How to Drive Sales and Customer Satisfaction with Predictive Dialers?

If you are a non-Enterprise firm but, at the same time, are trying to build a contact center that has “enterprise level” efficiency, you will certainly require robust technology and tools like the best call center software for small business.

At the same time, you will need to ensure that your systems have predictive dialing as a feature if you want it to be perfect for your organization.

The presence of automated dialers has become imperative. It is all the more indispensable when you are going to be involved in outbound sales calling. In fact, you may not realize it but the absence of dialers can limit the productivity rate of an agent per hour to 66%.

When you start using automated or predictive dialers, you will notice that the productivity rate has increased to as much as 97% in some cases.

In other words, the addition of automated dialers is just as good as adding more agents to your staff. In fact, it is better because there are no salaries to pay.

On the other hand, you might be wondering what predictive dialers are. They are actually applications which can automate the dialing process from a given contact list. As such, it becomes possible for your agents to properly manage the dial-outs within the predefined strategy.

The fact is that the productivity of a call center is greatly dependent on the number of calls that are placed in a day. Automated calling can be of help as it can reduce the impact of missed calls, call waiting, calls unanswered and even dead numbers.

Solutions featuring predictive calling are able to predict certain agent workflows. For example, they can detect when a current call is going to be finished. These solutions can also dial out the next number when their systems recognize that the current call is going to be ended soon.

On the completion of the current call, the new call will be passed on to the agent live and in a seamless manner. As a result, the agents will experience little idle time. More importantly, the customers on the calls will not be able to recognize that the dialer has been automated.

These days, there has been a massive increase in the implementation of automation in business processes in a wide range of industries. As such, it will be quite foolish on the part of your call center if predictive dialing is not embedded within your call center software.

By implementing predictive dialers, you can improve selling greatly. In fact, it becomes possible to ensure that you reach out to the maximum number of people possible every day. The great thing about it is that it can be used in nearly all kinds of industries where selling is vital to success.

So, now that you have understood what predictive dialers are, it is time to become familiar with its benefits when used in conjunction with the best call center software. Automated dialers can drive sales and improve your customer satisfaction significantly.

To know how this happens, take a look at the following points. We have taken care of the research so that you can get right into the heart of the matter quickly.

1. A predictive dialer is capable of intelligently assigning the calls to the available agents. It does not wait for any specific agent to become available at all. Instead, it finds out which agent is available and routes the call accordingly.

Of course, your agents must all be trained and competent to be capable of handling any and every call. After all, the agent does not have the ability to choose the calls that he or she will take.

2. With a predictive dialer, you can not only organize but also manage your client database effectively. It can be used for maintaining all the relevant records in a systematic manner as well. As such, there is no need for taking down notes or worrying about losing important information.

3. The automated dialer system is capable of reworking the call structure based on the previous calls recorded. With this feature in your call center management software, you can even maintain a distinct list of numbers that were not contacted for various reasons.

It becomes possible to maintain a do not disturb log as well. It is also capable of filtering out other numbers that have zero potential of revenue generation.

4. With the help of this technology, you can bring together, both inbound customer service and outbound sales calls. A call distribution system that has been automated can work in tandem with a predictive dialer for assigning the calls to the available agents.

This combined system can ensure that callers are kept in the queue in case free agents are not available and even take messages.

5. One of the most important effects of using automated dialers is that they can improve the efficiency of all the agents present in your team. In fact, they are given an equal chance for improvement and even add a certain interesting challenge to their work.

As such, agent morale can be improved greatly. Additionally, they will find it easier to fulfil their sales targets.

6. Although it is not immediately recognizable, the fact is that this technology can actually bring about an improvement in the relationship between the agents and the administration. After all, there can be no complaints about prejudice when it comes to the calls. After all, it is an automated system that assigns the calls without any bias.

7. With this technology, you can ensure that your database remains updated at all times. Call back lists can be kept and maintained separately along with the time those customers prefer a call. During that particular time, the system will automatically call up the customer and assign an agent to the call.

It can even provide support to the agent on a real time basis through relevant details such as customer information and past call histories.

8. When used with the right call center software solutions, it becomes possible for managers to keep an eye on the performance of their agents. This can be done by means of the integrated interfaces for monitoring and recording calls.

The managers can then start providing the necessary training so as to improve their skills. The systems will also have reporting tools in place to enable the managers get hold of detailed performance reports for individual agents.

9. These days, predicative dialers will typically come incorporated with lead management software. This is beneficial in more ways than one. They can ensure that the numbers being dialed actually exist and they allow contact center calls to take place.

These cloud call center software solutions will also be capable of recording and organizing lead information. They can track sales and customer history along with other relevant details.

10. As mentioned earlier, the main function of predictive dialers is to determine when an agent will be free and put forward a live call accordingly. As such, it is capable of adding a great deal of productivity and efficiency to your call center.

Agents will only be connected to the call when there is an active customer on the other end of the call. As such, there is no waste of time in waiting for the person to pick up the call. The idle rates decrease as well.

11. At the same time, they can bring about an improvement in the productivity of the managers. After all, there is no need to manage the call lists. As a result, managers and supervisors can turn their attention to helping out the agents with the improvement of their metrics. Instead of managing lists, they can start managing their agents.

12. There are certain rules and regulations that all contact centers are subject to. For example, any consumer who has subscribed to the Do Not Call registry can no longer be called for telemarketing purposes. As such, it is important to make sure their numbers are not added to your calling lists.

Automated dialers can makes sure that this does not happen. Thereby, they ensure that you are complying with the rules in place.

13. One of the other important benefits of automated dialers is that they support call retries. They can automatically retry a particular number based on the previous dialing results.

14. With automated dialing solutions, you ensure productivity and competence among your agents. That can bring about an improvement of your bottom line. As such, you can actually enjoy significant returns on your investment in this new technology.

15. Automated dialers provide targeted precision. With improved agent efficiency, this feature will certainly result in a growth of sales. In fact, the growth can be rather significant. After all, agents are able to connect with the most targeted customers.

16. Predictive dialers can do more than just improve sales. They can also help you save a considerable amount of money by bringing about significant reductions in operational costs. After all, there are fewer outbound calls placed and a smaller workforce will be enough for handling a higher volume.

17. All of the features offered by automated dialers end up bringing about one of the most important benefits that it can offer. That is an improvement in the customer satisfaction. After all, the calls will be placed at the most appropriate times for the customer and his or her preferences will also be respected.

As such, they are certain to enjoy hearing from the company and even take the necessary action.

The Case Study

So far, you have seen the benefits of automated dialers and how they can improve customer satisfaction and your sales. It is now time to take a look into the real life advantages of such a tool. Again, we have taken all the work so that you do not have to.

The following case study deals with how a predictive dialer can help with the scalability of an organization as well as providing other useful benefits. As such, let us start by getting to know the organization in question better.

Lee Enterprises is based in Davenport, Iowa, and its aim is to provide local news along with other relevant information and ads in various midsized markets. At the time of the case study, the organization supported 48 daily newspapers apart from a joint interest in 4 more newspapers.

The digital products offered by the organization were also growing rapidly and it was offering almost 300 specialty publications across 23 states in the USA. Over 4 million readers are reached as per the newspaper circulation of Lee Enterprises.

The online assets witness over 20 million unique visitors every month. Their weekly publications reach out to over 4.5 million households.

The Challenge

Lee Enterprises was experiencing a period of strong growth. As such, it became necessary to get a new dialer. The call center of the company was expanding in a rapid manner just like the company. This resulted in the need for scaling the calling efforts on a nationwide level. The importance of a good automated dialer system was being felt keenly.

The company served several markets and each individual market had its own specific campaign. It was becoming extremely difficult for the company’s contact center to manage the calls, monitor and record them. It was even difficult simply to barge in on a call.

The cumbersome nature of these activities proved to be a hindrance to their ability to bring about optimization in each of their campaigns.

The company was making use of a CRM product for the management of their Do Not Call list. The product was quite tiresome and inconvenient. As such, they were willing to wait to find the best solution for their specific needs by conducting an exhaustive call center solutions comparison.

The Solution

Lee Enterprises did manage to find a solution which they realized would work for them. The predictive dialer solution they chose could streamline all of their calling efforts inside their call center.

The solution, they chose, provided them with a suite of tools that were web-based in nature. Reporting features were also available. In fact, there were more features and functionality in the new system as compared to their legacy system in-house.

The predictive dialer chosen by them could ensure that all of their campaigns remained complaint with the regulations of their industry. At the same time, it was capable of providing call monitoring services. The solution also featured easy list loading which could be done with Do Not Call scrubbing.

The Results

As expected, the results achieved by Lee Enterprises after the implementation of the predictive dialer were remarkable. In short, it proved to be a major benefit and an investment that was worth every bit of money spent on it.

As soon as the predictive dialer was implemented, Lee Enterprises noticed that there was a 100% increase in the productivity levels in their workforce immediately. More importantly, the increase was repeated 3 to 4 times over the course of the year.

As a result, the call center was now handling 4 times the call volume that they used to handle before the implementation of the predictive dialer. A lot had to do because of the similar hike in productivity levels.

Lee Enterprises also noticed that the sales results had shown a similarly incredible rise over the course of one year after the predictive dialer was incorporated into the call center systems. They enjoyed not only double sales results but also triple in a few cases.

Be that as it may, the benefits of the predictive dialer are not just limited to these results. Lee Enterprises also managed to gain tools that would prove invaluable to them and their call center processes over time.

These tools enable the organization to bring about automation in the dialing of the calls certainly. At the same time, the monitoring processes can also be automated in a similar fashion. It also became easier for the organization to properly manage several campaigns all across their respective markets.

Supervisors were encouraged to use this particular tool on a daily basis. By doing so, it becomes possible for the supervisors to coach their agents. At the same time, they could help the agents develop their skills in an easier manner. In some cases, the agents could pick up skills which they lacked in the past.

Of course, the ability to record and track the calls can be another advantage for the supervisors. The calls so recorded can then be put use during the training stages and programs. The coaching can take place as long as it has to because of the easy availability of predictive dialers.

As a result, supervisors can take the step necessary to bring about an improvement in the standards of practice.

There are several benefits to using predictive dialers. Be that as it may, it is a good idea to check the call center software pricing before getting it. After all, you need to ensure that you are getting the best deal when it comes to getting automated dialers for your call center.

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