How to Increase Revenue with Outbound Call Center Software?


With the increasing use of telemarketing in businesses today, it is important that no compromise is made on choosing the best outbound call center software. Outbound call centers are used for various objectives including customer contact, debt management and event promotions, to name a few.

The best software makes the entire process of telemarketing hassle free, reduces operating costs and drives revenue. This needs the program to provide maximum possible coverage of the business process, use automation appropriately and also allow manual updation judiciously.

Here are seven ways on how the right kind of outbound call center software helps your business.

1. Reduces the Cost of Production

• An outbound call center software must considerably help in reducing the cost of operation. This is achieved by increasing the efficiency of each telecallling agent, enabling them to generate more leads, close more sales. This in turn would mean a lower number of agents generating the same amount of business while using less infrastructure and operating costs.

• A cloud-based software is easy to maintain, upgrade and add new features. It must integrate with other systems at client-end easily.

2. Flexibility

• An outbound call software that allows the work-from-home option offers multiple benefits to the organization. It reduces the cost of production, increases the number of employees that can be a part of the workforce thus increasing options for management with regards to employee cost, skills and work-shift timings.

3. Improved Competence

• A sure shot method of deriving the best results from the employees is to make them responsible for their own actions. This will make them more focused on their work and thus, they shall contribute towards achieving the goal of the company to the best of their ability.

• With real-time call analytics, call recordings and monitoring features, the employees know that they are responsible for their own performance. This works both ways: helps employees improve their performance based on feedback and training while at the same time allowing management to supervise per designated performance metrics.

4. Mobility

• With no software or hardware to install, an outbound cloud software can be accessed from anywhere.

• The option of being available as a Mobile App on the cell phone is a huge benefit.

• This gives the organizations to utilize a workforce that works around the globe and opens up expansion possibilities.

5. Improved Customer-Employee Relationship

• A popular objective of an outbound call center is to manage customer experience. Using the feature of regular and automated follow-ups and forms, the agents stay in constant touch with the customers.

• This results in a more personalized conversation between the employees and the client.

6. Historical Reporting

• Categorizing the leads makes it easier for the agents to asses client needs, trigger points and place them in buckets. Once done, it is simpler for agents to make a sale.

• The pre-fed and customized disposition reduces human effort, reduces cycle time, provides significant details about clients and prepares an agent for the next time he has to make a call to the customer.

• While generating new buyers is important, it is even more important to be in continuous contact with the old clients and to cultivate and nurture the relationship with the clients since a loyal and satisfied client list is what generates perpetual.

• Example: A customer may feel a product has features that are not required by his business and may want a lower price. By recording his preferences, the agent can now call him back with a new offer suited to his needs and budget.

7. Training and Development

• With constant and regular observation, it is possible for the management to identify the strengths and development needs of tele-callers.

• Using live call analytics, call recordings to review sales pitches and conversion rates helps identify weak spots and develop programs for improvement.

• Example: by listening to call recordings, the manager realizes that some employees may be great at engaging prospects and developing a great rapport with them, but because of the pitch made, is not able to convince them to make a purchase. The training can then be toward improving the pitch and how to close deals. 

The best telemarketing software will be one that improves the operational value of the organization, supports great client management as well as optimizes employee resources for the firm.