How to Ensure that the Sales Pipeline is Full

Today’s contact centers, equipped with tools including modern contact center software solutions have managed to bring a lot more consumers on board for the company. With the advancement in technology, interactions have become hassle-free and simpler for the callers. All that they have to do is find the right person at the apt time with the precise kind of product. However, despite this, there are days when the caller is clueless and has no idea as to how to carry the communication process.

This is because the sales pipeline of the business does not have enough number of consumers and the callers are left in distress. With no effective management, the executives will not be able to understand at which stage the deal is and whether there are enough number of contacts available in the database for the business to achieve the set goals. As a result, the entire system falls to pieces.

While it is true that not every lead will not close immediately, with the right kind of strategy in place, these contacts can be nurtured over a period of time and can be slowly rolled towards conversion, thereby, keeping the pipeline full and the agents occupied. Here are a few tips on how you can ensure that the pipeline is full.

1. Always be on the Lookout

• While prospecting can be an extremely hard and monotonous task, it is nevertheless an important job for your organization. You will not survive in the long run if you do not knock the doors that can open up a new set of clients for you. Hence, it is essential that as call-center agents you devote a certain amount of time daily to search new leads and try to close them successfully.

• Ensure that the contact center CRM software that you deploy for your company is technologically advanced and can be integrated with the major leading vendors in the industry. This ensures that the leads are easily found and can be stored in the database. Utilize an application that allows you not only to gather the contact information but also helps you to manage it effectively with features like disposition tags.

• Apart from this, also ensure that the outbound contact center software solutions are also integrated with leading social networking platforms as well as the forums and blogs that are popular among your target audiences. More than often, the digital world can bring to you individuals that might not have been a part of your radar list.

• However, as the time fades, businesses tend to ignore prospecting, assuming that their goodwill in the market will help them sail through. In a bid to keep the existing buyer satisfied, the agents do not look for additional opportunities. Instead, searching for new clients can help you to keep your sales pipeline full as more the number of consumers, better it is for the company.

• Hence, it is essential that you include the task of searching new buyers in your daily routine. Shoot a minimum of ten calls every day, no matter, what the flow of business is. It is important that you experiment with your sales strategy and utilize different sources to reach out to your buyer. This will not only keep you engaged and interested in your job but will also open up new avenues for your corporation.

• Not every day is a good business day. There are bound to be slow days for the company. Instead of sulking around, take the advantage of the slow times. One of the biggest issues with searching for more consumers is that when callers have the time they do not do enough and just sit back after completing their goals for the day. Instead, utilize the opportunity by making a great number of pitching calls. This will reduce your workload on a busy day.

Example: A banking agency instructed their callers to get in touch with more potential consumers during afternoons, most of which were usually slow time for the organization as not many transactions took place around the lunch time. Instead of whiling away the time, the agents were advised to identify the ideal buyer persona from the lead list, search their social profiles, identify their weak points and prepare their pitch accordingly and trained to use the contact center software in order to manage the pipeline effectively.

• The calls were made in the evening and the callers already had a list of individuals whom they could call. This ensured that more number of people were reached out to and also helped in proper utilization of time in the office.

2. Stay in Touch

• While finding new consumers for the business is important, keeping the present buyers updated about the happenings of your company is equally essential. Unless you tell about the upcoming products, offers or sale, the clients are given no reason to be associated with your company. Hence, it is imperative that you make adequate time for the current purchasers as well.

• Cross-selling and up-selling to the existing consumer is an easy way to keep the pipeline full. With the trust factor already established, it will not take much effort on your part to convince the buyers to take the final plunge. This can also help you to retain your consumers before your competitor walks away winning him over.

• The purchasers need to be kept in the loop about what are the recent developments in the company. When you are calling them up with some new offer try to ensure that it interests the customer. Try to bring up something that is relatable to the purchase that is already made. Keep a close look on their social networking platforms in order to gauge their preferences.

• Apart from this, also ensure that your blog posts and social profiles are updated about the new offers that you have. More than often, the clients will make the move when they see something that piques their interest on your webpage. Your choice of software for contact center used must be integrated with these platforms so that you never miss a mention from the purchaser and, as a result, do not lose out on a potential consumer.

3. Utilize Multiple Channels

• Not every customer is comfortable with your chosen medium of contact. Try looking for different strategies when trying to engage the consumer. Ensure that you utilize all the modes of communication that are popular among your buyers. Have email newsletters, follow-up mails, calls, blogs, social profiles, in-person appointments as a part of your interaction strategy.

• This not only keeps them connected to you in every way possible but also allows you to have a hassle-free interaction. In case you are not able to devote time to making calls every day, you can conveniently use email newsletters or social media shoutouts in order to keep the pipeline running. Integrating the contact center reporting software with all these multiple channels ensures that the communication is never delayed.

4. Have Great Content

• There are two ways of keeping the sales pipeline full. One of them is to continue prospecting and search for new buyers and the other is to create situations when the potential purchaser finds you as a solution to his problem. With so many companies in the market, the client is not going to take great pains to find your organization. So what exactly can be done so that you pop up in their search engines?

• In order to be found by the customers, it is essential that your SEO strategy is at the top of its game. One effective way of doing this is to create content that resonates with the audience and helps them to find a resolution to their problems. A visit to the popular forums can help you to understand the customer pattern and you can create your blogs accordingly.

• In the digital age of today, the majority of the consumers rely on the social image of the company before deciding to interact. Hence, it is essential that you lay keen emphasis on having strong social profiles. Regularly share your content, new offers or sale deals on these channels so that you are in constant contact with the purchasers.

5. Referral Strategy

• Nothing works netter than recommendations in the telemarketing world. This not only reduces your prospecting load but also helps you to connect better with your potential purchasers. The mere fact that their friends or relatives have shown faith in your organization helps to build a rapport between both the parties. Asking for referrals to your existing customer base is also an effective way of ensuring that you always have a lead stock to interact with.

• Have the ideal buyer persona crafted for your corporation. This will make it simpler for you to filter who can be a part of the pipeline and will also help you to save some time. Do not shy away from asking your clients to give you the details about someone who might be interested in the corporation. Unless you ask, no one is going to help.

• It is also important that your website, social profiles and newsletters carry the statement of recommendation. This gives the buyer an idea that you appreciate the help. Also, it is imperative that you make them feel special for referring a client to you. Things like rewards points, gifts and credits can be instrumental in making them happy.

• Utilize a quality contact center management software in order to keep a track of who referred whom. While talking to a recommendation, always mention the name of the referrer. Even if the call was unsuccessful, do not forget to appreciate both the parties. Thank the purchaser for giving the recommendation and the prospect for taking time out. Eventually, these little things will help you in the long run.

6. Follow-Up

• Usually, the executives have only three priorities while selling: prospecting, presenting and closing. However, not everything that you pitch will get you a positive reaction from the buyers. Many callers approach the client with a proposal and leave it upon faith for the rest to happen. However, sometimes, they need a little nudge or a push to rethink about your organization. This is the reason why follow-up should also be an important part of your sales strategy.

• More than often, even though the customer is interested in your product, he will not easily commit to you. He will take his own time to analyze the market and will also check out the offerings from your competitors. Hence, it is essential that you have a quick follow-up reminding them that you have the best services lined up for them.

• Along with prospecting calls, develop a weekly strategy for follow-ups as well. A simple phone call or a reminder mail can work as well. While talking to them keep in mind their place in the sales funnel. Few leads might just have been introduced to the company; others are just a move away from closing the deal. The pitch will depend on the stage of the contact in the sales lifecycle, hence, be careful.

• Invest in a good-quality customer contact center software that will not only help you to manage the interaction process effectively but will also generate alerts for follow-up. The automated feature of the application will ensure that the database is updated with the latest interaction so that you can tweak your conversation accordingly.

• Follow-up is important not only for the new buyers but also for the existing database. Try and reconnect with them in order to know what their requirements are. More than often, you will easily find the pain-point of your clients if you are in constant touch with them.

More than often, in a bid to complete their goals, the agents tend to overlook the sales pipeline assuming it to be a tedious task. However, by implementing the right kind of strategies and deploying the best contact center software, managing the pipeline will not be difficult and will eventually help you to improve the revenue growth of your business.