12 Effective Ways To Inspire Prospects To Convert Into Customers

It is easy to assume that all of the prospects that you are pitching is going to work their magic and turn the intended audience into customers.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

It requires a lot of assistance and practice to reach that stage.

Customers have a habit of carefully weighing their options and researching the products they are interested in before buying them.

They sometimes forget about their brand loyalty and switch them when something far more interesting turns up.

It is crucial to give the customers the slow lane instead of bludgeoning them with the products they don’t need at that point of time.

To avoid and neglect these sort of setbacks, it is important to look at a few tips to keep the customers interested in your prospects.

Here are the most interesting tips to keep in mind while detailing the prospects for attracting the customers:

1. Try to keep producing a constant flow of information

One of the most important ways to keep in mind is to be in the minds of the customers.

This means posting about your products, and posting them often.

This should not turn into a spamming session of course.

Twice a day should be more than enough to remind them about your existence.

Such useful information about the companies can help the customer keep you in mind, eventually establishing you as a trustworthy source to meet their needs.

2. You can set up a deadline course to help you battle with the lack of attention in regards to your customers

This is how it should work:

If you have not heard from your customers in over a month, send in an email to check if they are still interested in your company.

This should be done only after a period of zero communication with the customer.

Most of the time the customer will not respond to your email, but at least they will be reminded of your company.

And once they are reminded of your company they will be more inclined to visit the company website or buy something.

3. Think about offering a monthly newsletter to your customers with their permission

Many customers will opt for a newsletter, even if they do not buy any product at the time of subscribing for the newsletter.

This may be because the customer is interested but is waiting for a better deal, or an update in the same product to make it more stable.

Reports have shown that those who do not opt for these newsletters are probably one time customers who are not likely to return.

Those who do opt are the ones you need to remind and keep in contact with those, using these newsletters.

4. Asking questions and asking for a review can help in establishing a dialogue between the company and the prospects

The rule of asking a question is that you expect a reply.

This can be a question that is asking about the products, its effectiveness and whether it is working well for the customer.

This will give the customer a chance to air their concerns and praise the products they have bought.

This subtle method of applying pressure without making it all too obvious should be done only once per customer.

If the customer responds, the company has the chance to advertise their content and respond to their queries.

If the customer does not, you have to consider that either the customer has lost interest or the product is working well.

5. While putting out trial content, keeping in touch with the customers interesting in it and focusing on a conversation can turn the prospect into a customer, willing to stay after the trail period.

A good way to attract prospects is just offering trial periods to the general market.

Customer who opt for this trial period should be noted down.

Then, these customers should be contacted once as the trial begins, once during the trial, and once after the trial ends, so that the customer does not forget about the product they were initially interested in.

If the customers are satisfied with the product at the end of the trial period, they will be more inclined to buy the products after the trial period.

If not, you should probably move on.

6. Establish an FAQ section on the company’s website to encourage the prospects to check the website and promote self-help.

There are some common problems that the customer service may not be interested in handling, so for all the simple queries, an FAQ should be created for the prospects.

To make a perfect FAQ, consult the customer service agents and the sales team.

In case of any changes with the company, such as prices, etc. the FAQ should be updated.

An updated, crystal clear FAQ can avoid customer grievances later on.

7. Allow the prospects to stay in touch with the social media platforms

Social media is a powerful tool for advertising and connecting directly with the customers.

Besides, there are customers who do not like the idea of too many newsletters in their inbox.

For them an update in the social media news feed can be much more desirable.

Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to promote you company blog, newer products that will be launching, or even discounts and offers.

All these things attract the customer base.

Those interested will be drawn to the social media page and can even initiate a conversation with the company directly.

8. Don’t be too professional and cold when dealing with email marketing in order to stand out from the crowd

There is a difference between being professional and being outright cold shouldered.

Customers appreciate a little humor, a little warmth in their conversations.

While out & out emoji and smileys are definitely a big no no, fun facts about the company, fun promotional content can make your company stand out from the crowd and keep it from being extra bland.

The key here is to not make the content, that you are promoting look like a chore and a bore.

Boring prospects out of their minds will make sure that they never return, so you must try to avoid that at all costs.

9. Provide the prospects with free expert advice or service to gain their trust

With the rise of internet came the rise of scammers and cheaters.

Believe it, when customers claim they have fallen prey to such scamming devices.

Therefore, in order to gain their trust, provide them one or two free services, especially for the company’s expensive products.

This can be a great opportunity to show the customers that your company is legit and legal and it merely does not expect the customer’s money in exchange of the products, but actually their continued support.

10. Follow up with your customers after sale to show your gratitude

Think about it: your company exist because of the customers who purchased the products, so investing in follow up emails can be a big plus from your side.

Asking them if the products are working well for them, and reminding them to contact for any help can be great way to build a lasting relationship.

11. Turn your long term happy customers into a voice for the company

Loyal customers can be a free source of advertising.

Happy customers with their praise for the products are the best reviewers, even if there are some aspects of the products they do not like.

They will showcase a product like no other person can explain the usefulness and advantages in a great way.

Customers are a part of the prospects, when prospects recognize the customers’ honest reviews they are more than likely to buy the product they want to.

Longer detailed reviews by happy customers are always better than one-word tagline by the companies.

12. Teach the customers about the products that you are interested in selling without making it totally promotional

Making new products sound promotional, can have a negative impact.

Customers do not want to have new products shoved towards them.

They would prefer having a choice whether to buy them or not.

You can discuss the plus points of the products, but the choice to buy them should be purely on the customers.

The Case Study

Now that we have finished discussing the various ways of turning the prospects into loyal customers, let us now take a look at a real world scenario to depict how these pointers have worked out for the real companies that employ the use of call center software to help in this matter.

The case study is going to be based on a company named GBM Solutions, anonymously named to maintain anonymity.

In this case study, we will be talking of the problem scenario that the company faced, as well as the challenges that the company had to go through because of the problem scenario.

We must also take a note of the various solutions the company tried, and the end result of all the solutions through the proper usage of the best call center software.

The Problem Scenario

GBM Solutions, a company that sold call center solutions for a lot of companies coming in a lot of different sizes, was thinking of ways to interest more customers to help with their products.

This was because the number of traffic that they received on their website had no impact with the actual customers whatsoever.

What this meant was, there were prospects for their products, but those prospects lost their interest soon.

The income, though not slow, was in no way what they expected, and they wished to change that.

The Challenges

The main challenge that they faced was the lack of customers with staying interest.

They determined the root causes of this as following:

• There was a great lack of communication between the customers and the company.

This meant that apart from the follow up email the customers did not have any touch with the company, gradually lost interest, and forgot about the company.

• There was no FAQ on their main website.

Lack of FAQ meant that, there was no form of information available to the customers for basic things, such as prices changes, taxes, etc.

• Lack of details regarding the trial periods was a great concern.

Some trial periods had monetary issues which forced many of the prospective customers to quit at once, as they were not willing to pay for something expensive without testing the product out.

The Solutions

Once they had figured out their most problematic areas, they came up with a list of solutions.

These are:

• Improve communication with the customers, using the best call center software solutions to detect a possible customer and offer them help via email, newsletter of just reminding them about the products.

• A complete overhaul of the main website was in order, which meant a brand new FAQ was designed for the most basic questions with the customers may be having about a particular product.

In that way the customer service wasn’t bogged down by the customers who called for simple queries as well.

• Trial periods, even though were attractive, weren’t transparent.

Transparency was an issue that were corrected.

The company decided to not levy any monetary charges against the trial offers, therefore making a big change for customers interested in a product.

The Results

The results were positive for the company.

With the communications increasing between the company and the customers, there was a higher number of people who were willing to return to the company to check their products.

With the inclusion of FAQ, the customer service was smoother than before, as customers could visit the FAQ directly for their basic queries.

Transparent trials have also been an improvement as the company has seen more number of customers after the transparency.

It is interesting to remember that all of the points given above should not be allowed to go wild.

Everything should be present in moderation.

Trials should be allowed a time periods and email communication should not turn in promotional spamming.