several challenges that they must overcome.

The Challenges

The above problem scenario gave the company a lot of challenges. But they had an excellent team that they trusted enough to come up with a solution. This was helpful for the managers because they knew that the company had faith in them.

The challenges that the company faced were:

• They had a fragmented infrastructure that leads them to have very limited communications with their customers. The staff flexibility between one part of the company and the other were not up to the standards required.

• They found out that their system was outdated, hence unable to handle the different things across the platforms. This lead to the lack of information and difficulty in actual usage of the software.

• Their delivery methods to the customers were no consistent and was extremely disparate. This was a common concern from both the agents and the customers. It caused them to lose a lot of loyal customers.

• There were multiple points of contact with no proper tracking of end goal in the journey maps. It meant that the agents often lost track of what the customer actually wanted beforehand. Overall, not a good impression for the customers.

• There were multiple operational, delivery models and SLAs within the same system. It was haphazard and a pain to operate in a smoother fashion.

The Solutions

The challenges mentioned above really worried the company leaders. They were losing a lot of the company customers due to the lack of any consistency. It was then that the lead manager of the call center decided to come up with several solutions to combat this problem.

First and foremost, they decided to settle on DGS, a company who provided online call center software solutions for call centers such as TSS. The following solutions were proposed by them.

• First and foremost, they planned for flexible resourcing and infrastructure within the company by eliminating all the unnecessary features and opting for a simpler model that does the work effectively and is easier to operate by even the lowest level of agents.

• They recommended decreasing the operational costs so that the company regained some of the lost revenue. It meant stripping down to the basics of the call center software, but they assured that in order to connect better, simpler operational, easier to locate journey maps and so on were better.

• DGS had their hardware and software designed in such a way that they had ended up being extremely solid and backward compatible. Which meant that they reduced unnecessary costs and increased the company’s ability to innovate for better connectivity at the same time.

• They recommended using omnichannel support system so that the infrastructure was stronger across platforms. It caused faster processes within the company and reliability for the customers when they call for queries.

• They introduced automation, self-service facilities and improvements in the routine that resulted in fewer calls for outsourcers. It gave the agents opportunities to train their skills in handling complex calls on their own.

The Results

The results took some time, but they worked. Their goal of a stable call center unit was finally achieved, along with the decreased costs cut off and better connectivity. Newer models of the company were streamlined and customer service had improved greatly.

It is not difficult to achieve better systems in the call center, provided you invest time and effort in it. Overall, you should always trust your managers and the agent team, because they are resilient enough to make the call center a success.

[Case Study]How to Create Happy Customers with Best Call Center Software?

The demands of the customers have risen in the recent past due to the fact that information is now available to them at all times with the touch or click of a button. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep up with the customer demands if you want your call center business to survive.

With new startups much smaller call centers on the rise, call center software has become an absolute necessity to have in the company. Without it, there are just too many things to do, and not enough time to do it. If you want to keep your customers and gain newer ones, it is important to invest in a proper software.

It is easy to conclude that with the knowledge of how to win more customers with the help of the best call center software, the research is complete. This is not the case all the time. No research is complete without a practical, real life example.

This is because no company will have problems that can be solved even if they follow the tips completely. In some cases, the problem lies elsewhere, so I will strongly suggest you observe your company keenly before making massive changes in the company call center software solutions that can do more harm than good.

However, it is important to study similar instances from companies that might have similar problems that you currently have. These companies have tried out methods which can inspire you to make changes in your company that will draw in more customers.

Therefore, with this idea in mind, I will present to you a case study based on a company and their struggles. The company, in this case study, will be anonymously named BGP, a famous company that handles the customer services for a well-known phone company that makes high end phones.

In this case study, we will learn about the problem scenario, the challenges that the company faced, the solutions that they determined for the benefit of the company, and finally, the results of those solutions.

The Problem Scenario

The promises that the company made were simple enough, that is, they would provide, in a timely fashion, with the help of call center solutions, information that was crucial for the phone company to expand and grow whenever required. This sounds like a one-step solution, but it was, in fact, many-layered.

With competition that runs high in this market, it was necessary for the phone company to be updated regularly with majority of the information, owing to the size and popularity of the company, this was a task that had to be done quickly and carefully, and on time.

Because of such factor, it was at a risk of causing problems. Their call center management software needed to be on the mark every time, every day, and only the latest versions would have to be used, not to mention being cost effective at the same time.

Business continued to grow every day, and along with business, new costs of operational efficiencies, business ROI and management increased. Here, there were very little room for mistakes.

Let us now look at the challenges that the company faced.

The Challenges


The managers took an upper hand and decided to wait and watch for the company to start experiencing troubles on their own. This was done because sometimes it takes a while for problems to manifest on their own.

After their observation period, they came up with a list of the problems that arose in the company. Although there were many problems, I will talk about the ones that are related to this topic alone.

The challenges are:

•    The agents were not adequately trained. There is a difference between basic training and specific training, and the agents lacked the latter. They would sometime face unfamiliar situations and completely botch it up, risking the loss of a customer. This was a problem and needed to be changed.

•    The software lacked any easy integration options. They needed a virtual call center software that would help them to integrate CRM and other facilities in a centralized integration system.

•    The call center software lacked customer care solutions that are customizable. This feature, that is recommended by everyone associated in the business, was a top priority for the company.

•    While the phone company is on a bigger scale, the call center is relatively small. However, it lacked the core features that will hook the customers in for the business company. The managers decided that this would need to change.

The Solutions

The company was introduced to the list of solutions at a slow pace. They wanted to improve their existing system, not completely do away with them. Therefore, they encouraged the change at a much slower pace than they initially had decided on.

The solutions that the company decided on with relation to the above challenges are:

•    The agents were trained on a weekly basis. This was the longest step of them all, but the most productive. The agents were given enough time to learn on how to deal with the unconventional situations and given opportunities to grow via workshops.

•    The company decided to do away with the older software and integrate a software that would be much more helpful in making a centralized database. This made access of information easier.

•    Customization was introduced, Agents could customize a customer call to their needs, which was a great help in retaining customer attention.

•    Fancier options were done away with. The company concentrated on factors such as CRM, journey mapping, and the basics to focus on the most important task, that is the collection of information for the phone company.

The Result

Because the processing of the changes was slow, the results were slow too. But they were positive. Agents were becoming better and better with the conditioning they got, and the simplified processes in the call center meant lack of confusion and better customer support.

When it comes to call centers, size doesn’t matter. How you use the call center to your advantage matters much more. Therefore, if you are a small call center company, fear not! With a few tweaks, you too can be a successful call center company.

[Case Study] How to Boost Productivity with Call Center Software


The usage of a proper call center software is indispensable. In order to actually help with the working of the call center and make sure it runs smoothly, you need proper software that would help you to be more efficient.

You have seen some tips with which you can help to boost the overall productivity in your company using the proper type of call center software suited for your company. However, I believe that using these tips alone is not enough to change the company for the better.

In order to truly understand how these tips work, you need a real life example from a company that has been known to be extremely productive with the help of the best call center software available in the market.

With this idea in mind, I shall present to you a case study. This will help you in understanding how a call center software works in a real environment. It will therefore, complete your research about this particular topic.

The company that I will talk about in this case study is LIS, which is anonymously named in this case study. It is a call center company that handles customer calls from users using a website creation domain.

In this case study we will talk about the problem scenario, the challenges that the company faced, and the solutions that the leaders of the company LIS integrated. We will also briefly talk about the results that the company achieved.

The Problem Scenario


LIS was a company that was dedicated to handling customer calls for a well-known online company that provided their customers with payable internet site domain. It was established in 2005 when more and more customers began to enjoy the benefits of the internet.

While the company saw a steady business, the business was often stagnated due to some unknown causes. The company observed that the number of customers were not increasing in some months. They decided to try out newer call center software solutions that claimed it will boost productivity in the company.

The Challenges


The company managers observed the company for several months and came up with a list of challenges.

Here, I will showcase the ones that is related to the topic given above.

1. They needed agents that were not only trained to handle basic things in the workspace, but will also be experts in certain aspects that is specific to the company only. They needed agents who would be trained to handle calls in a better fashion.

2. They needed a better call center management software that would track the agent call and even record it, because these are valuable information and feedback that is often overlooked.

3. They needed to upgrade their equipment in order to be more sophisticated in their approach. This means spending a large sum of money to keep up with periodic software upgradation process.

4. They did not have the proper virtual call center software that will help their remote agents to work properly. This needed to be taken care of as soon as possible.

5. They wanted personalized custom messages for customers that would help them in retaining customer attention, which was a big problem in the company.

6. They lacked a software that would help them in tracking the CRM of the company.

The Solutions

I have given a list of the challenges that the company faced. In this section I will talk about the solutions that the head manager of the company managed to come up with.

1. Once they switched to the newer software solutions, they focused on training agents to use the software.

2. They discovered that the system could be tweaked to the agent’s need any time they needed it in an automatic fashion, which was immensely useful in training the agents in a better fashion.

3. They opted for cloud call center management software that would help them immensely in determining which calls were important enough to be recorded and which could be deleted to save the data and space.

4. Because they needed a call center software that was considerably cheaper in order to afford better machines and equipment, they opted for a call center software that would help them in deciding where corners can be cut and where spending more revenue will not be a bad idea.

5. Virtual call center help to boost the overall productivity by making certain aspects of the company assessable to remote location agents.

6. The also employed proper call center software solutions that will help them in maintaining the important data of the company with respect to customer security and exclusivity . Security was a big concern for them.

7. They employed a software system that will help them in keeping a track of the CRM of the company. It was installed to help with the profitability of a business.

8. They employed IVR systems and opted for prerecorded messages, so that the issues of agents handling mundane calls repeatedly, over and over again was not a big matter anymore. It helped with customer and agent satisfaction.

9. They trained their agents to use the voicemail option in their new call center software to prioritize calls.

10. A call center software that came with skill based routing was introduced in the company so that the calls could be routed quickly.

11. To ensure that there is no large amount of call drops, they employed good software to set predefined business rules.

12. The company manager made sure that the toolkit of the software he employed had metrics oriented features to display information while the agent is on call.

13. They hired a software that had good adaptability to work in any given situation. This meant more time for agents and less time spend in maintenance of the call center software.

14. Automatic upgradation of the call center software was very much favored. The manager wanted a call center software that would not require tons of resources to be spent on it for proper working.

15. It is important for a software to be used in such a fashion that it can be personalized by the agents whenever they require it to be so. It endured less customer call drops.

16. Easy manageable applications that can be accessible by anyone was their top demand. It will help the agents with easy access to information.

17. A software program with the outbound call management software was also considered in a software system.

18. Effective agent tracking was looked into as well. It would help them in granting bonuses and promotions in an easier fashion.

19. They wanted a call center software that would help them in determining the latest trends and patterns via call recording, in order to help them advertise better and keep up with the trend.

20. A software which can determine the potential problems of the company, before it created problems was demanded.

The Results

Since a lot of new changes were included in the company, the results were slow to show. Almost all of them were successful and helped the company immensely.

It worked well with the agent training as well, and as a result, the agents were professionals in almost no time at all. Better tracking system helped the company advertise better as well.

Without a proper software backing up, the company will not succeed. Therefore, it is important to take note of the call center software and its usage before changing anything else within the company.

[Case Study]How to Succeed With the Best Outbound Call Center Software For Your Business?

One of the toughest decisions that any call center manager has to make is with the type of software they should be using to see the maximum benefits for the company. There is a plethora of software available in the market, which makes the decision even more difficult. However, with thorough research, this too can be achieved without much difficulty.

With the list of tips provided in this article showing the benefits of call center software implementation, you should now have a clearer idea about what you should do and what you should not with regards to the outbound call center software that you have in your office.

Perhaps you, as a conscious manager would like to switch from the current software that you are using and select one of the best call center software that is available in the market. Before you try to change the software, you must be able to research completely with regards to real life situations.

When I mention real life situation, I mean learning about the software from case studies of real companies who have experience with such a software.

In this case study, we will learn about the experiences of OGH, a call center company that is associated with a famous medical company. This company is known to handle all the calls of the company. Here, they are anonymously named as OGH.

In this case study we will study about the problem scenario. We will also study about the challenges of the company, and the solutions that the company managed to come up with regards to the challenges. We will also briefly discuss the results.

The Problem Scenario

OGH is a well reputed company that handles the customer service section of a famous medical company. As such, it is a big, outbound call center company.

It required them to have call center software solutions that would help the company grow and maintain the amount of revenue to a standard.

Established in 2005, the company, in 2016, decided to change the software that they were using and opt for a software that was highly recommended to them.

To this end, they started to note the types of challenges the company currently faced, and determine whether the current software, or the software program they were looking at, was able to meet with the expectations.

Without any delay, let us take a look at the challenges that the company faced.

The Challenges

The challenges are many. But here I will discuss only the ones that are related to the topic.

The challenges are:

1.    They needed a call center management software that will help the company in the coverage of the business processes. Only then they would have the complete outbound calling solution.

2.    They knew that the cost of installation of a new software would be expensive for the company. Hence they wanted a software that would require no such thing. Basically, they wanted a virtual call center software.

3.    They wanted a software that would make it easy for the employees at the IT section to transfer the data to a mobile app.

4.    They needed a software that had easy installation and upgradation without the company spending manual labor into it.

5.    The company was specific about the way the program worked. Therefore, they wanted a software that would be modernized and robust.

6.    They wanted a software that would help them to keep a track of the customer journey map. It would then help them to gather information from the customer directly.

7.    They wanted a software that would be flexible. It would determine the time stamp of agents, and then based on that time stamp the agents would be allotted customers.

8.    The main goal of the cloud call center software solutions was providing increased productivity for the company and the agents. This was a sought after the feature.

9.    They needed a software that will track the field agents properly and train them when necessary without the interference of the managers.

The Solutions

The solutions that the company managers came up with, was preceded first and foremost, by the inclusion of the call center solutions that the manager chose for the company.

Let us now take a look at the solutions that this call center company managed to derive in lieu of the given challenges:

1.    The call center software managed to provide the coverage of business processes & wanted to deliver end to end solution.

2.    The software managed to have the feature and functionalities that will benefit the workflow processes of the company without hindrance or difficulty for the customers.

3.    The software was a virtual call center software, which meant less revenue was being spend on the installation of the software itself. It was a great cost effective formula that the company felt was well suited.

4.    Transfer of data to the mobile data app was smoother and seamless. It meant less money was being spent of the company in the IT department and more was invested in the development.

5.    Easy installation and up-gradation was almost guaranteed. Except occasional and bi-annual manual checking, the software ran on it won without hindrance.

6.    The new features of the software enabled work from home, therefore helping the expansion of geographical limit and furthering opportunities to the agents.

7.    Despite the software being one of the better ones providing the call center with virtual and remote access, it also ensured that the company managers were provided tools to monitor these systems as well as maintaining the total control.

8.    The call center software opened up paths for various telecare options for the customers.

9.    The automation feature of the company was a handy little feature that would process cycle times, insightful reporting and so on.

10.    The software also allowed manual update for the system, whenever required, along with the automatic update.

11.    It was not only easy to use, but also easy to manage by all.

12.    The software was robust. Its features were modernized, up to date, and followed the latest trends in the market.

13.    The software solutions made it such, that the access to historical information about the company and its customers was easily accessible. It also made sure that the call recording features were being used to train the agents.

14.    The management of campaign was made easier with the software’s unique features.

15.    Call recording was handled in a better fashion.

16.    Along with call recording, call reporting feature was also included.

17.    The software managed to increase the productivity greatly.

18.    Geo tagging for field agents was provided with the call center.

19.    Outbound features also included call personalization of the company.

20.    Lastly, the call center software managed to include features that would track an agent’s required return on investment.

The Results

The results were not immediate. In fact, the company suffered in the beginning, But, with the help of time and care by the managers, the company saw greater success with their call center software.

With enough time and revenue, you too can transform your outbound call center services. For better results, it is important to know what problems you need to fix in your company. With enough patience, success will surely come your way.

[Case Study] The 20 Best Things to Generate More Customers Using the Best Call Center Software

No call center can function efficiently if it is not set up by systems, processes, tools and software that are designed specifically for the call center. It is incredibly important for a company, regardless of their size to use the correct tools, to maximize their revenue and increase the potential customers in the company.

Just knowing about the types of call center system software and how it works is great for understanding the ways of implementing it. However, it is important to note that simply being aware about them without looking at the complete picture will not be enough if you wish to implement new call center software.

By complete picture, I mean a complete and insightful case study that will show you how the best call center software works in the real world. I believe that no research is complete without investing time into reading case studies.

This case study I will focus on a company anonymously named KRP. It is a call center company that caters to the needs of a small, but established cosmetics company that sells products online to various countries in the world.

In this case study, we will study about the problem scenario, the challenges that the company faced, the solutions that they managed to chart out to help overcome the challenges, and the results that were derived at the end of it.

The Problem Scenario

KRP is an online cosmetic company that is known to serve more than fifty different countries with affordable cosmetic solutions. In 2015, they decided to separate customer care from the company and therefore set up a contact  center using the call center software solutions in order to perform their functions.

However, they saw that despite their best work, they were not attracting as many customers as they would have hoped to initially. They decided to take a look into the situation objectively and find out what barriers were before them and how they could over come these situations.

The Challenges

The challenges that the call center were facing were well observed and recorded within the company for a period of several weeks.

The challenges that the company faced were:

•    They did not have a proper communication system within the company. They needed efficient call center management software that would help them to communicate better.

•    While they had a call logs system, what they really needed was a call center software that would help the agents’ record specific calls for the future use.

•    Initially they overlooked the requirement of having a survey system within the company. This was to be corrected as soon as possible for better customer attrition.

•    Remote location agents within the company should have been able to work in real time and sync their work timings. This was not yet possible in the company.

•    Customizable options were missing from the company as well.

•    They lacked a virtual call center software that will help the agents in connection to the faster company servers .

•    Even though the solutions they used were highly serviceable, they lacked that professional aspect in them.

•    They did not have a call center software that would help the agents to keep a track of the queue that would form inevitably .

The Solutions

They selected and implemented cloud call center software solutions that promised to solve a lot of the problems that they were seeking.

These are the following solutions that the company managed to come up with.

• The company immediately implemented a telecommunications and a phone system that will work seamlessly  twenty-four hours a day.

• They wanted a system that would help them cut several unnecessary costs and help them save revenue without compromising the company status. The call center software they used was immensely helpful in helping them achieve this.

• The call center solutions they used were immensely helpful in providing their customer surveys and FAQs and so on. This was a very good way to collect information and feedback from the customers directly.

• The call center software was smart and modernized. It gave a modern look without being too flashy, and was therefore easier to use and work around to suit the agent needs.

• The newer software system provided customized service. This means that the company was now able to play customized tunes while the customer was waiting in the call queue, offers them emails after their purchase, and even wish them on their birthdays. The experience was made to be personalized.

• Production was improved greatly. With the newer call center systems, the company was more than willing to handle a larger number of calls and improve the average handling time per customer.

• The newer call center software made it so that the scheduling of the calls was easier and better in terms of handling and operations.

• The call center software helped in managing the various plans that the company may or may not have. They were charged with the tedious tasks and performed them automatically keeping the employees stress free.

• The previous software that they used was not as efficient to handle higher number of calls at certain times of the day, the newer software set out the timing, during which the agents could expect a larger number of calls, therefore making it easier for them to be prepared.

• Since there are different ways to achieve inbound and outbound calls, the call center software made it sure that the processes of handling these two types of calls were different while making it a point to stay as close to the core mechanics of the software program as possible.

• The company employed VoIP software technology to handle the centralized databases for the customer centric data, since they were a smaller company.

•  The software was cheaper than the previous one, and therefore maintaining it was inexpensive as well.

• Training session with the newer agents were made easier with this software technology. Training was smoother and faster.

•   The software trained agents as they used it, and adapted to their working styles. This was a great plus point

•   The call center software had a good number of metrics and tools available for the managers to tweak and use.

•   The software allowed the company to manage resources better.

•   The software, because of its ease of access and so on, made agents who are on the frontlines of the company, act in a way that fostered a sense of trust between them and the customer.

•   Call recording features were added, making this an extremely useful feature for further customer feedback.

•   Information regarding the company was made available so that the agents were up to the mark about their company.

•   Because of the software and the way it looked to the customer, it helped in forming a great and positive impression in the customers’ mind. This was helpful in customer retention as well.

The Results

The results did not happen in a day, of course. But as months passed, the leaders of the company saw positive growth within the call center agents, and saw a rise in the number of customer they had.

The above case study proves that there is nothing that a call center company can’t achieve if paired with the right call center software. So go ahead and invest in a good call center quality monitoring software, for it will help you in achieving greater business satisfaction in the longer run.

Excellent 20 Ways to [Solve Your Poor Workflow Productivity Problems] with Call Center Software

One of the major problems that a call center company has is the lack of proper productivity in the call center workspace. However, choosing the right sort of call center software can boost it greatly. Lack of productivity is quite harmful to the company as it can hamper success.

While, from a distance it may look like enhancing the call center productivity is an overwhelming task in itself, a few small changes can be made to create an impact on how the call center agents engage with their workforce, how they address issues and then collaborate with their co-workers.

To increase productivity, all aspects of the call center software solutions must be used by the agents to experience maximum benefit. It is important for the company to be aware of the functionalities that the software comes packed with.

If you are looking for ways to increase the work flow productivity in your call center company by using the best call center software available in the market, it is better to start as soon as possible. This will ensure that the software is given enough time to settle down and the agents are able to learn how to use it in a faster manner.

Given below is a list that will give you tips to combat unproductivity and make sure that the work flow productivity is maintained.

1.    Select some call center software solutions that will enhance agent autonomy. According to recent research, autonomous agents are capable of effectively addressing customer queries and their needs when they are allowed to be flexible, responsive and personal. The agent will be less likely to transfer calls and their productivity will have a great boost.

2.    Agent participation in company maters should be prioritized. When they are allowed to do so, they will feel motivated, engaged with their work, and hence, they will increase their productivity.

3.    Select a call center management software that will help you leverage the idle time of the agent group. “Off-the-phone” tasks by the agents should be completed in less than three minutes, and larger tasks should be broken down by the agents into smaller tasks so that agents have an easier time completing them.

4.    In order to increase workflow productivity, agents should have access to real time metrics. These metrics can be handled by a virtual call center software so that both in site and remote location agents can access the metrics and use it to their advantage.

5.    Agents should be provided with information about the customer as soon as they receive their calls. This should be available to them in a comprehensive manner to decrease average handle time and increase the productivity.

6.    The work environment and the call center solutions that is being used should be properly maintained. All machines and systems must be upgraded, all software systems must be modernized and easy to use by even the least trained agents.

7.    Agents should be involved in creating improvements in the processes and given a wider hand in creating new workflow solutions. They should be regularly monitored and given breaks to stimulate their creativity. It will increase agent participation.

8.    Using a call center software to track agent performance is a great idea, especially if you wish to increase the productivity of agents by offering them rewards and incentives.  It will foster personal growth and development greatly while showing them that their work is valued.

9.    Use a software to cut down on average waiting time to a great extent with newer age features like voicemail, emails and call routing. Using correct software for this can be immensely helpful for customers who would rather prefer a call back than waiting in a queue.

10.    Using a call center software to provide flexibility for the customer will make sure that your agents are stress free and hence more productive. They can handle more calls and perform better.

11.    Use a call center software to enable multi-channel support for your customers. They can use these features to get in touch with the agent any time they wanted to.

12.    It is important to have a safe and secure database to prevent the leaking of valuable customer information. This is a feature that should be looked into before anything else. A protected database is the most important way to have a positive business relation with the customers.

13.    Real time synchronizations of data between the servers is very important. It will make sure that there are backups in the system. This will reduce the chances of data loss in dire situations.

14.    The software should have geo tagging facilities that will provide a wide geographical area for outbound calling. This will help the company draw in more customers and generate more revenue. This will prevent the company from slacking and it will increase the productivity.

15.    The software should be allowed to distribute the calls, so that a single agent is not overworked. The calls should be distributed in such a way that the available agents can pick the calls whenever there is a bigger queue.

16.    To boost productivity, the agents should be able to bond with the customer. To do this, they require customization options made available to them by the call center software.

17.    Training the agents is always a good option. It will help them to be better and more productive. A proper call center software should train the agents without interference.

18.    Call center software should have call recording features so that the call records can be used by the mangers to check what is going on in the company.

19.    To increase productivity, managers should be monitoring the status of each agent to make sure they are performing well.

20.    The call center software should have predictive dialing to screen out busy lines, disconnected numbers and so on. It will prevent them from wasting time.

Productivity of a company can determine whether the company can stay afloat or not. Productive agents with proper training and composure can really imprint up on the customers that the company is a professional with the aim to produce the best customer service.

20 Exceptional Ways to [Solve Your Poor MIS Problems with Call Center Software]


Often, even if the correct type of software is being used, the business will still suffer. You must realize that it is important not only to install the best call center software, but also important to check up on your agents.

Checking up on agents is a must, as they are the front lines of the company. If your agents are not satisfied with their jobs, or there is a high turnover in the call center business, something is wrong. You can still manage to salvage your business if you are quick enough.

Additionally, you should consistently review the call center software that you are using. If your instinct tells you that it is not doing the job, you should take the time and research the outbound call center software available in the market and employ it.

It is not only important to install a good call center software but make sure that the software should be working towards helping the MIS or management information service problems of the company, and provide useful tools that will help you utilize the features of the software and help you get better at providing service to your customers.

Given below is a list of features that a good call center management software has, that will help you improve the customer services of the company.

1.    Once you install a call center software that is up to the standards set by the company, you can see an immediate improvement in the way the customer care is handled. Not only will it be smoother but it will also be faster.

2.    The call center software solutions will provide you with greater flexibility. Research has shown that agents who have flexible hours and those who have a say in how they should be working are often happier and eager to help the customers.

3.    Selecting a software that will help you in expanding your business to various geographical locations will assist you collect a diverse amount of potential customers. This is helpful for the agents.

4.    The software program should be a virtual call center software. This makes it easier for agents in their remote locations access the same tools that agents present in site use. They can then be fully informed about the company and handle calls in a better manner.

5.     The software provides multiple channel support for the call center. This is an important feature as it will help the agents refer to a senior or an experienced agent whenever they encounter an issue. Problem-solving becomes easier once agents have access to multiple channels.

6.    The call center software usually comes with safety measures, making it safe and secure. All the important customer details such as their banking details, addresses, and phone numbers are safely locked and kept away from hackers and phishers.

7.    While the job of call center software is to prevent data theft, it is also important for the call center to have systems that provide the backup of data. This means that the information of a customer is backed up in the call center cloud systems for future references.

8.     Call center software solutions that come with disaster recovery system and real-time synchronization of data between servers is very important. This features will save your company if there is any sort of misfortune in the future. Granted this feature is not cheap, but it is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to customers.

9.    Call center has support for the customers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of the presence of agents in the company. This will make sure that your customer is supported during any sort of emergency.

10.  The software will provide your company with quick data access and comprehensive information for agents whenever they need it, complete with the customer’s purchase history, number and so on, making it easier for agents to relate instantly to the customer.

11.    Since it’s important for the agents to get an opportunity to express his talent and skills in the workplace, the call center software will make it easier for the agents by distributing the customer calls in an equal manner.

12.   Software solutions will provide your company with easy customization or personalization options. It will have features such as IVR or interactive voice response to make sure that the customers are not left waiting in queues without information.

13.   Live training is increasingly becoming very important for the call center companies. This feature provides agents with live guidance, while they are on call with the customer, without them being aware of it.

14.   Of course, call recording feature is an important feature that should come with the call center company. It will record calls which can be utilized in training the agents and determining which method of approach towards the customer works.

15.    Most call center software now comes with CRM or Customer Relationship Management. This is used to gather in-depth data from the customer calls.

16.    Automatic routing, when an agent call queue is too large for him to handle, is a feature that you absolutely need to run your business.

17.    The software will come with a queue management feature. This will help your agents maintain their queues and even inform them if the customer has left the queue, so they can reach back to them later.

18.    Dial to extension is a feature that will allow the VIP caller to reach the agent by dialing their extension number.

19.    Call center software also works in reducing the cost of the company by taking away the manual labor needed.

20.    Last of all, the call center solutions are easy to use and learn. It can be used to solve tasks easily and can be modified to suit the needs of the company.

From the given list, it is clear that a call center software will definitely help in improving the way things work in your company. It will not only improve your MIS but also help with a host of other problems.

How to Improve [Efficiency and Sales with Dialer Software for Your Call Center]

If you are looking forward to building your own call center business, or you wish to improve the mechanisms of your existing call center business, then selecting proper call center software is of utmost importance.

Gone are the days of hours of manually sifting through long lists of leads and tediously calling every customer. With the power of technology, the call center business has flourished greatly. You do not need to dedicate an entire section of agents to perform this archaic process any more.

If you wish to avoid stagnant ROIs, due to the given procedure above, you need to install newer software that will take control of this dialing process. Manual processes of doing such work may or may not yield contacts, and for a call center company, this does not bode well.

Using the best call center software that is available in the market in abundance, you too can optimize the operational productivity, and maintain the standards through the power of an automated dialer software for your call center.

It will not only result in drastic improvements with regards to staff productivity but also improve efficiency and increase the generation of sales. It will also help in increasing the number of leads and improve connection so that quality calls are made at a cheaper and a faster pace.

While it is certain that the automated call center dialer software will guarantee a boost where productivity is concerned, it is important to make sure that that the company and the employees of the company are familiar with the types of dialing modes that are available in the organization.

Your team should be able to fully utilize the software. This will make sure that you can optimize the available resources, such as employees, the skill set, the time management and the lead lists. This will yield in great success and output.

But, on the other hand, this software must be used carefully. Without the accurate use of these dialing methods, without the proper coordination of your agents, there is a chance of burning through the lead lists, resulting in poor results and loss of revenue. Knowing about the modes in just as important as knowing about the software itself.

Knowing about the types of dialing processes and how it can help will greatly benefit your agents who can then take full control and advantage over the software.

There are four types of dialer software available in the market, namely:

Power dialing call center software, Predictive dialing call center software, Preview Dialing call center software, and Progressive Dialing call center software.

Knowing about these various forms of software will arm your agents with knowledge. Since agents serve as the frontline of the company, their education will benefit all the company.

Let us now look at the ways the call center system software helps in boosting efficiency and sales of the company.

1.    If used correctly, the top call center software can greatly help the agents in improving their customer relations and reduce the workload of your company. This works well especially if it is connected with call recording.

2.    A good dialer software will make responses to the customers faster and more streamline, therefore customers will take note of the professionalism of the company and feel ready to trust in the company. This will make them want to do business with your company in the future.

3.    It can make use of management applications and create a greater customer relationship. Management applications provide easy access to customer information which will enable the agents to respond quickly.

4.    Most call center dialer software come with features that will help your company with outbound calling. This will help you in monitoring the outbound calling and keep check of the expenses spent in doing so. It will also help greatly in the creation of a large internal database that will contain information that can be used by the company.

5.    Dialer software systems will help you to keep a track of the employees that are performing to the high standard that is set by the company. Their superior tracking can help in keeping a check on their progress and can be used to spot ineffective calls and what can be done to save the situation.

6.    It can be used to identify and reveal certain patterns and certain trends in the market. With this feature you can determine what to advertise in the market and what to let go of, therefore increasing the sales.

7.    It can help in revealing the potential problems of the call center, and suggest changes that will improve the efficiency of the company. If used correctly, it can determine problems with the company beforehand, so that these problems can be taken care of as soon as possible.

8.    If the dialer software is virtual, then it will the software provider’s responsibility to maintain the upgradations of the system, so even less revenue is needed to be spent in the upgradations process.

9.    Proper data security means better efficiency, as agents do not need to worry about the security of their calls anymore. Therefore, while picking up a dialer software, it is important to be sure that the software provides security features.

10.    The interface of dialer software is very easy to understand and smooth to operate by even the least trained agent of the company. It is simple and effective, with added tasks based applications such as prioritizing, real-time monitoring and time-based routing.

11.    The dialer software automatically includes Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, and KPI, or Key Performance Indicators in the real timeframe. This helps in the generation of accurate data and provides critical feedback for the company.

Without proper tools and suitable dialer software, a company cannot stand on its own. Software and agents are a must when it comes to call center business, and you should be prepared to handle these costing areas in order to be successful.

How Cloud-Based Call Center Software Support Small Businesses [Case Study]

The world is transforming with time and digital evolution’s are at the forefront of any operation.

In this scenario, adopting cloud technology only makes things more efficient and quicker.

Its affordability is truly adored and could be termed as a reason why small businesses are powered by the best call center software.

I can go on; however, I don’t want to give you an overview.

I would rather prefer taking you through a detailed study of how this technology is an ideal match for call centers and small businesses, alike.

That just gave me a quick recap of what happened a few months ago.

A few months ago, I was on the other side of the table. Yes, you got that right!

I was working with a company, operating with approximately 65 employees.

The company’s aim was to grow further and stem across the country.

I am referring to a start-up business manufacturing apparel.


The two-year-old apparel manufacturer was hardly known to many.

Until this time, the company was run by the self-invested capital.

Although the apparel gained a lot of appreciation in terms of the quality and competitive pricing, the business lacked investor capital required to expand.

On the other hand, the company wanted to cut down cost.

But cost-cutting shouldn’t always mean cutting human resource; it could essentially mean optimizing resources.

The company was unable to bring in the investor capital because of inefficient reports.

The campaigns they were running were bringing in the desired revenue; however, reports were not well organized and campaigns were very generic and open-ended.

All of this created immense pressure on the company and motivated them to look for a possible solution to these problems.

Raising investor capital was the only way they could establish themselves well in the market and spread their presence nationwide.


It was the time to go step-by-step and solve one problem at a time.

• The root cause for lack of investment funds was unorganized reporting.

So the very first step was undoubtedly tracking campaign results to get adequate data and then organizing it well for crystal clear details.

• Secondly, the business needed a solution that is cost-effective and allows detailed monitoring.

During a brainstorming session, one of the various points highlighted were that hardware was one thing that was adding to their expenses.

Wouldn’t it be easier to store all the information on cloud? Definitely!

Two employees were delegated the responsibility to conduct research on how the company could use cloud.

Unlike email services, the company was looking for a technology that would provide diversified services; allowing them to make calls to vendors, distributors as well as direct customers.

Maintaining an email conversation about any problems that arise has become a norm.

Thus, it would be easier if managing emails would be easier and in sync with the calling system.

All these activities and their information would finally be used to prepare reports.

Hiring a call center would make the operations more efficient; however, the company thought it would be a convenient option to on-board the technology itself.

The manufacturer conducted research on the available software and its uses.

Initially, they wanted to test it.

So they decided to on-board a cloud based call center software on a monthly rental plan.

The software was going to allow them to:

Scripts calls and dial faster with real-time information:

Employees initially spent most of their time punching numerous numbers on the dialler.

This way they spent lesser time speaking with the customers, vendors and distributors; resultantly, wasting resources.

• The new technology allowed them to dial numbers, from the list, automatically when an employee was available.

Email templates were optimized and made the process faster.

That was not all! All the data was recorded by the software immediately after a call or even a follow-up mail.

The voicemail service helped them record customer queries post office hours.

Optimize campaigns and organize reports: No start-up is meant to stay small forever, every business is meant to grow with time.

To expand the business the company needed to create campaigns that would support the brand marketing effort; but more of, run campaigns to generate leads.

It was now easier with the software to track the performance of campaigns and generate reports.

Offer flexibility:  The software could be easily assessable via a mobile device and the required data could be downloaded. This could then be used offline. Employees could now work remotely when required.

Monitor all the operations and train employees: Full-time and part-time employees need to be hired as per the business requirement.

However, setting up a workstation for them could be a time consuming and a costly process. But the new software made employees hiring scalable.

At the same time, every operation could be monitored with the ease.

But most importantly, it facilitated data storage and security, cutting down the traditional hardware.


The software acted as a support system for the business.

It allowed the company to make effective and presentable reports.

These reports were then used by the company to make investment presentations.

The next two months brought them to a big event; it brought them their very first investor.

The software system reduced technical issues and cut down hardware cost, allowing the manufacturer to speed-up their operations.

The company now aims to reach out to a wider audience through social media.

Proceeding the software installation, the software has been supportive through all the operations; similarly, it gives ample scope for the company to integrate their social media platforms and manage all of them from a single place.

Economically, the company has now cut down on its calling expenses as well as other unnecessary expenses.

They’re now planning to purchase the software.

Implementing the cloud-based technology has made sense to numerous businesses across various industries namely, real estate, insurance, collection agencies and many more.

So make sure you catch up with this booming trend before you’re left behind in the race.

How To Establish Client Trust In The Digital Era [Case Study]

Let’s take the case study of ‘Digisol’- a company providing call center software to other major telecommunication giants.

The Problem:

Although ‘Digisol’ made available some of the best call center software to the companies they catered to, they weren’t able to maintain a long standing and loyal clientele.

• Their most profitable clients were lost to smaller establishments and they struggled to garner attention from the new telecommunication companies.

The challenges:

The clients often complained that the service was not prompt and did not meet the expected standards.

• They also criticized that their feedback was never taken seriously and they did not witness any change in the operations of the company.

• Although they were happy with the product i. e ‘call center solutions’, they were not satisfied with the after sales services and felt the company was not honest in it’s dealings and lacked integrity.

The Solutions:

• A structured list consisting of existing and lost clientele of the company was created.

• A highly skilled team consisting of Managers from various Departments, Human Resource Personnel’s and Industrial Psychologists was formed.

This team was designated the job of maintaining quality and removing any hindrance obstructing a successful and profitable business.

• An objective feedback form was created and distributed to the existing patrons of the company.

• The forms were evaluated by the ‘Quality Control’ team, they were discussed and a well thought of a plan which was created. Training sessions mapping every issue were prepared and appropriate incentives were arranged.

• The training sessions brought to light the various issues the company was facing.

Call center employees were acquainted with different techniques to build, boost and maintain ‘customer trust’.

• The importance of adding ‘a personal touch’ was stressed upon adequately.

• Calls were monitored on a regular basis, loyal customers were allotted special benefits, feedback was registered with the help of exclusively designed software and prompt action was met.

The Results

The training session and incentives boosted the morale and motivated the customer service executives to perform better and work on retaining an existing customer.

• The service focused on quality rather than quantity.

• Existing patrons were pleased with the special benefits and content with the nature of the revamped service.

• New customers seemed delighted with the enthusiasm and proactive spirit of the customer service executives.

Thus, it is clearly evident that fostering and sustaining ‘customer trust’ is not an easy task, but once established, is the foundation for great accomplishments and victories, not for one but both the employee and the customer.


How Flexible Plans Of Call Center Software Helps To Come Up With Simple Pricing [ Case Study]

Lately, more and more contact centers are opting for cloud-based call center software as they are not only affordable but also flexible and convenient.

But it is quite difficult to shop for such cloud-based software as the prices are not published online.

Many are not transparent with their features and do not include plans that may cost extra.

Due to this, it can take the buyers several weeks, days or even months to get proper information regarding the products and take the buying decision after making a comparison.

The extensive web research shows that the price structures of different software vary depending upon their plans.

And if you are aware of these different price structures you can pick up the software ideally suitable to your requirement and budget.

To understand how flexible plans can help you come up with the pricing within your budget-frame and need, let us discuss a case study.

Here we are going to study the case of a call center company that was struggling with few issues due to lack of budget and was on the brink of losing few esteemed clients.

Check out on how the company managed to adjust its budget by simply opting for the contact center software offering, flexible price structure and features.


The call center company came into existence 7 to 8 years ago when the business was in full swing and there were  very few software’s that fulfilled the requirement.

Over the years, the competition grew with each company trying to clinch the other’s client using the various tactics.

The company in the last few months lost a few clients only because the competitor was providing low pricing and almost the same features.

Already the call center company was struggling with its budget and finding it difficult to manage the funds and raise capitals. There was a big problem in front of the company.

It did not want to lose its clients, nor was it in the position to invest in best call center software with the higher price structure.

That’s when the company decided to have a look at the software, its pricing and features the other call center companies were using and compare it with their software.

The comparison revealed the following differences:

1. The call center company was using the telemarketing software that billed them on a per-minute basis, whereas the competitors were using software that offered services on the flat monthly fee.

2. They paid the extra amount for international or continental United States calls whereas the competitors were getting few international calls free on their package.

3. They were using a call center product that included outbound and inbound calling and other features such as screen pop, CTI, VoIP, voice response (IVR), dashboards, queue management, call monitoring, reporting and recording and few more.

4. On the other hand, the competitors were getting much more features like power dialer, automatic call distributor (ACD), progression dialer, CRM integration, text-to-speech, web callback, queue callback, predictive dialer, skills-based routing, preview dialer, and lot more.

5. Despite the competitors getting more features and facilities, they were paying much less as compared to the contact center company.

6. Moreover, the plan they had opted for was much more flexible and enabled them to pick up the features they wanted according to their requirement, whereas the call center company had to pay a fixed amount for the package it had chosen with no option of including or excluding any features.

When the call center company tracked down the above information the management came to a conclusion that they need to change the software and shift to a more advanced, flexible and budget-friendly option if they desired to sustain in the competition.


The first thing the company did was to ask for quotations and manuals from the various software companies.

There were many companies who had hidden price structures that were not visible online.

So, the company officials made it a point to thoroughly inspect each and every company’s price structures, their features and even their track-record.

The management came up with a comparison graph that compared the software from different companies on the basis of price structure, cost, features, flexibility, and credibility.

It was important for the company to find a break-even and pick up software that helped them gain an edge over the competitors.

After the comparison, the company decided to invest in software that offered the following things:

1. Instead of per-minute billing, the company decided to buy software that offered services on the basis of the per-agent monthly fee with few additional international telecom calls.

2. The new software also offered better features other than the regular inbound and outbound calling, CTR, IVR, dashboard, reporting and recording and so on.

3. Since the new package provided the call center company the privilege to pick up the features according to their requirement/client it had to pay comparatively less amount for the services as compared to the previous software.

4. The additional features that came with the new call center software helped the call center company offer better service on less price due to which it could now give a tough competition to the competitors who were trying their best to take the business from the call center company based on the pricing structure and features.

5. The company used its graph as the base-model for preparing a demo/presentation for its clients to show them how they were offering the best customer care service at the lowest price with value-added features.


All these efforts ensured that the clients were greatly impressed and were now ready to give the call center company another chance.

The comparative graph and the simplified price structure made the overall picture pretty clear to the clients who appreciated the call center company officials for the transparency.

Apart from retaining the existing customers, the company managed to attract new clients and provide the latest customer care service as now they can opt for the most flexible call center solutions based on the requirement without putting a dent into their finances.


How To Achieve Business Growth With Cloud Call Center Software [ Case Study]


In the digitalized world of today where the millennials expect quick and accurate responses to their inquiries, there is not much scope for compromise.

The only way all types of businesses including the start-ups and small businesses can survive in the tough competition of today is by improving their quality of product/services & customer care by using the most advanced call center software.

As a small business enterprise, it becomes difficult to meet the demands of the customer care once the business starts growing.

That is when the type of contact center software you use can make a huge difference in the quality of customer service you can provide.

And it is a proven fact that you can move ahead in the competition only and only if your customer care service is impeccable.

To understand why small businesses should use cloud based call center software let us discuss the case of a call center company.

The case we are discussing is a small contact center company that used to serve finance companies and banks.

The company was new in the market but the management was young and ambitious and wanted to make a major breakthrough.


At the start, since the company people were not much aware of the various call center solutions available in the market and their utility, they decided to invest in contact center software that suited their budget and fulfilled basic requirements of serving the customers through telephonic communication.

In the first few months, the company managed to get a few clients simply because the directors of the company had good relationships with the top officials in some banks and finance companies.

However, after nine months of working, the company discovered that the company was unable to get new clients.

The presentation of the call center company reps was up to the mark and they really worked hard to get all the things right. So if the marketing department was doing everything right then why was the company failing at getting new clients?

What was holding them back from trusting this small call center company?

Moreover, the existing few clients that the company had managed to rope in on goodwill also seemed unhappy and unsatisfied and were not ready to recommend the call center company to their other high-profile associates.

That’s when the call center company decided to find out where it was failing.


The challenges it faced were as follows:

1. To ensure that the existing customers who were irritated and unsatisfied received quality service so that they will continue with the contract.

2. Impressing the existing customers so much that they were encouraged enough to provide valuable references to the big clients

3. Attracting new clients on the basis of testimonials and feedback from the existing customers to reach the stipulated growth target of the company.

During the evaluation, the company found out that it was lacking most of the qualities for which the clients hire its services. Its customer service department was far outdated and did not provide the right kind and level of service as expected by the customers.

The existing software did not offer high-level features like integrated CRM, 24 x 7 service, purchase history and other details about the customers, omni-channel presence, call recordings, and more.


That is when the small business company decided to invest in the most advanced cloud-based contact center software that offered various features which were not a part of the old software system.

The new software offered the following advantages:

• The agents could now reroute all the incoming inquiries that came via telephone to the center.

It helped the agents to manage the concerns of the customers quite conveniently.

• With the help of the new dedicated customer care software, the company could divert the call to the best agents who were better equipped and skilled to handle the complicated and conflicting issues.

• The agents were trained to handle the multi-channel platform communication options so that they could now readily resolve all types of conflicting problems.

• The agents could now easily set appointments, take orders, and even collect feedback from the customers and offer the data to the respective clients.

• The chosen contact center software was flexible and scalable and hence despite the changes in the work volume, the software never failed to meet the demands.

• The implementation of new telemarketing software ensured that there was always someone available to handle the customer care issues and that almost all of them were addressed in a very short time.

• The call recordings when studied gave the company an insight on how its agents were doing on the customer care front and wherever it found any lapses, the company tried to remove such weaknesses by training the agents in those particular areas.

• Since now the call center company was using the dedicated software it saved a lot of business time and also improved the overall experience of the customers as well as the clients.

• The agents were able to keep the clients happy as they communicated with the millennial customers across all the platforms including email, social network, mobile apps, and live chat.

This latest contact center software provided enterprise-level secured technology at an affordable price and did not require extensive maintenance contracts or huge upfront investments.

Thus, it was simply an ideal solution that ensured that the clients were satisfied without putting much pressure on the finance-front.


Within a few weeks, after the contact center company started using the new dedicated software, it started getting good results. The company intimated the existed clients about the new change they have adopted and asked for a feedback.

The response they received from the clients was positive and they were more than happy now to share the details and references of big corporate associates with the company and forward the company’s name for a recommendation.

The testimonials and feedback from the clients improved the profile and credibility of the company and now it was successful in attracting the businesses from new clients quite easily.

Thus with the help of the best call center software the small company could make a big leap towards its business growth.


What Are The Features Of Call Center Software?

The call center managers are constantly on their toes to ensure that they are providing the best of the customer service to their clients.

And for that, they constantly monitor the call center software, the company is using as well as the efficiency of their staff. The managers regularly hunt for the best-of-the-best progressive call center management options available in the market.

So what decides whether the software system is the best or what can work the best for you?

Contact center software comes with multiple features which most of the call center managers cannot afford to miss. Even then, there are a few must-haves that you should never ever miss. Here are such top features:

1.     Whisper Coaching

Many times the agents struggle while handling a particular call, especially if he is either new or the issue is a bit serious. When a call center manager notices that his agent is not at ease completing the call or is unable to do so due to any other reason, he must have the option of approaching and interacting with the agent during the call.

The software you are choosing must have this whisper coaching option that gives the third person the ability to drop into the ongoing call and advise the caller without the caller knowing.

This tool is extremely helpful if your center has new agents or you want to optimize the performance level of the seasoned agents or your client has recently launched a new service or a product.

2. Call Monitoring 

This particular must-have call center feature provides the facility of allowing the managers to track down the live calls and listen to them without the knowledge of the caller or the agent.

It is one of the most important tools for the agents under coaching and training.

Hence, call center managers find it extremely invaluable and use it to keep a close ear or eye on the team.

3. Conference Calling

Many times if the caller is not satisfied with the replies from the agents he may demand to talk to the call center manager. In such a situation it does not seem efficient to ask the manager to take the call at the agent’s desk.

Also blindly transferring the call to the manager looks simply unprofessional.

In such a situation the conference calling feature provided by the best call center software seems most practical.

With the help of this tool, the call center manager can easily speak with two or even more people at a time on the call and can effectively interact with both the agents and the callers so that the issue is resolved proactively.

4. Call Recording

Through this call center tool, you can record the calls and store the recordings in the activity feed of the caller.

It provides invaluable information to the call center managers who can thereby understand the performance level of the agents as well as the serious issues that are bogging the customers.

The managers can also use these recordings during the coaching sessions and agent training to prove certain points.

Moreover, repeatedly listening to the recordings of the caller’s help the manager gain a good understanding of the problem of the caller and things can be settled in a better and a quicker way.

5. Call Barging

Call barging is a pretty helpful feature for the call center managers.

When they are monitoring the calls and the caller wants to speak to the manager, then this particular feature allows the manager to drop in between the call and speak to both the agent and the caller.

Call barging feature reduces call transfers and increase customer satisfaction as well as first call resolution.

6. Voicemail

This particular feature is extremely helpful for the managers who do not have a staff to handle the calls day in and day out.

The software that has team, agent and department voicemails stores these voicemails in the activity feed of the callers thereby allowing the managers to have a detailed view of all the actions taking in his call center at all the times.

7. Call Disposition Codes

The call center managers can keep a tab on the outcomes of all the calls with the help of the disposition codes.

These codes provide descriptions of the result of the calls.

The agents can easily track them down by selecting from the drop-down menu.

The feature allows the call center managers to view the codes from the caller’s activity feed.

They can run the reports on these disposition codes to analyze how a particular agent, event or campaign is performing.

8. Voicemail Transcription And Notifications

It is the feature generally offered by the highly progressive contact center software.

With the help of the voicemail transcription, the manager can transcribe the voicemails and store it in the activity feed of the caller.

Importantly, the moment a voicemail is received, this particular tool, transcripts it automatically and emails it to the manager.

These transcriptions and notifications keep the managers updated about the happenings during the call and within the call center irrespective of the timing of the customer’s call.

9. Historical Call-Center Metrics

More often the call center managers take the decisions regarding the call volume forecast and the number of staff required based on the historical call-center metrics.

This tool enables the contact center managers to gain a complete understanding of the performance of his team.

Moreover, the historical reporting dashboards offer all the relevant data such as the number of calls in the queue, longest wait time, service level, and average abandonment time to the manager.

It is one of the most important features of any call center system that helps the manager to effectively manage his call center.

10. Workforce Management Software

This last but the final must-have tool helps the managers to accurately forecast the call volume and accordingly schedule the agents and make adjustments in their scheduling in the real-time.

The workforce management feature is of great use to the larger teams who have a huge staff and need to optimally schedule their working.

Call center managers desirous of taking their center to the top-level must include these must-have call center solutions that not only make their work streamlined and easier but also helps them to gain control over their staff’s working and performance-level.


How To Scale Your Support Teams With Outbound Call Center Software [Case Study]

When your call center business is at a small level, it is very easy to carry out the dedicated, personal, and effective customer support with the help of a call center software.

However, as the business starts growing, the need of your support team also grows.

And this is the time when you need to scale the customer support.

But if not executed and organized properly things can turn complicated.

To avoid it, you should scale your support teams with the right type of software such as the outbound call center system.

Outbound call center software helps the contact center to make calls to the prospects or the clients on behalf of the company.

With the help of this software, the agents can call people for multiple reasons including sales, customer support, survey, research, and fundraising.

Let us discuss a case to understand how using the best call center software can help you enhance the support level of your team.

The case which we are discussing here is that of a contact center company that began its business a few years ago as a small company and slowly managed to grow into a big organization.


Initially, when the reach was limited, it was easier for the company staff to keep in mind the needs and queries of each and every client and could easily cultivate a good personal relationship with them.

Since the customer care service at the start was highly efficient, the clients were very much happy and continued their contract with the company.

The feedback and testimonials from these clients helped the contact center company get new business from bigger, higher-paying clients.

But with the growth in the number of clients, the burden on the customer care team increased manifold.

The expansion rather outstripped the preparedness of the contact center company.

Due to huge work, the front-line employees started behaving like the robotic Wal-Mart greeters.

Less staff and more work led to long waiting queues, call drops, low-quality customer service thereby resulting in repeated complaints from the clients and the customers.

The quality customer service for which the company was known somehow took a tumble and now everyone was complaining about the lack of efficiency and quality service.

The previous clients used to get dedicated and personalized customer service.

They threatened to drop the contract and asked for the immediate action.

The company was in a shock and the management did not know what to do.

The directors were so busy in planning expansion and marketing strategies and were so over-confident of their customer support team that they just overlooked the demands that expansion can bring to this department.

They decided to get to the bottom of the whole issue and came up with the following revelations:

1. The expansion had increased the workflow and the customer support team was under a lot of work pressure.

2. The work was more and the manpower was less due to which the calls and complaints were not handled promptly.

3. The demands at the customer care service front had changed in the last few years and now the customers also demanded the online presence of the company for communication.

4. Such was the flow of new work that the company did not get enough time to train and prepare its agents and update them with the requirements and details of the products of the new clients.

5. The contact center solution the company was using was now falling short of the new demands.


Looking at the above revelations the call center company decided to bring a lot of changes in its workforce, working style and software system.

The company first decided to invest in the latest call center solutions that provided its front-line employees’ presence across all the online platforms including social media networks, live chat, emails and mobile apps.

The company decided to employ new, skilled agents to increase the manpower and reduce the strain on the existing employees.

The management also found out that there were a few clients that dealt with technology and software and hence their products were mostly complicated.

Since the agents were not updated about the products in details they were unable to convince or resolve the issues of the customers.

That is why the customer care company decided to arrange a 15-day training session for its existing as well as new agents.

During the training, the agents were introduced to the existing problems in the organization, demands from the clients, and where exactly the support team was failing.

The directors discussed the issues with the clients as well as with the agents so that a solution could be found out that were ideally suitable for the company, the front-line staff as well as the client.

Here are a few changes that the call center company made to improve its customer care work:

1. Getting Organized

The small support team initially handled the work efficiently.

Now, the company needed to bring the same efficiency in its new, large team.

For that, it decided to organize the things properly by appointing one head for each team handling a particular client.

One team per client ensured that the calls were routed properly and the complaints were dealt with at the primary level, efficiently.

2. Preparing Knowledge Base

When the team is small, everyone knows what is going on in the company.

However as the team grows, it becomes impossible to retain the same flexibility and alterability.

To ensure that all the agents were aware of what was going on in their department, the company started the documenting process and preparing knowledge base.

3. Providing Options To The Customers

The company introduced the self-service call center software solutions such as chatbots and FAQ to ensure that during the time the company was catching up with the growth trend and the agents were unable to answer all the calls, they could get information through these mediums.


Implementation of these new techniques such as knowledge base and training helped the newcomers to understand the type of strategy adopted by the company.

Moreover, the new software ensured that the agents were  always aware of the company’s interaction with the clients, their demands, new launches, and products.

Since the new telemarketing software kept all the agents in the loop, it saved a lot of the time of the company required to intimate each agent individually.

Thus, the call center company successfully enhanced the support of its customer care team using the latest outbound customer care software and was successful in pleasing its clients.


How To Boost CSR Efficiency With Call Center Quality Monitoring Software [Case Study]

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) gives all the organizations and its employees a chance to contribute in whichever way possible towards, the environment, society, country and other social causes.

The term has become quite popular lately with most of the conglomerates having a CSR division to ensure that their company is contributing actively into the social causes.

One of the important reasons most of the companies are taking CSR factor seriously because it goes a long way in spreading a positive word of mouth for your organization.

And it is possible to boost your CSR efficiency by monitoring the customer care service using the latest call center software.

To understand how you can boost the efficiency of CSR by using the call center quality monitoring software let us discuss a case study.

Here we are discussing the case of a contact center company that offers services majorly to insurance firms and banking companies.

The company has been in business for quite some time but has been struggling ever since its inception to meet its targeted business growth.


The call center company has a few small clients on its list but just like all the other companies wish to serve big insurance organizations and institutions.

Since right from the beginning the aim of the company was to take a big leap, the management invested in a spacious office, and quality infrastructure and call center solutions.

The company also had an adequate number of front-line employees and was paying them well.

So there was no obvious reason or shortcoming that was stopping the company from taking the giant leap it was expecting.

Even then, the company was failing to satisfy its existing clients and rope in new ones. What was the reason?

The management decided to dig out the root cause of the entire problem so that they could filter out the shortcomings and strengthen the overall working of the company.

During the evaluation of the company’s working the management found out the following few lapses in its service:

1. The staff though was not less, was not managed properly.

None of the agent seemed to be assigned one particular project and everyone was doing everything.

2. The agents were not skilled enough to handle the contact center software, the company was using and hence could not completely utilize its benefits.

3. The agents lacked the knowledge and temperament to handle complicated situations due to which the customers were left unconvinced and dropped the idea of buying the products of the clients of the call center company.

4. Owing to the wrong dealings and sometimes rude customer service approach from the agents a negative vibe was created by the company in the market.

So, it indicated that the company had done everything well but had failed to train and coach its agents to handle things in an organized and efficient manner.

Also, the company needed to hire the right people for the right kind of jobs so that the expectations of the customers were fulfilled. Importantly, it also needed to polish up its image so that people spoke positively about the company.


Now that the company had become aware of the major problem that was keeping them from growing into a big call center organization, the management decided to first tackle the problem of the staff.

The company arranged for training sessions for the agents wherein they were introduced to the most advanced call center software solutions used by the topmost call center companies and also trained about their operations.

It also hired few experts from the field.   For selecting the employees for training and coaching and finding out the right solution the call center manager made use of the call center quality monitoring software features:

1. Use Of Call Recording Feature

The manager used the call recording feature to accumulate enough data and analyze the overall situation.

With the help of these recordings, he could draw valuable insights and based on it created the strategic approach.

The call recordings provided an accurate data to the manager from which he could easily understand the performance level of all the agents.

2. Observing Complete Call Experience

The call center manager listened to the complete conversation between the customers and the agents to evaluate the call quality and make the judgment. He judged the call experience based on the parameters of the quality interaction.

3. Evaluating Call Center Metrics Without Any Bias

The manager decided not to put too much attention to the call center metrics including average handle times because he was well aware that dropping a call in a hurry to answer the next caller in the waiting does not indicate quality customer service.

But his agents were doing exactly the same thereby making the customers angry leading to the repeated calls.

4. Deploying Keyword Spotting Tool

With the help of this particular quality monitoring software tool, the call center manager analyzed the interactions between agent-customer interactions and evaluated compliance and adherence to certain focal points including language, call processes, and communication.

Based on the above result the manager decided to train its agents to ensure that the customers received quality experience irrespective of whether they are buying the product or simply making an inquiry.

He told the agent to communicate the following  given tips:

• Making a wonderful opening

Establishing a connection with the caller by demonstrating friendliness and willingness to find solutions to their queries and issues

• Taking complete ownership of the call and try their best to solve the problem so that the customer feels confident of the company’s approach towards their issues

• Ensuring overall great experience so that the sales are closed efficiently


By actively keeping track of the agents using the best call center software the company could understand the problem that was making them lose in the competition.

After the agents were trained and coached, they became experts at handling critical issues with confidence.

Even in the crisis the agents did not lose their temper and efficiently responded to the challenge due to which the customers began to feel confident about the company’s service.

They were assured that this particular call center company was trying its best to solve their issues.

It naturally helped the company develop a lot of goodwill and credit thereby boosting its CSR efficiency and business.


How to Measure Your Calls & Increase ROI With Call Center Software? [Case Study]

In a market driven by competition, call centers are at the forefront of the application.

Any CRM system is monitored and evaluated on the basis of certain metrics to determine productivity and efficiency.

The success of a call center depends, in no small part, to the ability to quantifiably measure calls and determine the return on investment for any infrastructural, human resource or policy changes.

Proper forecasting and scheduling is necessary to bring out the best from any course of action.

Call center software helps companies keep a track of how call centers are performing.

Different software’s help to determine performance metrics, derive insight and determine actionable changes that needs to be taken.

In addition, analysis of the data helps companies understand the return on investment they are likely to get for any strategy being implemented, before the move is actually put into place.

This is a great tool to maximize efficiency and profitability of the business, because you can actually simulate the circumstances and then pick the call center solutions that provides the best ROI.

Once such evaluation is done regularly and monitored for changes in pattern, this derived intelligence can be used to make the changes that keep you ahead of your competition.

Efficiency is always a matter of concern for call centers because they are almost always faced with the challenge of getting more work done in shorter periods of time without compromising on the quality of work, owing to simultaneously increasing traffic and demands.

Telemarketing software that can bring about measurable ROI is a great asset in the planning and pre-investment stage, as a call center looks to build on its foundations to go to the next level.

For a call center, nothing matters more than ensuring customer satisfaction.

The way to do that is to provide consistently good quality of service.

This happens as a result of various processes going on in the background, all of which need to be synchronized, evaluated and continuously rearranged to provide the most effective result.

Following this data allows companies to maximize their ROI and bring home greater market shares and valuations.

To further illustrate this point, let us take the example of RubyVal Solutions, a telemarketing agency providing call center software solutions for a large organisation.

In this case study, we will take a look at the situation they found themselves in with special reference to the challenges they faced and the solutions that they came up with to counter those challenges.

We will also look at the effects of these changes and whether it had a positive impact on operations as a whole in the long term period.

The Problem Scenario

RubyVal had been working successfully in the call center business for over a decade.

Over the past year or so, they saw a peak in traffic and required an upgrade in their technological systems to cope up with the new demands.

They wanted to ensure they would get a handsome return on their investment to overhaul the systems and function more efficiently.

The company was keen to see a change in their operational procedures to see more effective teamwork, and better usage of technology to compute tasks quickly and accurately.

The Challenges

The specific challenges that the company faced are listed below.

1. The company had laid out the parameters they would evaluate performance on, but struggled to calculate value.

In case of supplementary KPIs, they were unable to determine which was the more important metric, which contributed directly to the performance of the organisation.

2. They were unable to foresee the effects that a move would have in the future. Because of this, they could not determine what changes could be brought to maximize ROI.

3. Calls were measured according to the factors like average ticket time and first call resolution rates, which meant that employees were compromising on quality in a rush to churn up the better numbers.

The Solutions

The solutions that were implemented to counter the problems faced are listed below.

1. The company decided to invest in the best call center software to allow them to act according to the collected data and invest in the most effective options.

The software would also be responsible for evaluating the key performance indicators, suggesting changes in policy, providing feedback and monitoring effects.

2. Based on the software technology, the company determined its course of action based on whichever decisions have the highest chance of bringing in the best returns on investment.

The system took into consideration both short and long term goals, as well as the resources available while suggesting a route to take.

3. Existing practices were continuously monitored and changes were made as and when necessary so that the effective output of the call center could be maximized, leading to a maximization of the ROI as well.

 The Results

The changes were made keeping a long-term view in mind.

For the first year or so, not much of a change was observed because no major investment decisions were uncertain and the system was also learning from the data it had acquired.

After a year of full-fledged use, the results began to clearly show.

Efficiency of the employees was up by more than 10% and the KPIs were being met at standards above the market average. Customer satisfaction was on the up and sales were increasing as well.

Within three years, the software was proven to be a catalyst for positive change, since it directed decisions towards the profitable strategies.

Thus we see how software can be instrumental in measuring call values and maximizing ROI.

Major corporations need to bank on the processing power of technology to ensure that they make the smartest decisions and can stay ahead in the game.

Adhering to the metrics help organizations quantify their success rates, which is an important factor not just to understand their position in the market overall, but to identify the areas which require improvement and then work accordingly.


How Can Cloud Based Call Center Software Deliver a Modern Customer Service from Anywhere

Recently the outsourcing industry has seen a significant growth in business; whilst we have noticed a transformation in customer interactions.

It is a high time for the contact centers to switch to newer ways of communicating with customers; however, it would require on-boarding up-to-date call center software with the latest technology for the communication.

This in return, would help businesses meet the customer expectations.

Now, what do I exactly mean by an up-to-date software?

Businesses that earlier used on-premise software are now seeing a huge potential in cloud-based systems that are far beyond the limitations of your traditional software system.

Let us understand how this modern world alternative is helping businesses deliver new-age customer solutions:

Easy API integration: There has been a significant rise in the usage of  APIs communication  lately.

This allows the contact centers to add channels or features in no time.

In other words, it gives the ability to quickly customize the system as per their requirements.

24*7 customer support: The new age contact centers or cloud-based contact centers, as we call them, are available round the clock.

The software simply lets the contact center hire remote agents who can work from anywhere simply with an internet connection; and access the real-time data.

The virtual culture not only introduces your employees, your internal customers, to a better work culture but also lets you stay on your toes to serve the end customer.

In other words, it not only boosts your agents’ productivity but also improves the customer experience.

Omni-channel support: Customers nowadays interact with the companies on multiple platforms.

Customer interactions are no longer bound to traditional communication channels like the telephone; they have now moved to modern and advanced modes of communication like social media, website, and chat.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that telecommunication still plays a significant role in terms of customer service.

In simple words, companies now have to be present across the multiple platforms. It is no longer about mere presence but also involves managing the platform for providing prompt solutions to their customers round the clock.

The cloud based software system makes it easier for the employees to manage customer interactions from a single platform as and when it happens.

. Accessibility to customer data: As we term it, the customer has now become the king.

Business survival not only depends on the quantity of your customer base but also depends on the quality of customer interactions.

The increasing number of customers has made it difficult for companies to manage the data.

Furthermore, it is important for the agents to have access to customer details on the go.

The cloud-based software enables the agents to share customer details and access their history and other details when needed to resolve their queries in the specified period of time.

This additionally avoids duplication of data and soothes the data management process.

Customer resolution: Usually cloud-based contact centers are reliant on multiple systems which also include CRM and call scripting.

Now imagine yourself tackling between the different software systems when a customer is on a call with you.

How frustrating! Right? But the cloud-based software system enables the contact centers to integrate all the business tools. Like I said in the very first point, it lets you customize the features with ease.

The technology not only fastens customer resolution but also enables the agents to resolve customer queries with an integrated approach.

Data Security: Data security now is an increasing concern for the companies.

Contact centers that caters to Banks or telecommunication companies have to majorly look at the data privacy.

A cloud-based call center simply lets businesses stay ahead of security threats and empowers organizations to safeguard the customer information. This furthermore, adds up to their reputation.

Call recording and call scripting: Cloud based software solutions enable businesses to record calls for training and to improve the quality of calls.

Supervisors, as well as clients, can monitor the quality of calls and improve call scripts so the agents can stay in-line with the companies’ values.

Additionally, the cloud-based software can generate automated scripts that help the agents to handle calls efficiently.

Predictive dialing and call scheduling: A manual dialer usually makes it difficult for the agents to follow-up with customers at their preferred time.

Many times, agents can tend to forget.

Thus, cloud-based software systems come with a predictive dialing feature; which means, the dialer automatically dials a call when the agent is ready to take a call.

Furthermore, agents can schedule calls at the customers preferred time.

Call queues and skill-based routing: Initially there was no mechanism that could manage call queues. However, with the new age cloud-based software it is easier to manage the call queues.

The software routes the call to agents with the relevant skill-set, for better call resolution.

This in-return helps the customers reach out to the most relevant agent and get a quick solution to their concerns.

Efficient call routing also reduces the call wait time, reducing call dropouts.

These are just a few perks of cloud based call center software that delivers an enhanced quality of customer experience for the modern customers.

The software simply makes it easier for the manager to monitor day-to-day activities and intervene when needed.

In all, it helps businesses optimize their operational cost and streamline technology to engage the customers.

Delivering a great customer experience is not something you can achieve in a day.

It is a continuous process, as customer needs keeps on changing from time to time.

You can gather customer feedback and work towards fulfilling their concerns.

The only way out is to keep measuring and testing what works best for your business.

All of this is possible with the help of an up-to-date software technology.